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  1. I wish I had known all of this ahead of time. Now I know it all too well.
  2. Update from Wolframkyo. Hopefully this is progress and it is finished soon! ^_^
  3. No, I'm not sure why she used their paypal, I didn't think to even ask.
  4. Holy wow! I have never seen an artist try to do that before. You handled it amazingly well though!
  5. I was highly disappointed, as I have bought from her before on my old account. And while she was definitely slow with finishing it, it did indeed get done and I did not have to keep asking for updates. Heres to hoping this helps give her a nudge and if not, help warn others.
  6. Explain; Prepaid for a YCH commission posted via her gallery. (YCH attached). She originally mentioned that she had a queue and it would be a wait, I had no problem with that. I paid for it right away as she needed the money for an electric bill she stated in the post. I sent in the info to her via note and she confirmed it as well ok. Stated it would be at LEAST a month before it was complete. Again, I was fine with that. I commented back on the same post for an update about a month and a half later, because I realized her trello never updated to show my commission on her to-do list. She replied promptly and gave me an update. December I noted again, right before Christmas, asking if there was any updates, as I had heard nothing from her but continued to see postings of art, YCH's for sale and journals. She stated she was almost done with a wip and apologized for the delay. That was the last I heard from her directly. I noted again in February, she read the note but never responded. Again I noted for an update at the end of March. This note has still sat unread. So currently I am still down $50 or the YCH paid for. Obviously it is too late for me to go through Paypal and dispute the charge for a refund, but I am hoping this helps others avoid what I am not dealing with, maybe it will end with me getting either the YCh I paid for or a refund.
  7. So sorry you had to deal with that. Kuro has been in a couple discord servers I have been in and typically causes nothing but drama. Glad you were able to refund him before any charge-backs were done against you!
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