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  1. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere or maybe I missed it but is BV known for asking clients to pay with F&F?? Cause I got a fb user who paid them via f&f per their request. I can see about having them submit their own post
  2. That's... odd, to say the least. Hopefully you're able to submit it "the right way", whatever the right way is lol
  3. Oof sorry I had totally spaced on that rule. I mainly did it as I wasn't sure if they knew that it was against PayPals TOS. But regardless rules are rules, and I apologize for breaking it!
  4. I can only hope this user reports them to PayPal then, since it seems that they are hellbent on keeping this policy. I kindly commented on an auction they have running, reminding them that making the buyer cover the fee isn't allowed and can get their account closed and the hid the comment and blocked me, so... :^)
  5. It's also against PayPals TOS to make the buyer cover the fee. Isnt that something that can cause their account to be shut down should anyone report it to PayPal?
  6. I feel like they're going to use that bit of their TOS to justify selling the bee character, as they stated they did on Twitter.
  7. Their TOS has hella red flags as well https://atomyna.tumblr.com/termsofservice The whole refund policy is already bad, but the whole "Profit further from it in any way" is just YIKES.
  8. They "re-banded" on twitter. https://twitter.com/ShadyShifter
  9. Just found their insta https://www.instagram.com/spaces.shitposts/ where they publicly posted their discord name Spaaaace#5671
  10. I do believe this is their twitter account that was last active in Jan https://twitter.com/Spacemuttt1/with_replies Here's their linktr https://linktr.ee/spacemuttt
  11. They seem to have emptied their FA gallery as well, to hide I can only assume. Their DA; https://www.deviantart.com/fantasystaples And Toyhou.se; https://toyhou.se/fantasystaples
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