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  1. Kaiju

    Caution: TeaEel

    I have been trying, but PayPal is making it difficult. Every time I submit a report, I get a message telling me I need to submit it a different way, I have done so maybe four times now.
  2. Without going into the specific details, I am gonna assume this was sparked by the caution that I submitted which is still pending approval. I agree a blanket approach is wrong, because not everyone pays attention to PayPal's ToS, and reporting everyone for it without nuance would lead to a lot of drama. I personally chose yes, if they continue to advertise without it because I don't think whether they are rude about it is necessarily relevant, even if it is something to keep in mind. In my opinion, the option should be yes, if it is determined that they are blatantly trying to pass the buck off on their customers and intend to continue doing so. That was ultimately my biggest issue with the whole thing as I could chalk the vague rules up to the language barrier, that they acknowledged they were deliberately trying to bypass the fees on them in violation of the PayPal ToS and that they insisted this was their right as an artist to do, in complete disregard for the rights of the client on the platform they insisted on using. Whether they update their rules to reflect that they expect you to cover their cost of doing business shouldn't be the determining factor imo, but instead it should be their intention. Just my two cents. I like the new direction AB has taken and I think the standards for reporting, including on this issue, are important and merit discussion in order to keep moving in that direction.
  3. Two days prior to the incident I made the starting bid on an adopt put up by TeaEel, the Hundred-Eyed Mermaid Adopt. I was the only bidder, and so I won the auction at $50. When I received the invoice, it was for $53, and not the agreed upon $50. I questioned them about this, and came to find out that they were attempting to pass the cost of the PayPal processing fees off on me by up charging me above and beyond the agreed upon amount. When I objected to this, they claimed it was in the rules of the auction. I went back and reread the rules, and could see nothing of the sort, nor could anyone I showed it to. I pointed out nowhere in the rules of the auction did it say that I would be charged for the PayPal fees or anything extra other than the agreed upon price, and they insisted it was there without actually directly referencing it, saying it was their right as an artist to set the rules as they saw fit and if I did not follow through and pay it then I would be banned for violating their rules. Shortly after, they blocked me, erased the original auction post, and resubmitted it with the added text urging people to read the rules. The only thing I can see in hindsight that might be what they are talking about is one line that says "Commission is on buyer", but I can't imagine anyone looking at that and thinking it meant they were agreeing to be up charged. I am unable to provide a screenshot of my original winning bid as by the time I had gotten home they deleted the original post and resubmitted it (I was on mobile for the conversation), but they confirmed my original price and the up charge through messages. The screenshot of the invoice shows the date as the 22nd instead of the 21st, to my knowledge this is because they are much further ahead of me in time zone and invoices I believe match the date of the sender.
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