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  1. Artist: rome_nomi/pairu_nomi Where: Mostly Twitter. SFW main/NSFW alt When: Since June 9, 2019 My Experience: From the past few months, I've been commissioning rome_nomi for some Pokemon pics. While it usually takes her a while to work on these, she always keeps up to date with the WIPs and the eventual finished images. All and all, I'm very pleased with her business and I'll more likely commission her more in the future! Here's the pics in question! (NOTE: since Romy usually doesn't post paid commissions on her Twitter posts, I've just posted my paid art in my Tweets) The first two in a single Tweet First NSFW pic from her (no porn, but it is pretty steamy >:3) Latest one (my personal favorite as I'm using it as a desktop wallpaper) - Be sure to check this artist out! You might even be tempted to commission her for such fantastic art.
  2. This a very confusing situation I had with one artist I've commissioned, but decided to get a refund. The artist was offering bust commissions for $60. Having admired their works, I claimed one. A few weeks went by, and they haven't started on my art. And after a while, I requested a refund and so they did. Keep in mind that I've been very patient with them. Afterwards, I've found out today that they've blocked me on FA when I tried to +fav their recent submission. According to their refunds clause journal: I'm rather confused at their reasoning for blocking commissioners after refunding them at this point. They're a really good artist, but what they've done is just mind-boggling, not to mention really unnecessary. Wouldn't you agree? Thanks for hearing me out on this!
  3. I'm surprised to see GoldenWolf up on AB. I really looked up to her and really liked her art since 2005, but seeing her ToS, especially the non-refundable "kill fee" and the "A-hole clause", makes me want to stay far away from commissioning her. From her "A-hole clause": "If you are disrespectful to me, threatening, belligerent, or otherwise mean and nasty your commission will be cancelled and NO refund will be issued to you." I'm sorry, GW, but this is not how you conduct a commission business here! Because not doing refunds whatsoever is completely illegal and unacceptable. Beware well warranted. Seriously, it's really disappointing to see one of my favorite artists have such bad ToS's. ?
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