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  1. If they're being this inconsiderate of your feelings now, it'll only get worse in the future. I'd pull my character if I were you. If the story doesn't mean much to you, I'd let it go. Odds are this isn't going anywhere anyway, with how they're flailing about currently.
  2. What a bummer, and your work looks so great. I say grayscale the characters and resell as a YCH.
  3. Not giving refunds is illegal in many places, regardless of whether or not the customer is an asshole or not. Personally I'd accept a killfee from an artist with an otherwise impeccable reputation, especially if the commission requires non-reusable materials like traditional media but Goldenwolf's professional reputation hasn't been impeccable for a while now. I have a feeling we'll be hearing from more slighted customers in the future, sadly a lot of people are still too intimidated to publicize their grievances. The waiting time is obscene. I understand needing to pay bills and taki
  4. Some people take days or even weeks. It's very frustrating, but not uncommon.
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