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  1. Disappointing to hear about Mothux, as I got one commission and some bases without any problem. I can see why their recent commission opening journals said along the lines of negative balance.
  2. Update: the client PMed me saying that they've accidentally blocked me when they've meant to block someone else. I'm now sending the invoice to them. Resolved.
  3. That would make sense. I mean if a client blocked me after initially placing a bid, then why would they bother making a bid in the first place? As I've said, I'll probably relist the adopt in a few days.
  4. Here's a very strange and confusing situation I'm having. One person placed a bid (starting bid is $10) on one of the adopts I've made in my adoptable auction. When time expired tonight and I tried to comment on their comment with the instruction of payment, I've discovered they had me blocked for no reason. I mean, I never done anything wrong with the bidder in question. I'm just confused as to why they've placed a bid on an adoptable I've made, only to turn around a block my contact. It kinda boggles my mind a bit. I may consider relisting the unpaid adopt in a few days if the
  5. Artist: rome_nomi/pairu_nomi Where: Mostly Twitter. SFW main/NSFW alt When: Since June 9, 2019 My Experience: From the past few months, I've been commissioning rome_nomi for some Pokemon pics. While it usually takes her a while to work on these, she always keeps up to date with the WIPs and the eventual finished images. All and all, I'm very pleased with her business and I'll more likely commission her more in the future! Here's the pics in question! (NOTE: since Romy usually doesn't post paid commissions on her Twitter posts, I've just posted my paid art in my Tweets)
  6. This a very confusing situation I had with one artist I've commissioned, but decided to get a refund. The artist was offering bust commissions for $60. Having admired their works, I claimed one. A few weeks went by, and they haven't started on my art. And after a while, I requested a refund and so they did. Keep in mind that I've been very patient with them. Afterwards, I've found out today that they've blocked me on FA when I tried to +fav their recent submission. According to their refunds clause journal: I'm rather confused at their reasoning for blocking commissioner
  7. I'm surprised to see GoldenWolf up on AB. I really looked up to her and really liked her art since 2005, but seeing her ToS, especially the non-refundable "kill fee" and the "A-hole clause", makes me want to stay far away from commissioning her. From her "A-hole clause": "If you are disrespectful to me, threatening, belligerent, or otherwise mean and nasty your commission will be cancelled and NO refund will be issued to you." I'm sorry, GW, but this is not how you conduct a commission business here! Because not doing refunds whatsoever is completely illegal and unacceptable.
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