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  1. Minimal progress since November and no sight of the agreed upon refund (always "busy collecting") She started over the entire picture without showing me a new sketch to approve, I have only seen the front half of it, no sight of rear half so far
  2. https://cdn.artistsbeware.info/monthly_2022_11/image.png.75032a439ef5328888cc17873f8b8eec.png Shortly (about a week) after agreeing to the refund she made a ych post in which she complains about having to do the refund, she also openly states that she does not have the funds to pay the refund but wants to fund it through this ych. In this post she also attempts to play the reader on their feelings by saying how the person asking for a refund (me) does not understand how much hard work she puts into the commissions, while I have observed her hardly putting any work into it. On Sep 15 (screenshot at the bottom of the original post) she says she will work on another daki order and then on mine, however there are no updates on her trello on that order nor have I received on mine. She has in the meantime started doing stream commissions which have only been announced on her picarto, these streams are only announced on her telegram channel, on her github there are already a few finished stream commissions, none have been posted to her FA. I have messaged her to notify her that It has been almost 2 months and she has not fulfilled the refund, she replied that she will pay it when she has the money.
  3. As per an admin's recommendation I have asked her for a refund for the work not started, I expected her to rudely refuse based on my interaction with her, surprisingly she agreed to it. It has been over 24 hours and I am still waiting for the money, her trello was updated about the refund. It tells me that it may take a while to get the money back and also shows her attitude towards customers. Also gives me the feeling that the started order may continue taking forever as I assume she feels about it the exact same way as with the cancelled one.
  4. 1. I was okay with waiting, based on the now archived posts (cant check their beginning and end date now but I do remember it) on her trello the average turnaround time for artwork was 6 months (at the moment when I put in the order), I have been now waiting for almost 2 years and I feel like this will stretch out in many more years possibly until i give up on asking for WiPs (consider there are people in line after me who will wait even longer), additionally during these almost 2 years she has made many artworks that are not available on FA but instead are on her dropbox, I did not link it previously as I could not locate it on her FA so I refrained from linking it (it may have come from her telegram channel but I have stopped watching it and cant locate the link to it) https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Archives-of-.-JwSzHTULCvu2ANGgjIFoN 2. I have not sent her the new reference because it was finished last week on Sep 10 2022, I do not want her to use it and I do know she will not do such extensive changes to what has already been created ( would be unreasonable to ask any artist to do such) 3. Whether she is right or not does not change the fact that I wanted the change to be done and I paid for the artwork to be done based on my idea
  5. Originally inquired about a commission for dakimakura designs, agreed to the price and splitting it into 2 orders and 2 payments. She never showed me any Terms of Service, I have tried to locate them on her dropbox or FA page but have found nothing. All conversation was in polish, the screenshots contain my translations and the original messages, the dates are in MM/DD/YYYY. The first order was put in on 10th of December 2020, the second was on 2nd January 2021, she did not contact me even once between putting in the first order and the second order. She did not contact me even once between the first and the second order. (admin note, this was the ref the OP supplied the artist with, the reference has since changed but it needs to be added to the post.) After putting in the second order she did not contact me with any updates FOR ALMOST A YEAR, her trello had barely any progress happen on it, she did not make any announcements about any delaying events affecting the commissions. After a brief talk about personal life in December (a year after the order) there was a 4 day silence, she said she will start my order before the year was over however that did not happen. After another week of silence I sent my new ref sheet to her and received the first WiP. After asking for a small change on the sketch she starts arguing to not do it and ignores my input on it. After pointing out a few areas that I wanted a few more spots on (cheetahs have spots) she gave a sarcastic rude response. After another few months of no progress updates I ask for one and get none. After another 5 months I receive a another WiP with minimal progress. It has been 3 months and I have received no further communication or updates, the second order has not even been started by her. She is active and draws but never any commissions from her trello. At this point I have given up on these orders, I know she will never finish them, I have accepted this financial loss. It has been almost 2 years so PayPal wont help me about this.
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