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Found 3 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/812292.html WHO: Nathradas/Sturmschwinge WHERE: FurAffinity WHAT: Full color single character piece, no background. This is a follow up posting to my previous entries seen here: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/679299.html http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/724656.html I am mostly posting this to advise others that this artist has not refunded me or the other people she owes and has in fact, skipped accounts, while claiming that she has no inspiration and can't meet her obligations. PROOF: On Nov. 4th, 2013, Nathradas posts this journal explaining her situation. Feeling pretty fed up at this point, I do post a response because I've really had enough of this, especially when I've only found out about her leaving the internet "forever" months after the fact. At the beginning of July, this year, a personal friend of Nathradas sends me a private message informing me of her new accounts. I have edited out the username and any incriminating details as per the user's request. Another person who knows Nathradas in person messages me on Twitter to inform me that she is at EF, taking commissions, and is using her new username on FA as well as Weasyl and Tumblr. I fire a note over to her on Weasyl, this note has still gone unread. I tried messaging her on FA, this note has still gone unread. The second comment I have left on her userpage- the first one was deleted within a week of it's posting and I neglected to screencap it as proof. EXPLAIN: I have been pursuing this transaction for just over three years with very, very little success. This artist has ignored correspondence, taken on commissions while still owing others work and/or refunds, and then has gone so far as to abandon her previous account and responsibilities to start anew with a new username. At this point, I just want others to be very much aware of this person's business practices and to think twice about paying Nathradas for art because there's a huge possibility that they will never see their art or a refund. [edit]I have been blocked from her page. [edit]I have received a third party refund on behalf of the artist.
  2. Originally posted on May. 25th, 2013 by aerospiritual WHO: Nathradas WHERE: FurAffinity WHAT: Full color single character piece, no background. WHEN: [08/22/11] Nathradas opens up for regular character commissions. I inquire if I can reserve a slot since I'll have to wait for a bank transfer to clear into my Paypal account. She agrees. [08/30/11] I send payment and commission details to Nathradas. I'm thus listed as paid on her commission status journal. [08/09/12] I'm a patient person; I know that life and related issues come up- she'd posted that she was going through some stuff and that's fine. It happens. But after hearing nothing about my commission for almost a year, I sent a polite note to her on FA inquiring about my commission's status. This note has still gone unread. [08/24/12] I attempt to contact her by e-mail, through the account she provided. No response. [10/21/12] I attempt to get ahold of her on dA. I receive no response. [10/23/12] Two days later, Nathradas posts an image to her FA of the werewolf suit she has been working on for the past two weeks. The bottom of the description reads "(nope, in case you're wondering, I'm not gonna be back, not until January I'd say, I can't say yet tho, I have no clue how long it takes me to get stuff sorted out again)." I'm only including this because it's the only sort of message regarding what's going on in her end- not even a word towards me and my attempts to communicate with her. [01/10/13] I decide to be patient- maybe what's going on is really bad? So I wait until January and post a shout on her userpage to get her attention. This also has the unintentional effect of having another one of her commissioners contact me in the hopes that I've at least heard anything from her. [01/15/13] Nathradas finally me an e-mail and informs me that she needs to talk to her bank about when she can refund me. It's around this time that I started to experience some serious problems with Gmail such as it temporarily locking me out of my account due to alleged security issues and login conflicts, messages simply disappearing, and in the case of my phone; e-mail not showing up entirely, messages not being sent, and/or being sent in triplicate. This has hindered my ability to reply in a reasonable amount of time. [02/16/13] - [03/28/13/] I think this is really my fault here; she gets back to me and I feel as though this was my golden opportunity to get my refund and well. I missed it; I thought I replied much, much sooner and overall, I lost track of time between some pretty busy weeks at work and some family related drama. This is absolutely my bad here. [04/30/13] Sent a follow up e-mail. No response. [05/20/13] Yet another follow up e-mail. No response. PROOF: Commission Journal Paypal Receipt Commission e-mail DeviantArt journal listing my status as paid as well as the commission agreement and terms of service My initial note sent in August of this year Follow-up e-mail Image description posted almost two days after I tried noting her on dA The comment I posted to her userpage. Nathradas' e-mail response and mine. My follow up e-mail. Nathradas' reply, my reply, and another follow up e-mail. My last e-mail, sent five days ago. I'm only missing the note I sent over dA, but there are literally only two notes in my DeviantArt outbox and neither are directed towards the aritst. =/ EXPLAIN: At the end of August, 2011, I commissioned the artist Nathradas for a single character image with no background. With the Paypal fees, it came out to roughly $155 total. After patiently waiting for nearly a year, I attempted to make contact with the artist for any sort of progress regarding my commission to absolutely no avail until January of this year, when I publicly requested that she contact me in regards to this matter. I've received two responses from her in regards to my efforts, all the while watching her actively post things to Tumblr, take on more commissions, and be generally involved with the online community. At this stage, I really, really just want my refund.
  3. Originally posted on May 24th, 2013 by jemindra Mod note: some proof links are broken, what remains has been added. WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nathradas/ http://nathradas.deviantart.com/ http://oroboros.de/ WHERE: ON FurAffinity via notes and through e-mails. WHAT: It was a SKETCH for $35. I know that seems a bit pricey for a sketch but I really liked their style and I figured they would draw my chara epicly. Their quality of sketches: http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/nathradas/ WHEN: April 14th, 2013 PROOF: This started out on one of Nathradas' streams. I should have taken a screen shot then but I didn't, thinking that there WOULDN'T be any problems in getting what I want. She said to e-mail me the form and so, I did. http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/9066/proof1ac.png And here is proof I sent payment: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/6941/proofofpayment.png And she said mine will be drawn tomorrow! So I was excited. http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/1247/proof2y.png EXPLAIN: I commissioned this artist thinking that they'd do my character justice so after waiting for the next day for the stream... That never came. So, I was patient since I did say that there was no deadline for my commission but after receiving not a single message at all since then, I was growing a bit worried. So, after 9 days I messaged her again. http://imageshack.us/a/img703/4331/proof3r.png And I got a fast reply. http://imageshack.us/a/img854/117/proof4c.png So she said she'll be working on it in a few days so naturally, I waited. Then, I saw a journal posting on FA saying that she'll be streaming! So I was hoping that this would be the day of her doing my sketch and sadly... it was not. She was sculpting and I did not want to just out right ask while in stream so I waited once more. After it was nearing a month, I sent her another note, asking for a refund. I figure at this time, she was either not wanting to draw my char because she was uploading lots of art on her tumblr and ignored my latest sent note. This was when I sent her several e-mails and even a message through skype about my commission. None of which she ever replied to. Skype: E-mail: (sent to her teatime one) other e-mail: (sent to her rukh oone) All of which are listed under contacts on her website. (Didn't bother blocking out my name since it's common, idgaf) And I have a feeling she's ignoring me or whatever since she's been uploading art on her tumblr ever since... And I did not see her tumblr until it has been a month passed. I still believe as a commissioner, I should be sending notes/e-mails to know how things are going, right? But at this point, I am unsure of what to do. I cannot do a paypal charge back because it was sent as a gift at the time because I thought it would be done soon. EDIT! Seems she replied to her new e-mail she posted up and said she'll be giving me my refund by the end of the month or by the new commissions she'll be taking. Now to wait about a week for any results. EDIT 2!: Refunded in full. http://i.imgur.com/m93KTgF.png
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