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Found 3 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/783939.html WHO: Shizimiru on DA / Comico on FA WHERE: http://shizimiru.deviantart.com/ WHAT: I actually have a LOT of stuff on Shizi, but I'm still waiting on a couple screenshots from friends before I post a full...bio? On her, so the main focus of this AB is on MY character. The Character in question: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9912995/ I bought this guy from Shizimiru back in February of 2013, he was a part of her species, the Shimiren. He originally started out as an egg in an adopt auction ( what his egg looked like can be seen in the right-hand corner of the linked reference above) and I won him. I was sent and Invoice from Shizimiru to pay for him after I won him, in which I payed the invoice. Around May of the same year, I found out that Shizimiru is a big-time scam artist and wanted nothing else to do with her. Out of spite, she has tried to re-sell this character I bought from her several times over, refusing to admit that I payed for him even after showing evidence of the payment. As far as I know, its been resold at least twice and she is currently trying to again. WHEN: February 9th 2013- Now PROOF: Screenshots of the payment/invoice: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qspcf4oxerklgv/Bhanu Payment 1 point 2.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6spqbz9cnml9lhu/Bhanu Payment 2 point 2.png?dl=0 (if for whatever reason you think these screenshots are forged, I will be more than glad to do a screen-share or a stream to prove otherwise, just send me a note on my DA: Silverwindstar) Screenshots of her Reselling or Trying to Resell him: 12/7/2013: https://www.dropbox.com/s/frybnxba5fvhome/bhanu_reupload_shizi_by_crazylovecat-d6x48v9.png?dl=0 12/7/2013: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b7umhrj09li3muz/bhanu_shizi_screencap_by_crazylovecat-d6x3s42.png?dl=0 (this is a different upload. she uploaded it several times in the same day for some reason?) At some point after that she resold him to Emberfoxy1 on DA Link: http://fav.me/d72myo4 Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wcw7qabprljk0f4/bhanu reuploaded by emberfoxy1.PNG?dl=0 Screenshot of All of the Shimiren from the egg batch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sa8231nteg0lzbm/shimiren_screencap_by_crazylovecat-d6x3t53.png?dl=0 (she doesn't have permission to upload these but has anyways. As far as I know she hasn't tried to resell the others but I wouldn't put it past her.) Link of her currently trying to sell him (current date: 7/21/2014): Link: http://fav.me/d7ro8hu (EDIT: she changed the submission file to something else) Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1b1gmpvm81o4e1/bhanu reupload 2014 1.PNG?dl=0 (I had to zoom out so you could see the whole thing) https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7635stcprwvx19/bhanu reupload 2014 2.PNG?dl=0 (I zoomed back in so you can read what it says.) P.S.: Crazylovecat is my old DA name EDIT: she uploaded it again and disabled the comments (Date: 7/30/2014): Link: http://shizimiru.deviantart.com/art/Electric-Shimiren-FOR-SALE-471967515 Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o38jpus4rgaehs2/bhanureupload73014_by_silverwindstar-d7t186g.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yz3ee2daa5ho12h/bhanureupload73014_description_by_silverwindstar-d7t18el.png?dl=0 (zoomed in for the text here) Funny thing is, she refuses to admit I ever payed for him, yet she was willing to buy a commission from someone of our characters together?: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10392334/ You can obviously see her commenting on it and showing no sign that I had done something wrong. :I EXPLAIN: Sooo...I can't get DA to take anything down since I'm not the original artist of Bhanu's reference sheet. I talked to Kingneroche (aka Ibee) but it seems DA isn't really taking it seriously :< I sadly had the Admin Realitysquared work on my ticket and he responded very rudely and called the ticket 'resolved' when it most certainly isn't. Oh well, I've been working on redesigning Bhanu anyways, so that is that. I've given up on trying to resolve this with reason so I'm just going to move on and forget. However, I wanted to make an AB anyways to at least warn people not to buy this if you see it. Umm...if I think anything needs to be added I'll get to it later. Its late and just writing this has gotten my heart-rate up so I need to call it quits for now. EDIT IMPORTANT: I noticed some of you were commenting on her account. DON'T. Calling her out and leaving insults is not going to help the situation. If you want to warn people, then link them to this AB but don't go and start raising a mess on her account, its immature and your not making yourselves look any better by doing that. So PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON HER ACCOUNT.
  2. Originally posted on May. 11th, 2013 by thetrevmans WHO: An artist who until recently was frequenting Furaffinity under the username Comico. Recently Perma-banned from site. Other Alias and locations: Skype: shizimiru Furrafinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/comico/ WHERE: The offense took place mainly through PayPal, however Shizimiru's main form of contact and "business" was through FA. WHAT: The art in question was a $400 dollar "mature" comic piece that was commissioned by me through a different artist (name of Hashire on FA) at Shizimiru's request. We were to "share" the piece with our characters, and Shizimiru promised to pay me 200 for her half of the work "when she had the money." WHEN: Auction for said comic was posted approx. March 28. Winning bid was placed on the 29th by Shizi. PROOF: Initial Skype between Nataya/Taya/nxcritter and Shizimiru of forged paypal screenshot: Forged paypal Screenshot, taken from skype chat shown above(my full name blotted for security): Offending charge is at very bottom. MY paypal screenshot of the same dates (full name blotted out for Shizi's security): The comic in question (be warned, adult content): (no longer on fa due to my request to scrap the image) The green notes and dialogue we're placed by Shizi herself, after the auction was won. EXPLAIN: After Shizimiru (hence forth referred to as Shizi) won the bid, I was told to pay the auction holder (Hashire) the full price for the auction and was told by Shizi that she would pay me her $200 "share" of the commission. At the time I thought nothing of it because, for better or worse, I tend to be pretty trusting of people. Anyways, after a series of complicated matters not directly relevant to this issue (and far more personal than what this board probably allows), it was mutually decided we didn't want an art piece together anymore, and I blocked Shizi from skype and FA for reasons not pertaining to this post. Later on, Shizi sent me a message through one of her friends telling me she wanted full rights to the comic. At this time she had still not paid me the $200 she had claimed she would give me. Again, due to issues irrelevant to this comic itself, I handed over the rights in the hope to just end all communication and issues regarding her. Shortly afterward, she was banned from FA and the artist making the comic gave rights back to me since I still had full financial claim to the comic. I promptly told her to scrap it, but since she had already put a lot of effort into it, said she could keep the money for her time and effort, and the rest could just be considered "donation" since I was really just fed up with the entire situation. Please keep in mind, the artist Hashire was nothing but kind, understanding, and cordial through the entire affair. Later on, I was made aware of the fact that Shizi had contacted Hashire in an effort to reclaim the comic, citing that she had indeed paid me back for it. When questioned about PayPal logs, Shizi claimed she "couldn't find it in her records" then returned to artist Hashire a couple days later with said "missing log" showing that she had supposedly paid me the $200 she had been promising all along. This so called proof is shown above in a screen cap, which was handed off to her now ex-friend, Taya/Nataya (nxcritter in comments), in an effort to reclaim said money from me. Shizi lied and claimed that I had actually short changed HER 200 dollars, and used the forged PayPal log as proof. Above is posted her log with multiple transactions. The one with $200 for "Trev" (me) at the bottom. It is dated April 12th. If you look higher up, you'll see another transaction on that same sheet of from "Trev" for a mere $63, dated April 15th. Next to that you'll see MY PayPal screenshot, consisting of only 3 transactions during that time period. 2 of them pertain to Shizi, and both are for $63, showing that she edited the initial amount that she sent to me. Which as you can see, she promptly asked for back 3 days later. After confirming matter with Hashire, I showed that the money had not been paid, and was able to show her that I was an honest buyer and was not trying to get away with extra cash. Shizi on the other hand tried to get away with either a free comic, or 200 dollars of money she did not have to begin with. For anyone curious, nxcritter became involved because I had blocked Shizi, and Shizi chose to use Nataya/Taya/nxcritter to reach me to try and get me to hand over the money she claimed I owed her. In short, this is a warning to all honest artists out there. Usernames Shizimiru, Comico, Klusters, Shimiren, Sheenix, or ANY username laying claim to the species called "Shimiren" (majority of these screenames are mentioned on the furaffinity page linked in the WHO section above), is a woman that tried to short change me both in money and art. My hope is artists or other buyers like myself that have dealt with this individual will comment on this posting, so more will come to light on the types of these dealings she has attempted before, and probably will again if given the chance. Thank you for reading. -Thetrevmans.
  3. MOD NOTE: This beware started off just directed at Bae Bunny, but after Bae Bunny commented their piece in the replies, with additional proof that was left out, it was updated to include the original poster, Shizimiru Okame/Comico. I will include bae Bunny's comment and proof UNDER the original post. Originally posted on May. 2nd, 2013 by Shizimiru Okame Mod Note 2: OPs FA links with their references are defunct. TLDR: Bae bunny of fa made mistakes on a 100 dollar commission for 5 icons, 20 a piece. Makes many mistakes after agreeing to edits, then refuses the edits after a while demanding 75 usd, or they will dispute the transaction. WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/baebunny WHERE: Furaffinity.net WHAT: 5 icons for 100.00 usd, Made mistakes and refuses to continue editing unless they receive an addtional 75.00usd WHEN: A few months ago to current day. commission dissussions: (they got the 5 customs) Artist agrees to make edits: Bae claims before argument that they are raising prices here on out: Bae claims to dispute the payment unless paied: My responce after being told I would have to pay more or be disputed: My self expaining some edits that are needed to be done: My refernaces: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10133553 (WARNING MAY BE NSFW) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10241628 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10241557 as you can see these references are very detailed so the mistakes are on the Bae's not mine. One of the icons where the frames are botched: in this icon you see the horn is messed up, and they refused to fix this icon as well as the other 3. this is the only icon done correctly but edits still needed to be made at first, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10491255/ you can see here that he requires the reffernaces so he can evuate his prices: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8786918/ Explain: He's done this work a lot they should have known better then to take this commission for that price. Bae knew the difficulty of this project and still took it on, why should I have to pay 75.00 usd for something they messed up? This sounds kinda fishy and scam like to get more money out me. Take for example you have a mechanic fix your car, and they mess up, would you pay them more to fix it? this could have been avoided if the user had a tos stating that after a certain amount of edits the commissioner would then pay edit fee's, this user does not have a TOS that I can find. There are more notes that aren't shown due to the fact it's the same argument over and over, I paid you for this, why won't you finish your job? Icons they are very personable to the people getting them, and at 20 apiece you expect them to be very well done. after being on a waiting list for months, they are contacted a few weeks ago and they paid for the work and now this... The artist has not replied in about 24 hours, but has read the notes sent by the user. What do? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bae Bunny's reply, posted on May. 12th, 2013 (This was posted on an account linked to the now defunct Google Plus.) Aaaaaaaand in this corner, BAE BUNNY! :V This is weird on my part because I never thought that I was going to be involved here! Had to create a brand new account even. If this isn't how you deal with an issue, sorry! Its my first time ; o ; Be gentle~ Thanks guys for bringing this to my attention and to anyone that has been on my side. I do think its important to hear both sides of the story, so here I am! Words from the horse's mouth :U So here's the scoop: STEP 1: "I -totally- should have handled myself better" I was probably out of line asking for $75 to make edits, and I shouldn't have been so strict, but take a look at my list of notes from her: This isn't just garble, this is a back and forth of edits upon edits upon edits with her. I really couldn't take it anymore! With the way things were going I could have animated for her indefinitely if she wanted. It was apparent after a while that nothing was going to be perfect and I wasn't going to be able to move on, so I abruptly quit. For the issue on not having a TOS, I actually haven't had a negative issue like this up until now! Everyone I've made stuff for was happy as far as I knew, so I never needed one :I This felt like an issue going, "No TOS? Mmm...exploit!" Since after all of this I've been constructing one, but as a result, icons are going to be more related to "Time Invested" rather than per icon, which brings me to... STEP 2: "Bae Gives into the Demands!" I didn't want to spend unpaid time to continue to animate, but I was threatened on getting an AB Page otherwise, as her note shows above. So before I went to bed, I got this note: So "fix the icons and I won't post an AB page," eh? What else could I do! I caved in and did the edits for free that following morning at 11AM, as shown here: I include a highlight of the things that needed to be edited so it was apparent I knew what had to be fixed. She responds later saying this: Then posts them to her account as shown here: So with me being finished animating and her posting the icons, I would have assumed I met my end of the bargain and wouldn't get the AB page! :V ... STEP 3: "I got a bad feeling about this~" I know she says she was waiting for these icons for months, but she only contacted me on April 16th asking if she could pay now for the icons, even though her spot wasn't up on my que yet. I never charge ahead of time, but she was being persistent: She kept wanting me to give a discount for a bundle deal and wasn't getting the hint, so I sent this note: I want to point out that I warned her I work on customs and charge for the time spent, rather than a flat rate per icon. The more complicated/longer they take to animated, I charge more, ranging from $15 - $30. So when someone sends me $20 for each icon and then has a laundry list of big icons as shown in her notes above...I -really- felt like I was getting ripped off . ~ . So I responded with some suggestions on changes, and I get this back: Just pointing out that she says "do what ya think is right here, i trust you x3" and she was going to pay me $10+ for the more complicated one. If I had known in the end how difficult she was to work with, I wouldn't have taken her request. In the end, she got her finished icons with the edits for free! TL;DR ~In a conclusion~ 1. I shouldn't have freaked out 2. I've created a TOS for the future and raised the prices of my icons to accommodate for time spent on each icon rather than a flat rate 3. I made the edits for her and she said "thanks" and posted them to FA 4. I was threatened, gave into demands, and was STILL posted on Artist Beware anyway! 5. Comico was Suspended from FurAffinity for harrasment, so I feel like she is doing this because she's still mad 6. Issue was resolved May 2nd @ 2:34PM Thanks for reading my side anyway u 3 u ~ Make your own opinions for yourself; this is just how I saw things from my perspective. Just let me know if you need to know anything else! ~Bae
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