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  • Client Caution: StyxZidonya

    • Who: StyxZidonya
      Where: Discord: StyxZidonya#6652
      When: 11/13/2021
      What: Commission


     Commissioned me to make a simple logo withholding that it was going to be used for a clothing brand when my art is not for commercial use.

    Art has not been completed and refund has been issued.



    [Mod Note: OP Found out via group message that the client intended to use the work for commercial use. Unrelated parties are censored.]
    [Client was refunded and blocked.]

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    It's always a good idea to have it stated in a TOS whether or not you allow your work to be used commercially

    Also, not telling an artist you plan to use their work commercially is skeevy at best. An artist does not lose/give up the rights to their work just because you paid them to make it. That's not how copyright works lmao

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    • Administrator

    A comment was not posted because it violates Rule 1 of the Rules of Participation and Commenting.


    1.  Comments are to remain professional, constructive, and on topic.  We are not a drama site.

    • No name calling.
    • No unnecessary hostility.
    • Non-business related issues are off-topic.  (We don't want to hear about anyone's personal drama.)
    • Transphobic, Homophobic, and Racist language will result in an immediate ban.
    • Well wishes such as "I hope this gets resolved, OP!" are ok, but please see the "dogpiling" section on using the like feature.


    While we welcome bewarees to come and share their side, you are still required to follow our guidelines for participation.  

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    • Administrator

    Given the fact that both the bewaree and this random account with IP addresses in extremely close proximity to each other joined and commented at the same time on a post that's three months old, we are approving this comment with a big *:


    Styx, once again, you are welcome to share your side of what happened here calmly and professionally.  Your initial comment was hidden because it was neither calm nor professional and laced with legal language that you do not appear to understand.  (Posts are neither slander nor libel if they are true.  There is no such thing as "public" use.  The word you're looking for is "commercial".) 


    If this is an attempt at a gotcha; it isn't.

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