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  1. under beautiful.heart / fluffyhearts. they are both newly registered. she literally copy n paste her old post.
  2. she has recently seen reposting her old threads on FAF after the forum came back online.
  3. She has been registering new accounts for months across sites, (Beware when FAF is back online, she frequent there) it would be helpful the next victim to screencap her OCs gallery / Google drive doc. So, she can be recognized from her avatars, cause I've seen her current pantherwolf icon & some base packs in her old toyhou.se. Update: Bandcamp is not letting me checkout anything (giftcards, or no) after I used part of her giftcard balance, so I am pretty sure she put my account in negatives (my or anyone's labor is not worth a single dime to her)(╯-_-)╯╧╧
  4. She recently changed her name to Safe.counter and was active on FA forum. ( Safe.counter is now pending deletion )
  5. Update: This scammer started a new post on FA, and tried the same thing again. I don't think she got wind of this beware list yet, but I rather not spook her to change her current alias. I planned to keep an eye out on this post, and sent out warnings to unfortunates who reply there. https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/looking-for-a-custom-reference-base-thick-lined-budget-200-via-gift-cards-i-can-get-anytype.1668386/
  6. She tried to hire artists on FA under guest name, alex-rose-nitya on mar18, 2020. She PMed me, but said no Paypal, only Cashapp. I declined. Then again on April18, 2020 as foxyfluffstudio. I lost my regular income and was desperately seeking work. So I agreed to accept Bandcamp giftcards. (I had planned to spend the full amount on about 10~20 musicians / bands, some charity to help them through this rough time...) I noticed that she was having thoughts of selling adoptables created from the bases she commissioned, and Her FB profile was non-exsisted, but whatever who still uses FB. Total summary of her crime - She commissioned 4 base packs ( 32 full-body lined characters in total ) and paid $60 out of $480. I finally recieved half of the total payment, after weeks of stalling. Finally, I let her download the 2 completed base sets. At this time I realized my balance went down, but don't know any better, and bandcamp 's staff was overwhelmed with emails, and their waiting line took a lot longer than usual. She denies that she bounced my payment. And once I received bandcamp's feedback and did some digging. (thinking she might be a kid) Found out she is not a kid and asked again if she can switch to PayPal. She kept on lying. The last confrontation of this sad story - After showing her the copied response from Bandcamp, her FA status went immediately from New member > Pending deletion.
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