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  1. This has been my first bad experience in the world of commissions and I hope this will be the last beware I will have to share here. Everything began on 17th April 2018; I had started taking commissions some months before, so I was reeeeally naive about it and my English skills were terrible as well, so I apologize for the horrible grammar in my messages. At that time I didn't have any Terms of Service yet, but I had already started working with FyreDraygg (we are two artists working together. I keep public relations) I was in a Telegram Network made up of several channels where
  2. Technically speaking, the 50%-50% clause was already in our ToS, we actually just tried to show some kindness and flexibility... Needless to say, we won't be doing any more good will gestures besides cold and professional business practice anymore.
  3. I opened this YCH auction for a 2 slot scene. Unfortunately I canceled the original post, this is the second one I have created after this happened. Nothing was changed, it's just to give an idea. [NSFW] Link to the auction This person commented on the previous one stating they wanted to auto-buy both slots. I directly sent them a private message via FurAffinity to receive the characters' references and information to send the payment. The buyer then replied giving me links to their characters' references and their email to send the invoice via Paypal (I'm censoring their em
  4. I've been working with multiple customers for some time now (even now I'm doing a project for multiple people) and I had never encountered such issues before, so I had no frame of reference. Now we updated the ToS to prevent such occurrences from repeating. Oh and thanks for the heads up about PayPal, we'd missed that part. Turns out we would've been fine anyways, since it wasn't really a surcharge for using PayPal but rather a handling fee for processing four transactions instead of one. Still, thank you for pointing that out, we've made our ToS more clear thanks to that
  5. Hi. This is a story of two buyers who didn't pay us for our work. A little explanation before I start: I work together with FyreDraygg. I take care of public relations and make some types of commission; he doesn't talk to our buyers, but is always informed by me about everything he has to know. This is stated on our Terms of Service, automatically accepted when someone decides to commission us. That being said, let's start. Terri contacted us on 6 December 2018 asking for a Night in The Woods graphic (a type of commission FyreDraygg does) featuring four characters. (If you're un
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