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  1. I feel like I was having an aneurysm just reading that. Like, their responses are what I imagine to be the verbalization of an epileptic fit. Big 'Brahh Brahh, I'd just like to say I really adore your artstyle / I'mma have to request or art trade you A/4' energy.
  2. I also think just randomly bringing up 'somebody called me a liar' out of the blue is a red flag too.
  3. Whew. We went through every variation of: 'Hey, I have your art... BUT " They've gone through every excuse in the book. 'Laptop died', 'we moved', 'I'm on new meds', 'my moods'. Funny how it's always an excuse given AFTER the commissioner contacts them, never them contacting the commissioner first. That's another red flag (IMO) - especially if they are actively posting.
  4. While I think it's strange and a bit off that they did two versions when your character is clearly female, I feel like you're being pretty precious about it. You got the art you paid for (M/F version), if I read correctly - you can just post / enjoy that. Personally I would have requested they not post the M/M one but you went straight in with the 'you will not post this version'. And then you came back with 'Send me the M/M version' (no please or thank you?). Weird that you want the version of art that you complained about. You're the one that comes off as rude in this post, not them.
  5. cknsausage

    Space Meme

    Where did you find this maker? I can't find anything about them online except one empty FA profile (which says they are 17??) I hope you get your money and DTD back - but the price, the lack of previous customers who can vouch for the maker's previous suits and lack of an online presence or any kind of portfolio is a GIANT red flag. I also think it's quite suspicious that they claimed to have made two other suits (or 1.5, if you consider the personal one was only partially finished) and couldn't produce proof of that? I've never heard of a 'private' fursuit commission - I suppose they might exist but it's shady as that the only previous commission they'd done was a 'private' one 😕
  6. Big yikes @ Ssnaree - what an ego, whew! Pretty sure that's character theft, or I would be inclined to view it as such.
  7. I could feel my blood pressure rising just reading this, holy shit. That is SO frustrating - I can't imagine how annoying that must have been for you to actually deal with 😞
  8. Very unusual that paypal sided with the artist, usually they never do. Did they provide proof you were provided with the service?
  9. Wow this is completely unprofessional behaviour on her part, and just excuses after excuses.. yeah nobody's ever pulled that before. And hinting at 'oh send it via friends and family cos I pReFeR tHaT'. Gross. One thing that stuck out to me is you gave her 3 different shoe sizes? Lol.
  10. Let's count the flags.. 1. 'Wahh my PTSD' (hm.. foreshadowing?) 3. 'Wahhh I'm having a tantrum and attributing it to a manic episode' 4. 'It's hard for me to manage the necessary tasks to run my business' 5. 'Birthday present for my nephew is more important than the money you paid me for a service I never completed' 6. Guilt trip : 'let me just refund you with my first-born / soul' 7. 'Omg gaslighting me' 8. <Lots of insults by the artist and mocking the client>. Always a good method to dealing with clients /s Soz but if you have the money to buy presents for people then you've definitely got money to refund. I hate it when artists do that - it basically screams 'you're a low priority right' to their customers. Also, your personal mental health is NEVER a reason to treat customers like this. Every artist I know (myself included) has mental health problems in some capacity. Except, we don't use that as an excuse to steal someone else's hard earned money. That's especially disgusting. If you need to step back from art for health reasons, refund work not started, and be upfront with clients. Don't dick them around and DEFINITELY don't hide behind 'mental health' as an excuse for poor behaviour.
  11. Really rubs me wrong how Lobo is going on and on about 'charity stream'. That's not relevant at all and just twists the narrative to make them look better while the commissioner(s) are left in the lurch. Why does it matter at all if it's a charity sketch? That should be firmly behind paid work from 2+ yrs ago.
  12. ITT: People defending awful work. Also, I thought this part of Lemonbrat's defense was pretty funny: Sorry, what? If this is what Lemonbrat considers an average sample of their suits, then I dread to think what they would consider a 'botched' suit. Because this is a budget suit AT BEST. Not worth 3.6k. The head looks nothing like a feline base and as 'professionals' Lemonbrat should have known that fur would not magically make the head into a feline's. This one spins me out a bit because it's so obvious.
  13. iNtEnDeD tO pAy eVeRyOnE bAcK doesn't really hold much weight when you file chargebacks on purpose to see who can't be bothered chasing you up 🤔
  14. Oh man I thought it sounded familiar and yep.. they are already pre-blocked haha. I think I saw another beware post about them. I'm pretty sure Paypal cannot 'glitch' and open several (?!?) disputes conveniently against several different artists at once. I can't believe he would think anyone would buy that bullsh*t.
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