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  1. I agree with you there, but I see this excuse over and over again on AB and frankly, if you can't handle the heat you should not be offering commissions. It stops being a hobby then, and starts becoming a business transaction. I guess I just have zero patience for these types pulling out the 'mental state' cards over and over as an excuse to dip out on owed art.
  2. "Waaaahhh, I can't discuss the job you paid me to do right now cos of my fragile glass mEnTAL sTaTe" Nek minit: Is this real life? What am I witnessing here? But wait - there's more!(?) Oh boy, you'd be forgiven for thinking this person hasn't even GOT a 'mental state' left to salvage by how far off the handle they flew (over a completely reasonable request).
  3. I may be reading this wrong, but it looks like you expressed approval at multiple WIP stages, without bringing up the minky pattern sooner. That's on you - I would also be p*ssed, as the artist, if you tried pulling the 'it's not how I wanted it' later after (seemingly) approving the earlier wips. The first time you even mention it is once one paw is fully completed. HOWEVER. They were also in the wrong, definitely, by not clearing that pattern with you first. When the fabric arrived is when it should have been sent back (if they really did order plain / flat), or confirmed with th
  4. 1-6 months? On a refund?? That tells me they are owing a lot of other clients.. otherwise why would it take so long? Poor money management.
  5. Just so you know as well some of their art is still indexed by google, so that may give you a point of reference when determining whether they're gonna rebrand.
  6. Yeah.. that could not be more obvious, or how else can you explain repeatedly failing to miss the artist clarifying what they meant? This guy's completely over the top ridiculous, sorry you had to deal with them.
  7. Er.. I think a lot of the fault is yours. You either paid for a YCH-style slot or provided that ref of the anthro dog as a pose ref, but either way didn't clarify that you would like your character to be feral? That's on you. Plenty of people have feral or anthro-only ref sheets for any reason, cost or age of the ref being a couple - but if you provide a pose of an (for example) anthro character, you need to specify that you want yours in the same pose but feral. Communication goes a long, LONG way with commission conversations. The artist is 100% in the right that you need to clarify what for
  8. Not gonna lie, I would have lost my s**t after the third time of them asking this. I can't believe the restraint and patience you showed in dealing with them - they are definitely a client to avoid. And what's with all the guilt tripping? None of that is anyone's problem but theirs. You don't go into a shop and unload all your baggage on the cashier, it's a business transaction.
  9. I feel like I was having an aneurysm just reading that. Like, their responses are what I imagine to be the verbalization of an epileptic fit. Big 'Brahh Brahh, I'd just like to say I really adore your artstyle / I'mma have to request or art trade you A/4' energy.
  10. I also think just randomly bringing up 'somebody called me a liar' out of the blue is a red flag too.
  11. Whew. We went through every variation of: 'Hey, I have your art... BUT " They've gone through every excuse in the book. 'Laptop died', 'we moved', 'I'm on new meds', 'my moods'. Funny how it's always an excuse given AFTER the commissioner contacts them, never them contacting the commissioner first. That's another red flag (IMO) - especially if they are actively posting.
  12. While I think it's strange and a bit off that they did two versions when your character is clearly female, I feel like you're being pretty precious about it. You got the art you paid for (M/F version), if I read correctly - you can just post / enjoy that. Personally I would have requested they not post the M/M one but you went straight in with the 'you will not post this version'. And then you came back with 'Send me the M/M version' (no please or thank you?). Weird that you want the version of art that you complained about. You're the one that comes off as rude in this post, not t
  13. cknsausage

    Space Meme

    Where did you find this maker? I can't find anything about them online except one empty FA profile (which says they are 17??) I hope you get your money and DTD back - but the price, the lack of previous customers who can vouch for the maker's previous suits and lack of an online presence or any kind of portfolio is a GIANT red flag. I also think it's quite suspicious that they claimed to have made two other suits (or 1.5, if you consider the personal one was only partially finished) and couldn't produce proof of that? I've never heard of a 'private' fursuit commission - I suppose they mig
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