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  1. That is not unusual - I know that's the policy myself and quite a few other artists adopt. Artists hold supreme copyrights over their art, not the commissioner, so if they don't want the full res being posted elsewhere then that is entirely within their right. You're paying for their time to make the art. The art itself is the by-product, the payment is usually considered to be for labour (ie, doing the art). So that would be an incorrect assumption. Again, I don't see the issue with a blacklist - I DO see a problem with the vague refund part (for instance in my ToS I have a piece about how I will absolutely not work with rude or arrogant commissioners - frankly because I've dealt with them before and they're never worth the money you get from them). But in mine I also will refund if payment has been taken before they show themselves as such. Personally I think the part about no due dates or a public queue is a bit of a problem, because then from the other side (the client's point of view) - that leaves a lot of room for uncertainty - especially given the paypal claim deadline is 6 months. The lack of a queue means they also can't verify how long it usually takes the artist to do to the work so.. personally if I was a commissioner I would give it a miss based on that.
  2. Can't find the twitter but their FA is certainly full of people asking about refunds / where their commissions are.. not a very good sign. Also, found this on their DA which got me good lol
  3. Always a massive red-flag to ask for money as 'friends and family'. I think you lose buyer protection doing that. Hope you get your money back, that's a sizeable chunk!
  4. Even if one were to entertain the thought of it being a joke by someone else, let's list the red flags: - No message to the artist after these mysterious 'friend's' messages were sent - surely that's something you'd rush to apologize for / explain? And the artist responded sooo.. not likely they didn't see it - Somehow doesn't have the TG chat after only a couple of weeks - 'Abruptly excused myself (unsaid) - again, what? Just didn't return to check the messages.. ever? - Throws friend (if they exist) under the bus with generic excuses ('they steal and aren't all there mentally'). Cool. Hmmmmm.. surely, apologizing is less effort than trying to divert and place blame where it's not due? Lmao, honestly. This dude is ridiculous.
  5. Ooh, definitely blocking that one. Just.. honestly what goes on in some people's heads? Even art that is paid for the artist retains copyright to except if they've explicitly signed that right away (for a sizeable sum, hopefully). Your art, he owns nothing - especially since he didn't even pay for it! Just laugh in his face and go on your merry way.
  6. 100% agree with you! Her termination of service is very iffy and especially paired with the extensive wait times from payment until starting the commission (conveniently, outside paypal's buyer protection window). I agree with your method as well, refund, block and blacklist - but ALWAYS refund. Bad buyers are pretty rare in my experience (woo!) so luckily this isn't a common occurence for me, but the times I have had to do it I've always fully refunded, even if I've sunk hours into discussing / working already.
  7. Absolutely, I agree! I would never refer to it like that, it's very unprofessional - I just wanted to point out that having a right to refuse service clause isn't a red flag (IMO). Calling it an a**hole clause is a red flag though, lol.
  8. There are a lot of problems with this artist's ToS but I don't think refusing to work with unpleasant people is a red flag in general*. In my ToS I state that I won't work with someone who's proven themselves to be arrogant, rude or unpleasant - but, I do state that if they've paid already, they will receive a full refund (even if I've started work). I had to implement this because of one persistent and incredibly rude commissioner who tries to circumvent my main block on his account by following me on his alts LOL. *You have to take this with a bit of context of course, starting the commission after 12-17 months is absolutely unnacceptable, especially since it's outside paypal's 180 day buyer protection timeframe, and given this artist's massive, years-long queue.
  9. I agree, it's nothing to do with her job and that is a pretty creepy move by the person posting the beware. However, I do feel for them and she's most definitely in the wrong by dodging their attempts at contact - if after all else fails, and she can't be contacted on any of her social media accounts after 5 years I don't think OP will get a resolution.
  10. I only use Ko-Fi as I've heard some bad stuff about Patreon being scraped for content, but Ko-fi has been a breeze for me. Easy for people to use and it comes into your account straight away. You also have the option to set it up like a Patreon with paid-content but I haven't done that yet because I don't get enough traffic through it to really justify the monthly cost (it's low, but still something that's not really worth my time at this point).
  11. I would stop tipping her as a means of asking for updates, because she might just be milking that like 'Oh LonelyRider will keep giving me money if I don't reply'. You already paid for the art and so it shouldn't be required for you to tip more to get the work that's supposed to be ready!
  12. Ahh, the old 'I'm a victim and here's my 10,000 excuses' trick. Not to mention it's extremely unprofessional to bring in personal reasons 'Oh my son's 1st birthday! I have etsy orders to ship today so now you've made it hard wahh'. Very unprofessional attitude and I'm glad you got it resolved on your end.
  13. Constantly losing access to their twitter? Chargebacks because of policy on gender?? (riiiiiiight.. that's likely). Oh, no, now you can't afford it for xyz reasons? Whatever happened to 'don't spend it til you've provided art'? Frankly there's two possibilities here - either this person has literally the worst luck in the world, or far more likely is just completely full of sh*t. I'm sorry there's no recourse for you OP, since the paypal deadline has passed.. beware very well warranted.
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