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  1. That's really scuzzy making a false account to try and make it like multiple arguing the same point. Fact of the matter you agree to the post TOS when commissioning an artist, if they don't have TOS then you didn't agree to anything they could demand later. I feel for OP, I've learned to not let new people I commission extend past the 180 day charge back limit. I'd argue if there's not much or any progress after 120 days the money has changed hands start bringing it back up often. Always allow yourself some time window in case the artist does start producing results when they know you're serious.
  2. This and the others I have talked to this occurred years ago and probably part of what got them the one year ban initially. Unless they're doing it now which I cannot ascertain, it's not a line to follow at this point. Just talk to your friends and acquaintances warning them about this artist. Urging them to tell others about them until is spreads that this person cannot find safe harbor to continue ripping people off.
  3. That's... Okay, that's almost verbatim what they sent to me as well. This person has quite the setup it seems for sending out lots of notes to con many people out of their money. I really wish we could get FA to do something against them but I have a feeling this falls into a moral grey area where it depends on who you talk to.
  4. This account was suspended as well but that suspension has ended. This was I main account I believe as it's the one they would contact people on.
  5. After their initial ban from FA and the large rant they appear to have made about it on Twitter I didn't think they'd return. When they did I figured now would be a good time to post about their behavior and taking of people's money. There's not going to be any resolution to this unfortunately though, I sent them a message of the beware, told them I don't want any of their art, and even mentioned that I don't really expect a refund as I've talked to others and they do not give them out despite having no TOS about it. They gave me this response below and blocked me. I can try to communicate to them through other channels but I feel that borders on harassment territory and ultimately they'd just block me. I'm chalking this up to a learning experience as a commissioner that you should have a reasonable expectation of what artists meet and if they fail that immediately do not be afraid to call them out. If they just drag you along and get defensive on demanding a refund you need to deliver an ultimatum and if paid via a third party site file a dispute in the time frame you have to do so.
  6. Wish I could say this is an isolated incident. I've come into contact with several individuals thus far that have received this same treatment and are owed work for years. I don't expect to receive anything at this point from them myself but it's good to know others are not going to sit idly by and let copycatz get away with taking people's money then yelling at them.
  7. I commissioned copycatz back in October of 2016, they approached me with interest in drawing art of one of my characters, they were enthusiastic to do so. I saved up money for a few months so I could commission them at the time and paid for a full colour, shaded commission at the time. I know some artists can take time so I did not contact them too terribly much afterwards. By the point I started to become suspicious/worried it was too late for a charge back from Paypal. I figured they'd deliver eventually, probably had a queue. I contacted them some months later an inquired how it was going as the last time I had talked to them they stated they had a WIP and would upload it soon. I cannot discuss what they said but they had medical complications (supposedly) and were unable to work for a period of time. I backed off for a few months before contacting again. Shortly after that contact a year after commissioning them they were banned from Furaffinity. I figured at that time my commission was lost in the ether until other commissioners posted about how to get in contact with the artist and how they owed them work. They were available on DeviantArt and Twitter so I contacted them on DeviantArt. What followed was a run around of saying they didn't remember me ever commissioning them, then me providing the screen caps edited below of paying them then being ran around saying they had a WIP. This continued for some months while they were posting more artwork they were creating. Again this continued on for several months until I essentially threw my hands up in the air. I had no real recourse to retrieve the amount owed by this point and it was apparent they were not going to produce the work. Their ban on FA has ended and they are allowed to post on the account again so I decided to make a public airing of this dirty laundry to show what I went through in hopes they do not take anyone else's money. At this point all I'd want is a refund plus interest for the money they received from me with no delivered work. Take away: Copycatz will approach people first seeming enthusiastic on commissioning them. They will then try to get the person to commission them. They will not communicate at all with the commissioner. The commissioner has to engage in all contact. They will bring forward excuses as to why they cannot work on it now, claiming personal or medical reasons. They will promise WIPs and progress but never deliver. There is no other way to put it but this person is a thief. They take money and do not produce work.
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