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  1. I agree with this; you should consider repurposing the art you have done to reduce losses on your end ♥ You would not be stooping to their level by doing this though, because you are the artist and thus retain all rights to your artwork. If they have not paid for your services rendered, they forfeit that art entirely and you are more than within your rights to repurpose it. Either as a personal thing or turn it into a YCH you can sell on ♥ I personally would do the latter to help with the lost time and money. On their overall behaviour though -- I don't even know what to say? I want to
  2. Definitely not good for them to just disappear on you after payment, it seems so odd considering their initial conversation with you seemed pretty standard. Though, one thing I noticed is their response to you describing your character's body type -- after you described him as a twink, they seemed to take issue? The way they responded with "oh... I see...." followed by complete silence makes me believe they had some issue with the term for some reason? If it were the case I'd expect them to mention it makes them uncomfortable though? Not just straight up ghost you as a paying client - if f
  3. I want to applaud you for keeping your cool and calling their bluff on their obvious attempts to scare you, well done. You hold full copyrights to your work and they have no right to use it, regardless of whatever strange "client ToS" they try to throw at you. I agree with Bornes above, I'd definitely consider watermarking your WIPs when sending them to a client. I once had a similar situation to this and from then on I have used a WIP watermark that explicitly states that "artist retains rights" etc. etc. Safe to say for reasons like these I always mark everything I do and I highly recomme
  4. Yeah, that is a possibility sadly. Unfortunately there's no way to verify the reasoning, or their age, or even that they are the owners of the card.. at least I don't think so? And yeah, it might be worth me contacting them again to ask them about that, see what they can tell me and see if it's even an option for me. With the amount of people I know are fighting against this, I am hopeful that some positive outcome will happen for us affected anyway. Paypal on the phone told me that I wasn't the only one affected by this claim and told me the same - that the more people fight it, the more
  5. I've tagged this as NSFW because of the mature theme (strip-tease), but if it is SFW enough please let me know and I will change it ♥ Below is the product in question. I recently decided to make my first ever P2U base (above) and I was contacted by Nekolover24 who requested to purchase a copy from me on the 6th February. The next day, on the 7th, I responded and promptly sent them an invoice for £20. They replied very quickly to let me know that they had paid the invoice, and once I had confirmed the payment had been recieved I went straight ahead and sent them a message t
  6. His behaviour with you is very strange -- I can't tell if he's serious and very indecisive or trying to mess you around on purpose? And him constantly changing when he can pay you/needing you to put things on hold for him is already a massive red flag to me. I'm a patient person, but I'm not sure I could have continued with him as long as you did. Thank you for posting this, definitely someone to avoid working with considering evidence seems to point to him being a
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