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  1. It's insane how somebody can go on like this... I can add that the very first message they sent being like ''OMG yoru page is amazing etc etc'', I've had it sent to me two (three actually, but third message they had changed the approach) times by them. I rejected them first time in polite manners, second time I asked them if they may not remember who they sent this to as I've received the very same message before (which they then didn't reply to), and the third time I couldn't reply because they had blocked me, probably because I've had pointed out their spam in last message... I searched my received messages (trash) to find the different times he sent the first message. I had a client come to me who sadly did fall for this, and they had experienced the same treatment that you had. I find it ghastly, and hope the word will spread so nobody else will have to fall into their (if one could even call it) work list.
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