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  1. I've been emailed by PayPal with a notification that the case was closed in my favor. I should be seeing a refund in a few days, so this can be changed to Resolved. I hope for this artist to fix their business practices and wish nothing but the best. If you choose to run a business, you have to actually run it.
  2. Disregard my last reply, I have escalated it. Didn't know there was a difference between the two, so thank you.
  3. How do I escalate it to a claim? Through the Resolution Center?
  4. I was able to go into the Resolution Center and open a dispute. It's currently been four days since the dispute has opened and PayPal is waiting until June 5th for the artist's response. Although the artist is still active on her Twitch, she has decided not to answer the dispute so far... Hopefully I just get my refund back, even if it's a measly $15.
  5. I heard I wasn't able to since Ko-fi is used as a donation site, so it made me unsure to dispute it or let it go. Since it doesn't look like I'll be getting a response from the artist (I even sent her a message through Ko-fi after noticing the activity and have gotten no answer for now), I'll attempt to dispute it. It'd be awesome to get my money back anyway.
  6. On January 19th, 2021, guppygoopy advertised five slots for iPad sketches for an uncolored $15 through Ko-fi tips/donations. As instructed, I donated through her Ko-fi with my username and left my DMs open for her. From reviews and her activity, I didn't think of the consequences of commissioning through donations as it was a simple commission that could've been delivered right away. Once the payment was completed, she contacted me through DMs. As brief as it was, her replies were quick and simple. After that last message, the conversation ended and I assumed that would mean she was going to start on my commission. Around February and March, guppygoopy took a hiatus. As far as I know, no formal announcement was made on social media. I was not messaged about the hiatus either. After a few months of waiting without any progress, seeing her active on social media again, I asked her about the progress of my commission on April 1st, 2021. The message was left unread. I asked again on April 22nd, 2021. That message was also left unread. During that time, guppygoopy was active on her profile to announce Twitch gaming streams and post doodles for friends and outside of commission works. On April 30th, 2021, I wrote another message to her requesting either a refund or for her to communicate with me. I included my feelings about being ignored when expecting a product from her. The message was left unread. As of April 29th, 2021, guppygoopy has been inactive on her profile. I have no other way of contacting her; she has a Discord that isn't made public where she appears to be much more active and her Ko-fi is bustling with donations. As of writing this, she is currently live on Twitch as well. I am beyond frustrated at this point. The least I want from her is communication or my money back.
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