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  • Beware: Lewdtime

    • Who: Lewdtime, Lewdtim_e, Lwtime, lazy-time, lazytim_e
      Where: https://twitter.com/Lewdtim_e
      When: 04/02/2022
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    I pledged to Lewdtime from April to June of 2022 on Fanbox. I was subscribed to their $45 tier for those three which guaranteed a colored sketch commission. Here are the receipts for those three months.


    After pledging to the tier, I had Dm’ed them on discord about the details for the first sketch. A month went by and I asked for an update. 


    soon after I realized that I had continued staying pledged for a couple more months. It wasn’t intentional but I didn’t mind because I figured the commission would come pretty quickly since I had already gotten the sketch for the first commission. I asked if it was alright to send the ideas for the other two commissions which at first got no reply until a few days later when I checked again.


    I omitted the post on June 12th as it was simply my post about the details of the commission. But this was not replied to by Lewdtime after I posted the details.40EC2FDE-36FA-4835-8093-C297085A94A2.thumb.jpeg.67ba37c0c5a31c93fd131afc8002665c.jpeg

     This last screenshot is the several months of update requests in which I attempted to make contact with them. I also tried contacting them on Twitter since they are mostly active on there. I also received no replies. At this point I had asked for a refund on Twitter and discord which had received no replies.

    Today I was able to get in contact with them, but I believe it was only due to the fact that I told them that if I received no reply that I would make a post on Twitter warning users to not commission them. They quickly replied and I was able to receive a full refund. Of course I am still posting this here because I have already seen one other post on this site with the same situation as mine. I do not have the messages from today anymore as I blocked them on every site after confirming the refund, but it was simply them requesting my PayPal address to refund the money to and then confirming that I received it. So please beware of this artist especially if you try the fanbox tier pledges since you cannot force a refund as easily as your typical direct PayPal transaction.


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