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  1. After an email pointing out a flaw in my TOS, the refund portion has been edited to be more clear and edited some wording that was unintentional on my part.
  2. I have drawn up a TOS as I plan to start selling commissions sometime in the next year. I have made ti very detailed and tried to cover all my bases as best as I could. So, warning, it is very long. All I ask, is please respect me taking payment after the fact. I now the risk. TOS on Google Docs. Thank you for taking your time to help on this.
  3. This is hard, what do they mean by hidden fees. Are they adding it to the full total after the fact, or is it already included in the total cost before invoicing?
  4. I see they haven't sent a pic of the front of the suit, only the back..and with the way the back looks....I'm a bit worried.
  5. I actually think the gender thing is possible. Wasn't this the suit maker who went on a rant on Twitter about there only being 2 genders? I have them blocked, so I'm assuming this is the case. Either way, it doesn't matter. They shouldn't have used the money if they hadn't started on the project - and if they bought the fur and other stuff already, they should have refunded what they had left, then paid back the rest. I will never understand artist using money that isn't technically theirs yet, unless they know 100% positive they are going to get the art out. Personally, if I was still doing art, I would NOT use the money until the project was done sans materials.
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