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Found 3 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/924736.html WHO: CavitySam, aka IsabellaPrice WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/isabellaprice/ ( old account), http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cavitysam, http://www.instagram.com/cavitysam WHAT: Two head sketches of my original characters; uncolored. WHEN: May 8th was when the commission order was placed; about August 3rd was when things hit the fan. PROOF Initial Commission Post: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19914747/ FA Note #1: http://imgur.com/VZJG6XB PayPal Payment Proof: http://imgur.com/kn7zIv8 Instagram Post opening for "emergency commissions" on August 3rd: http://imgur.com/7K8kQK4 My reminder of mine + Artist saying they deleted all past notes: http://imgur.com/ICiBnUX Resend of the FA Note on August 3rd: http://imgur.com/uaPDUu7 Instagram DM from September 3rd: http://imgur.com/cjujD9c + http://imgur.com/fbYJvLX EXPLAIN: Back in May of this year, I decided to commission CavitySam/IsabellaPrice. I liked their art for a while, and I had a few extra coins when she opened up commissions at that time. I told her that I didn't mind waiting past the window she had promised they would be done. Several weeks had passed, and about in mid-July, I began to wonder where my sketches were, so I decided to follow Sam on Instagram to see if maybe she posted them there first, before posting on FA. In early August, she posted on IG about how she was taking on more commissions (before the ones she had taken in May were even done and posted), and I took that opportunity to remind her about mine. She apologized, and said she had cleared all her messages and asked me to resend them. I resent the note on FA (since I have trouble with mobile and you can't do IG DMs on the desktop website) and waited for a response. A month later and no reply or acknowledgement, I sent her a DM on September 3rd, asking if she was still capable of finishing the commission, and if not, then maybe a refund could be worked out. She told me they were finished and some needed color (I did not ask for color on mine) and that she would send me mine "in a little bit". It's been over 24 hours since that DM, and there is still no pictures in my e-mail box, on IG or FA. Please bear in mind I don't consider myself a confrontational person. I hate having to do this, especially since Sam does seem like a very nice person (frankly, I think she takes on way more than she can handle, which isn't uncommon to see) and I know she's been having financial trouble, so me asking for a refund at this time makes me feel uneasy. Still, I do feel like she should be held accountable for not delivering within a reasonable timeframe, hence why I am coming forward with this here. If you do decide to commission CavitySam for art... please be aware that you probably will not see it within any time frame that might be promised. UPDATE #1: I spoke with Sam today on Instagram, and she said she'd be sending the sketches along today (they apparently hadn't been scanned in yet. Okay then). I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and consider the matter closed, but if I don't see/hear anything in the next 72 hours, I'll update this accordingly. None the less, my warning about things not being done within the promised time (or even in a grace period) still stands. UPDATE #2: I've received the commissions from Sam. Now I can safely say it's fully resolved!
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/920515.html WHO: IsabellaPrice/ CavitySam WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/isabellaprice/ ( old account), http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cavitysam WHAT: Commission for a pair of avian fursuit feet. Foamed and fleeced. WHEN: Commissioned mid November 2014, to be completed for May 2015. First photos of WIP feet posted April 2015. Nothing since then. PROOF: Commission Started Paypal Transaction Screencap of WIP Feet Submission FB Chat log, various dates EXPLAIN: Back in November 2014, I commissioned IsabellaPrice for some fursuit feet for Confuzzled the next year ( May '15). I'd gotten a headbase made from her before and was happy with the product. I'd also gotten art work commissions here and there. The feet were to be foam and fleece construction( Here's my concept sketch if needed). Everything was agreed on and I paid a deposit of $100 18th November 2014 through paypal. I didn't really get any real updates between then and April 2015 when she posted a wip of them unfleeced, just foam. I liked the shape, though I wanted the claws a little shorter but that was easily fixed. ( I can share the note with this info but didn't think it was really relevant). I was a little worried how close it was getting to Confuzzled, especially with 2 weeks-ish for shipping to UK. May came and went, I didn't get the feet. I was in the con's Den and so had my own work to worry about, commissions to sort. I didn't have time to prod her for updates. My bad. Annoyingly, I can't find any notes around then. I must have forgetten about the feet as I wasn't getting updates and with the con gone, I didn't have a urgent need for them. FA's note system doesn't help in finding communication either... Recently August 2015, I bought a new partial and needed avian feet for it, but in a different colour. I remembered about the commission, and I asked if the feet had been furred ( they hadn't) and if they could be altered to a dark brown. This was agreed on but she was away from home until December 2015. November 2015 I'd had enough of waiting and just wanted the raw, unfleeced feet sent to me (Looks like her mum was to do this as she was away). She approved cancelling of the commission and said she'd be home on the 27th. I wasn't even really interested in getting a monetary refund, I just wanted the feet with less hassle. No communication until 25th Feb 2016 when I had to ask. Since then, communication has pretty much been me calling " Hello?" with no reply. Between the start of this commission, other headbases, premade partials had been made including FNAF ones which were made and sent out ( I assume) As well as drawn artwork.
  3. May 16, 2014 https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/766036.html EDIT: The money has been refunded, now I'm just waiting on Paypal to approve the refund, but this has been resolved. WHO: Isabella-Price of FA, also has an account Costumes-by-Belle WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/isabellaprice/ WHAT: A Balaclava foam base head for a fursuit. WHEN: Payment was sent on April 5th, with an estimated time of "one to two weeks" As of writing this it is May 16th and I have yet to see a picture. Every time I would ask about the progress the ETA would be moved back, and obviously that deadline would pass every time. PROOF:Here is an image with all of the emails, including dates, as well as the proof of payment http://sta.sh/023ordupo2v5 EXPLAIN: So in late March I inquired about getting a foam head base from Isabella here, and after a week, payment was arranged with an estimated time of completion at one to two weeks. I did say that I wasn't in a huge rush, but I certainly didn't think it would take any more than a month. Well weeks went by with little contact, and only when I myself initiated. After a few weeks I switched from the FA forums to FA itself to speak with her, and she consistently gave me new completely meaningless deadlines. I made it clear that I was running out of time and specifically said at one point that if it could not be completed within the week that I would need a refund. Of course it was NOT completed in that week even though she said it would be. It should be noted that after I looked at her journals I noticed she had a very long queue of both digital art and head bases (and I wasn't even listed in them, I might add). Clearly, she had overbooked herself and should have known very well that it would be impossible to finish my base in one to two weeks. The fact that she omitted this truth to me I find to be a bit insidious. I will not reveal their identity but I did seek out another client to ask if they were having similar issues. It turns out they've been waiting for their base since November! At this point I have opened a paypal dispute to get my money back. I have not gotten any responses from the artist in a few days now but the best thing to make me content would be to just have a quick refund and be on my way. Though the quality of her bases looks to be well above average, don't commission her if you want your base done anytime this year. It seems very clear to me that this artist is quick to take on too much work (and all the money that comes with it) but is very slow to show anything for it.
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