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  • Artist Beware: wolframkyo

    • Who: wolframkyo
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wolframkyo/
      When: 07/04/2018
      What: Commission


    Explain; Prepaid for a YCH commission posted via her gallery. (YCH attached).

    She originally mentioned that she had a queue and it would be a wait, I had no problem with that.ClaimedArt.thumb.png.8f78f1ad72def96a7850608b507365ad.png

    I paid for it right away as she needed the money for an electric bill she stated in the post. 

    I sent in the info to her via note and she confirmed it as well ok. Stated it would be at LEAST a month before it was complete. Again, I was fine with that.


    I commented back on the same post for an update about a month and a half later, because I realized her trello never updated to show my commission on her to-do list.


    She replied promptly and gave me an update.
    December I noted again, right before Christmas, asking if there was any updates, as I had heard nothing from her but continued to see postings of art, YCH's for sale and journals. She stated she was almost done with a wip and apologized for the delay. 


    That was the last I heard from her directly. 
    I noted again in February, she read the note but never responded.


    Again I noted for an update at the end of March. This note has still sat unread.



    So currently I am still down $50 or the YCH paid for.

    Obviously it is too late for me to go through Paypal and dispute the charge for a refund, but I am hoping this helps others avoid what I am not dealing with, maybe it will end with me getting either the YCh I paid for or a refund.

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    • Administrator

    I'm honestly surprised it took this long for her to earn a beware given that when I ordered my commission in 2014 she was also having issues with keeping her queue in check.  While she has made excellent strides in dealing with it in the past, it doesn't seem to ever significantly get better.  Unfortunately, I've unwatched her since she adopted a "no refunds" policy and defended it despite it being highly unethical.

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    I was highly disappointed, as I have bought from her before on my old account. And while she was definitely slow with finishing it, it did indeed get done and I did not have to keep asking for updates. Heres to hoping this helps give her a nudge and if not, help warn others.

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    • Senior Staff

    Is there a particular reason as to why Craigosaurus's paypal address is being used for payment processing?

    Do you think you have a shot at contacting them for any form of refund, cuz something about that just seems really odd and messy, to not be using their own account, and if anything, it puts their partner's business in jeopardy if her backlog is THAT ridiculous and she takes on more work.

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    • Senior Staff
    5 hours ago, Nico89 said:

    No, I'm not sure why she used their paypal, I didn't think to even ask. 

    it looks like Craig and Wolfram are pretty active on social media, so def try and see if Craig could help you out.
    I think I saw them advertising commissions via tumblr if I'm not mistaken.

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    I can unfortunately verify with my own personal experience with Harpbeats/WolframKyo, as I took a $40 flat-color bust commission from her in February 2018, and was not fully refunded for it until September 2018. Unfortunately, the emails I had with her have long since been cleared out of my Gmail account, but I can verify much of your problems personally with my own.

    Same exact problems too, such as...

    • Long queue that is never directly shown until after it's asked for.
    • Queue isn't updated promptly upon taking new commissions
    • New commissions sitting for months past promised
    • Lack of prompt communication
    • Taking MORE commissions onto her already long queue
    • Suspicious regularity in financial troubles, immediately followed by adding more commissions onto the queue.

    My commission was one in over a hundred on her Trello during the year of 2018. Several of my friends who were earlier in the queue didn't even receive theirs until long after I'd been refunded for mine. Interesting that she now has a "no refund" policy. That wasn't the case in 2018.

    I would highly suggest avoiding WolframKyo like the plague. She's either incredibly negligent in her management of her own pace, or at worst, she's deliberately being deceptive about her commissions.

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    Exactly one year later, I now have my finished YCH. 
    Hopefully this helps other people down the line when it comes to getting their art from her, she is an amazing artist but her communication skills need some work. 


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