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  1. I can unfortunately verify with my own personal experience with Harpbeats/WolframKyo, as I took a $40 flat-color bust commission from her in February 2018, and was not fully refunded for it until September 2018. Unfortunately, the emails I had with her have long since been cleared out of my Gmail account, but I can verify much of your problems personally with my own. Same exact problems too, such as... Long queue that is never directly shown until after it's asked for. Queue isn't updated promptly upon taking new commissions New commissions sitting for months past promised Lack of prompt communication Taking MORE commissions onto her already long queue Suspicious regularity in financial troubles, immediately followed by adding more commissions onto the queue. My commission was one in over a hundred on her Trello during the year of 2018. Several of my friends who were earlier in the queue didn't even receive theirs until long after I'd been refunded for mine. Interesting that she now has a "no refund" policy. That wasn't the case in 2018. I would highly suggest avoiding WolframKyo like the plague. She's either incredibly negligent in her management of her own pace, or at worst, she's deliberately being deceptive about her commissions.
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