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FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/olisnowpaw/

I approached OliSnowpaw after seeing samples of work she’d produced for a friend.  I was looking for a series of 10 color drawings to accompany each of the chapters in a book of short stories.  I contacted Oli and sent an outline of the job plus brief text descriptions for each of the drawings.  Oli accepted the task and we agreed on terms.

To take on a job of that magnitude for an unknown client takes a certain leap faith from the artist.  I honestly did not expect more than one sketch per month and Oli quickly agreed to 2 or 3 per week.  Rough sketches for my approval came lightning fast.  The few revisions I asked for were delivered within a day or so.

I received an invoice after the rough sketches and the final color drawings came just as rapidly.  Once again, a couple of minor revisions were usually completed by the next day.  Oli completed the 10 original drawings, plus one more for the book cover in about two weeks, a task I originally expected to take the better part of a year.

It was a real pleasure to work with OliSnowpaw.  She is a great communicator, keeping me informed of progress and potentials for delay.  I felt comfortable giving Oli the freedom to make suggestions.  She did a superb job of taking my character references (where available) and wildlife photos (when references were not available) then using those to interpret my written work in art.  She was totally professional every step of the way and I would recommend Oli’s work to anyone.

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