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    The namesake database. Submissions are categorized by "Bewares" and "Cautions".
    Who: Vince, Noh, Nohselfcontrol, Vincethewolfdog
    Where: https://twitter.com/Nohselfcontrol
    When: 04/14/2020
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    The original conversation have been deleted (not by me) from Telegram after a lost of account from the vendor (said by him in the chat convo - p1).
    I've found him on Twitter after many months, where the conversation continue.
    The order was a pair of hand paws. From 14 April 2020.
    Original Transaction Date from Paypal history

    I have WIP and pictures showned of the progress. (in attachment, convo - p2, p3, p4)
    But as time moved on, I propossed an alternative for the maker to just sent everything done or not, if he were unable to complete. He accepted. Since then, I made along multiple months several reminder about the shipping. 
    The last message were not responded nor seen.



    By GweenTea, in Artist Cautions,

    Who: kittygrave / uchiha
    Where: https://twitter.com/kittygrave
    When: 04/23/2022
    What: Commission

    In April of 2022 I commissioned artist Kittygrave on Twitter for a simple flatcolored bust sketch of my OC to help support them when they said they needed money. 

    I paid the money and waited about a month, what I figured was more than enough time to get the commissions done since it was nothing seriously huge, they responded saying they would have it done at some point in June. 

    I let some time go by, and nothing ever came of it. So I reached back out in November for any updates or a refund if they were too busy or no longer wanted to do it, again another promise to have it done, but this time within a week! 


    At this point I'm a bit too antsy and 10 days had gone by, so I requested a refund and they promised it by the end of the week. 

    At this point I become a bit more firm on my requests and set them to this strict time frame since they had promised it yet again. They responded and said they'd have it within 24 hrs, as of January 4th I have yet to receive any kind of refund or a response even though I had asked for updates. 

    During this now 9 month wait, and past my given deadline, they had done personal art, opened commissions (They deleted the comm advertising post, but evidence of it will be posted), and adoptable batches. They HAD a trello but had taken it down to update it and I have been unable to find it since. I don't even know if I was ever put on it to begin with as it was inaccessible to me before my commission. Normally things like this I would even be fine with, but they just did little communication and never updated me if they needed to extend a deadline, which I would have been totally cool with! 

    Down below are proofs of their activity post deadline: 

    1/25 MOD NOTICE: The artist has since made amends with OP and provided a refund, and the matter is now considered resolved.


    Who: Kasai619
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kasai619
    When: 10/06/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content

    In the beginning of October 2019, I bid on a YCH animation that Kasai619 was auctioning off on their Furaffinity page and ended up being the high bidder.  The YCH post is still visible on their FA page as of this writing. (YCH attached)

    On October sixth they reached out to me on Discord and informed me that I was the high bidder.  I offered to pay more if he would add on a bit more to the animation.  Kasai readily agreed and we settled on a price of $300.  I paid for the animation and received confirmation that it had been received.  They also informed me they were going to use the money to buy a new tablet and sent proof of its purchase as well.


    At first things seemed fine.  I got one sketch of my characters face and an updated clip of the WIP animation.

    After this they continued to keep in touch but every time they messaged me there was a new reason why my commission was delayed.
    They were Sick.

    They were busy.

    They're family members were losing jobs.

    They were distracted by GTA.

    During all this time I was patient and understanding of their issues but was becoming concerned since Kasai was continuing to take in-stream commissions and complete other customers work while my own seemed to be constantly delayed.
    In February of 2021 they contacted me for the last time in regard to my commission.  After this I didn't hear anything for many months.




    Finally in November of 2021 I had enough and asked for a refund.  We agreed on a re-payment plan of twenty dollars every two weeks, and I was hopeful that things would be resolved but once again Kasai went radio silent for many months.  Not a single dollar was ever sent to me. 


    I waited patiently until April of 2022 to reach out to them again but only received a vague excuse about a recent financial difficulty they were experiencing.  I became frustrated and expressed my skepticism of their explanation, but they once again went silent.

    I reached out to them for the last time in September and was re-assured that he was working with someone to find a way to pay me back.  They promised to stay in touch but since then I have heard nothing from them.


    It's far too late to get a Paypal re-fund, and I doubt Kasai will ever pay me back.  Since I considered them a friend I waited years before even thinking of posting anything here but if this helps other's avoid similar difficulties then I guess it's worth it.

    Who: KeiraDeer, Deer2You, Deer2YouSuits
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/keiradeer/
    When: 07/15/2021
    What: Commission

    In July 2021, I came across an adoptable character made by Keira Deer linked here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42781289/

    I decided to autobuy the character.

    I later received this note from her.

    Payment for auction:

    I decided to message her through Telegram to work out the details for the reference sheet as well as confirm that I had paid her the amount. As promised, she then sent me the full resolution file.

    Nearly a month passes before I hear anything back from her.

    Communication is spotty at best until in October 2021, I get a hopeful answer.

    I never receive another message from her through Telegram after October 12th, 2021. I have also never seen the sketches that she says she made. I decide to reach out to her through Twitter DMs. On November 18th, I receive another message from her.

    I have omitted part of the message that stated Keira was having to deal with some personal issues. You can see my acknowledgement above.
    After November 18th, 2021, Keira has never acknowledged any messages from myself. As you can see from the Telegram and Twitter messages, they have been left on unread. However, I know she is active on all platforms and has posted new art to FurAffinity, her Telegram art channel and Twitter account. I wanted to give her a chance to respond so have waited nearly three days before writing this.
    She still hasn't responded despite me sending the same message to her through FurAffinity notes, on Telegram and as shown on Twitter. I do not wish her any ill will but feel I have given her plenty of time to fix the situation.




    Caution: Lopunnybae

    By Kevee0855, in Artist Cautions,

    Who: Lopunnybae
    Where: Discord: lopunny#1082
    When: 04/28/2021
    What: Commission

    This started on discord where I ask if I can get a 2 piece commission from 1 of there post in a artist community discord. (their original post on discord has been deleted)

    * I post my 2 Character REFs in-between theses *

    Paypal transactions:

    Screencap taken on 7/28/2022 of my commission on their Trello: -Kev0855: Paid / Sketch in progress

    I ask for there Trello to keep up to date with there progress without bugging them too much. (I tend to bug people/Artist with questions a lot)

    We talk about some IRL things between these 2 caps of our DMS*

    This was my 1 and only draft of the commission that I've got so far and this is about 3-4 months into this commission 4/28/21-7/28/21
    I'm very patient with people and I knew they had commissions ahead of me from there Trello but I don't hear from them till 7/28/22 ( 1 year later )
    during this year gap, I went through IRL issues so I wasn't always online. So I didn't reach out during this time till I got settled down and was able to check-in on things. Never got any updates or messages from them either during this gap year.

    At this point I started to ask around to friends and other artist in the community about this delay and lack of communication from this artist without saying who they were just incase they were going Real IRL Issues. Most people said I should say something to the discord Higher-ups(Admins/Mods) about this ongoing issues. 
    On 7/28/22 I try to press on what's happening and why it was taking so long. I try to give them a out by offering to just drop the whole 2 piece commission and just doing a refund so that its 1 less commission to have to deal with. I figured that they might have taken on more commissions then what they could handle at this point and I was trying to lessen there load. They reverse the choice back to me and letting me know of a IRL issues. I figured that with the IRL issues and that it didn't seem to be that much of issue doing my 2 piece commission that i would ask how long would they think they need to finish. They said that they hope to have ALL the YCHs done in 2 weeks time starting from that next Sunday (7/31/22) 2 weeks later being Sunday (8/14/22). This is being the 1st IRL issues delay. 
    I wait 2 weeks and poke them again to see what's happening.

    On 8/14/22, They let me know that they plan on finishing all their YCHs by the end of August and that my commission was next in queue. They offer a apologue on the delay and a choice between a refund or again offering a extra small piece added to the commission. I didn't want to put more work on there plate and I just wanted to have the art finished and 1 more thing of there plate. This is being the 2nd IRL issues delay. 
    For a month I gave a little *poke* here and there to see how things are going and to see if they have any updates on what's happening since there Trello hasn't been update since July 8th 2022. On 9/4/22 they update me after me asking that 1st piece needs the shading done and starting colors on the 2nd piece. They reminded me that I got 2 commissions, At the time I was taken back by that statement but I ignore it cause I just wanted by 2 Piece commission that I've been waiting for over a year now done.
    On 9/26/22 they let me know about another IRL Issue that delayed them from reaching out to me about what's happening and from any progress on any commissions. They claim to have called out of work to go home and finish my Commission that night. They Again Apologies for the delay/issues.
    My DM on 10/22/22 was made to let them know that I knew that they went to TwitchCon cause they had it as their Discord Status before and during TwitchCon.
    This last cap is the last of the DMs at this time 12/19/22 8am. There are 4 months worth of DMs in 1 screencap and more IRL issues.

    Who: Paw to Press
    Where: https://paw-to-press.com/
    When: 11/20/2020
    What: Other (Explain Below)
    NSFW Content Resolved
    This was an order I placed about 2 years ago and for which I did not receive what I bought. In November of 2020 I placed an order for a premade dakimakura (Otterbits' Sergeres 2 Way Tri-Cot dakimakura) on paw-to-press.com and paid to PAW TO PRESS LLC with my credit card, here's the product page and the email I got from them:

    and my bank statement:

    At the time, said product could only be ordered as a backdoor item and it was during the pandemic, so I expected that it would take some time to deliver it and didn't gave it too much thought. By June of the next year, I still haven't received the dakimakura and was a bit worried, so I contacted them by email and got the following reply:

    After this and every time I contacted them about the purchase, they did not respond and it was already too late to dispute it as a billing error with my credit card company. By the way, I also used another email to contact them with no luck:

    and just to make sure, I contacted them again with the previous emails and also on twitter, but it didn't get anywhere:

    This was not my first time ordering something online, but it's my first time having this kind of problem.

    Who: Gideon; Gideon Hoss
    Where: FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/gideon/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/gideonscorral
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gideonscorral/posts
    When: 06/10/2021
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content

    This is my first time using a site like this, I have done my best to censor out any sensitive topics or personal information I couldn't find publicly available (i.e. PayPal email, personal email, etc.)
    On June 10th, 2021, I commissioned Gideon for $200 for a pic of my character I had adopted from him a few months earlier. (This adopt cost $800, which was delivered to me successfully.)

    After having sent the payment over, I would attempt to contact him over the next few days with no answer.

    I would eventually hear from him the next month on July 13th.

    After some casual chatting that day, I would give him some more time to work without asking about it, messaging him the next month.
     (Note: This screenshot was taken later, the original had failed to save.)
    Some chatting in-between, I would ask him again about the commission.

    After this, it would be a span of almost an entire year before I would hear from him again.

    In-between my messages to him on Discord, I would attempt to contact him on FA again. This would go unread.
     (Note: I was not able to get the date to show up while using the Snip tool. This note was sent on November 12th, 2021.)
    On June 4th, 2022, I would voice my frustrations with the lack of communication between us. From here my interactions with Gideon would become much less polite. While I admit it might've been rude of me to respond to him in such a way, I had commissioned him for $200 right after auto-buying his adopt for $800, and had had mostly radio silence since then.

    (Note: Gideon cited medical and personal issues for the reason the commission was further delayed. While he has brought up the medical issues in some of his Patreon posts, I have censored them here just in case.)
    From here, I accepted his apology and continued to wait. At this time, I also asked him about another piece on his FA that looked similar to my adopt.

    (Note: I asked about multiple pieces: This one, and a second which he later explained was a different adopt.)
    I would not hear back from him for more than 3 months, with my patience once again waning.

    On September 30th, 2022, I would offer him an ultimatum stating my intentions if he didn't respond back. Seeing as trying to contact him via Discord seemed unreliable, I would write out my message and send it to his other accounts to make sure he saw it. (Note: The Snip tool wouldn't pick up the timestamp for the FA note, so I had to take a picture of it with my phone.)

    Gideon would respond shortly after on Discord, as well as addressing my question about the other piece I had asked about 3 months prior.

    He would confirm that the piece would be included with the adoption of the character.

    After some more discussion about another piece I asked him about (which he explained was a different adopt entirely), I asked when the WIP for my commission and the high-res for the additional piece would be ready.

    About a week later, neither of these would be delivered.

    A few days later, seeing as the commission had not yet even been started, I decided to change my idea for it.

    Another month would go by without any answer from Gideon.

    On November 16th, 2022, I would offer my ultimatum once again.

    Gideon would answer almost 2 weeks later, setting a deadline for himself for December 17th to get something to me.

    Finally, on December 16th, the day before this deadline, he would message me stating he wouldn't be able to meet it, citing a personal issue. The commission would be further delayed to the end of the month.

    After this, I'd decide enough was enough and make this post.
    So yeah, that's where I am currently. $200 in the hole, 2 pieces owed to me, over a year of shaky communication and radio silence, and absolutely nothing to show for it. Like I mentioned in a previous screencap, I would request a refund, but it's far too late for PayPal to get involved and I honestly don't trust Gideon to deliver even on that.
    I should note that with my constant asking about my commission, I wasn't ever expecting it to be done quickly. I just wanted some confirmation that it was being worked on or that it was on the to-do list, but he couldn't even give me that response. After this long span of constant ghosting I decided that this should be known. Thank you.

    Who: fossilcurd, tori_chibi, ToriChibi
    Where: https://twitter.com/Fossilcurd,
    When: 08/02/2021
    What: Commission

    On August 1, 2021, I reached out to Tori through google forms to apply for a 3D bust commission. It was on August 2, 2021 that I was contacted through Twitter DMs letting me know that my character had been selected for the slot. I replied on August 3, 2021 and was given a paypal invoice the same day. The cost of the 3D bust shot was $150.00 USD, which was something I had actively saved up to purchase. I had wanted a 3D bust of my character for awhile and it seemed that it had practically fallen into my lap. I was really excited to work with Tori and was hopeful things would go well, especially since they were incredibly active on social media and had done a pretty incredible ArtFight piece that really caught my eye.
    Communication was great at first. I got pretty regular updates and when they couldn't provide one, I was usually always notified and they typically got in touch with me awhile after. This didn't bother me at first because I always ended up getting a WIP shot in the end. I get it, life gets in the way, most of us work day jobs or we're in school. It's fine. A little patience goes a long way and god knows we all need some patience with how the world has been.
    Issues started up when I did not hear from Tori as regularly as before, which started up in September of 2021. They'd go a month or two without saying anything, but usually got back to me whenever I'd gently nudge them for updates. This really isn't an issue, but it was a lead up to a bigger problem. After January 9 of 2022, I did not hear from Tori for over six months. They posted about a move that had not gone well in late February, which I felt bad that they had to go through such a thing, so I didn't nudge them again until April, then June. It was only June 21 that I ended up hearing from them and this was after I posted a small beware. I got some WIP shots, which I was very happy with.
    Things seemed to get better for a bit until they decided to ghost me again. The last I heard from Tori was August 24 and this was after I became incredibly frustrated. My messages were being read, but I was not being communicated to. At this point, I just wanted my files. I have had people reach out to me who are more than willing to finish what Tori will not. They have not read any of my messages since August 24 of this year. I'm at the end of my rope and beyond frustrated by this entire ordeal. I know I have a semi-finished product, but it is not being given to me by an artist who has horrid communication skills and even worse business practices. The last thing I want to do is damage someone's career but this is entirely unfair on me.
    I do not advise anyone to commission Tori if they ever return to social media. I am deeply upset with myself for not issuing a chargeback when I still could, as $150.00 USD is not a small amount of money. All DMs are organized 1 - 19, please read them in numerical order.


    Who: TaimFor
    Where: https://www.deviantart.com/taimfor
    When: 08/19/2021
    What: Commission

    I'm choosing to submit a beware on this artist in case they pop up again, I don't know if it's because of everything going on with Russia that they've disappeared, but I feel I've given them more than enough time to make things right.

    On 16th August 2021 I saw their YCH of some cake ponies that I found super adorable so I decided to buy two slots that were sold together, I was told the files had gone missing so the YCH would take a little more time, which I'm fine with. I generally don't mind waiting for art. I paid for the YCH + tip and waited. Below is the YCH post, the comment chain and payment.

    I didn't really contact the artist after this, figuring they needed a while. Eventually it slipped my mind with everything going on in the world, and I'll admit I could have pestered the artist for updates but as I mentioned, I don't mind waiting for art. I've learned from this though and try to keep up to date with artists nowadays. On May 5th 2022 I get a message on DeviantART from the artist, apologizing for being gone and promising to finish the art + extras. I replied with my refs as requested and waited. In June I followed up and again in July without any further reply from the artist. I gave the ultimatum in September that I'd be posting a beware, and I feel like I've given them enough time now to get back to me.

    I don't think I'll ever get a refund or the art at this point, the last finished YCH is from Oct 2021.

    Who: Theslashfive1
    Where: https://twitter.com/theslashfive1

    When: 07/07/2022
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content

    So with this artist I previous commissioned them in the past. Originally I had 3 plus 2 new commissions that I paid for that I waited for. On several occasions I asked about progress on them but claimed he didn't like the idea even though he agreed to it. At first I offered to change the ideas on multiple occasions but everytime I brought it up he would seem to get mad saying it was months ago. At one point in November I asked him for the last time and asked if I could get a refund if he didn't like the idea. When I asked them about it they went off on a rant and saying they wasn't going to give me a refund or a commission and that's when they blocked me the first time. At that point I assumed they ran off with the money I paid for so I had to do a claim on PayPal for the comm. After I submitted the claim they messaged me again but this time going off on me for no reason and claiming I purposely scammed them out of money despite the fact that you claimed you wasn't doing them or giving a refund. After him going off on me he posted on his paged that I scammed him out of money without giving full proper context of the situation. I then had to make a video tweet that showed full context as a way to defend myself. After I posted my proof to defend myself I assumed he wanted nothing to do with backlash so he deleted most of the tweets and asked me to delete them too. After which he made a tweet video claiming procrastinating and not liking the idea.
    Couple weeks later I tried to patch things up with him and offered to comm him again but this time something he's comfortable with so nothing in the past happened again. That's when he claimed that I was playing victim, still claimed I purposely scammed him outta money, and that I was the reason he wasn't doing commissions anymore. That's when he blocked me for the last time. After which I had to do chargeback for the last 2  other comms he didn't do which was a whisper animated gif and cartoon dog regular comm.

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