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  • Beware: MisterUnknownOFFICIAL

    • Who: MisterUnknownOFFICIAL
      Where: https://twitter.com/MisterUnknownO1
      When: 05/20/2022
      What: Commission


     original point of contact.



    commission information given here.



    payment confirmation on my end.



    confirmation on his end stating they got the money.



    first update about 6 months later, just wanting to see if there's any


    progress, there was not.

    next message was actually him contacting me for once, asking for clarification, didn't hear anything after this, this was the last thing i ever got from them. 


    me sending them a note, asking for progress with the option of refund if no progress has been made, i got no reply.


    just once again asking them for a refund, made sure they were aware


    how much it was and gave my paypal address as well, which is blurred.


    and me trying to contact their twitter about a week ago now, still no update, no contact, nothing.

    my fa outbox.  he's read all of my messages



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    Have thus been refunded, however not by the artist themselves apparently. they stated that they had a friend of theirs refund me the money. i have confirmed i got the money all the same though.

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