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  1. I have some good news. I requested a refund from the artist and received the money back! While it's sad that the commission never arrived, the fact that I got the refund means it's now resolved 2 years later. It's possible the artist has quit doing artwork if the lack of activity is of any indication.
  2. Hello there, I am Kitteh6660 and I'd thought I would share a bad experience with what I had with the artist. As of the time of writing, I never received the icon and the artist likely has forgotten about that. It all started out back in June 2018 when I saw an offer for a cute icon and I'd thought, why not? A cheap art for a cute icon I would use for my profile. It all started out by sending notes and discussing what I wanted: an icon of me drinking a root beer. Innocent and simple, right? It's the type of icon that could be finished in a relatively short time.
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