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  • Beware: Adiago

    • Who: Adiago / Abyssdrakes/ Spacedrakes/ Subspaceanomoly
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/adiago/
      When: 01/14/2019
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    What: 370$ worth of commissions. (A six Telegram sticker pack, and a two-character, three paneled comic.

    Harassment and threats of taking back a custom character I had already paid for and had several pieces pending because I "broke species rules."

    Now (2022), she has repossessed the character after it has already been sold to someone else.

    Initial Backstory: I joined Adiago's Discord server sometime late December 2018 after my (now) ex and I had secured a spot on her waiting list for a "coupled" pair of Abyss drakes (her closed species), a white female and a black/grey male to be our fursonas. (Named Eclipse and Orion)

    01/14/2019 - 01/24/2019

    Adiago gave me her Google Doc's form to fill out and I gave the other one to my ex to fill out for his. She approved our forms and I paid for two "mack daddy" tiered references (200$ each), then a few days later I asked if I could pay extra to get the next tier of references (called "Ultra) for both references as I wanted everything to be perfect and to her standard. I also wanted couples icons which was something we had discussed in her server that was tacked on to the additional amount. Due to conflicting differences between myself, my ex and Adiago a 1-2 month turn around became six months and Eclipse was officially finished in June.


    Proof of transactions:



    Google document explaining species guidelines:



    Eclipse's original upload:




    Adiago had told me needed funds really badly to fly out her boyfriend at the time, so I asked how much the ticket was and off so offered to buy a commission from her so she could buy him a ticket. I asked her for a comic like the one she did for one of ours friends and she agreed.





    The sketch she gave me from the above screenshot:



    Over voice she told me she still didn't have enough so I commissioned her for a set of six Telegram stickers and sent payment (see the screen-cap above for payment, cap below for sticker prompts)




    Adiago decided she was going to do my stickers (we were in a voice call), she asked me to remind her of what they were of. (Since she couldn't remember where the details were posted as we talked over several different platforms.) I pinned the message of the sticker details in Discord and she started to get upset that she was reminded that the stickers were of Orion (Her and my ex had had a falling out during this time, and he had left the server) and started shutting down on me and making it very obvious she wanted me to offer to have them changed, she accused my ex (the owner of Orion) and I of trying to copy another pre-existing drake out of anger, and eventually quit responding to me.




    We later had a discussion about changing the character for the stickers, and she agreed to accept Eclipse for the stickers but things were uneasy between us after that.



     09/14/2019 - 09/162019

    Around this time, the mutual friend of Adiago and I had grown close, and I was hanging out less in Adiago’s servers since I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with her opinions on certain subjects. Adiago did not like this and started dangling my artwork over my head if I didn't come and join in calls, and eventually flat out said she wouldn't do my artwork.




    Being fed up with Adiago's behavior, I sent her a goodbye message and left her servers. She blocked me and I found out that Adiago had no plans to honor my commissions due to my leaving; overwhelmed I opened a dispute on Paypal. She immediately went off in her server and was telling people she'd destroy me if the charge backs went through and wrote a journal about it on Furaffinity, accusing me of falsely charging her back and saying that she would write a Beware on me.




    Adiago ended up unblocking my ex who handled things for me as I was too upset. She told him that if the claims were not closed, she had a senior account and would have my account frozen for fraud. My ex was concerned for my mental health and logged onto my Paypal account and closed the claims and took Adi on her word that she would do the artwork.

    Third-party contact.



    I'm sorry about the fuzzy dates of the last two screenshots, as I did not take these screenshots and have no way of retrieving them with the exact date. I also do not have the notes between my ex-partner and her as he closed the conversations and didn't know how to reopen them at the time, and currently we're not in contact anymore.


    My ex had asked me if I wanted to change what one of the stickers were supposed to be since one was supposed to be of Eclipse with the friend I had a falling out with so I told him what I wanted it changed to.


    (The error image was a screen cap of what I had listed for the stickers originally.)


    I have not had any contact with her directly since we mutually blocked each other. My ex did for a day or two and she later blocked him. Only "updating" us through her Trello where she had made an entirely new section called "low priority" and said she would be decreasing the quality of the artwork as a "hassle fee"


    Low priority screenshot:



    Comic Trello card:



    Stickers Trello card:




    She wrote a journal stating that there was now an update in her TOS to where there where even stricter rules on her species. She also had marked Orion, Eclipse and my warhound  as non-canon due to "colours not being right." among other things. I went through a lot of fighting for her to be made and still be considered canon (as originally I wanted the art of my character in her world alongside her sona's ship crew.) so this was very hurtful to me.




    Old reference of Adiago’s TOS from time of initial purchase:


    When I had filled out my form for Eclipse the only two links to any form of TOS was a link to the species Google form listed under the transaction screenshot and this tiny little checkbox of rules at the bottom. She had no other TOS listed on her pages.



    I commissioned a new reference sheet of Eclipse with how I originally envisioned her. I changed her to have paler colouration, additional scars, and made her hair no longer wavy. Adiago, within a few hours of the reference being upload, noted my ex to tell him that she would be repossessing my character since I broke her "species TOS" (which never said I couldn't change my character), and stated she'd "refund what was owed minus labour fees" which completely astounded me.




    She also wrote a journal saying that she is perfectly okay with doing changes if people just come and talk to her but from how aggressive she has been in the past and how she treated me during the development of my drake, I know this is false.




    My ex and I weren't sure what to do but at the time I knew I wanted to stand my ground as my drake alone had over 1k spent on her at the time. I didn't think she was going to refund me because I knew she didn't have the money to do so and I loved my character at the time so I was not willing to give her up.

    Adiago ended up getting banned from Furaffinity for her threats, harassment and openly trying to sell a drake she stole from her ex so I had hoped that was the end of it.



    Adiago was streaming and she was erasing the identifying features of Eclipse and Orion off the sketch of the comic she owed me. She admitted she wasn't going to do my artwork and instead was going to reuse the pose for her own characters and has since used one of the base drawings from the panels in one of her comics.


    Admitting in stream as well as name calling:







    She had taken the icons I bought from her back in January of 2019 when commissioning Orion and Eclipse, and she went over them as her own characters. Boasting about how they were "much improved." The icons were not on a base and were meant to be original.




    Sometime in late August and then on the 28th 2020.

    I had been dealing with her harassment for years at this point and after an incident that I handled (extremely) poorly resulted in me getting a beware on myself over Eclipse (Which I still feel extremely bad about despite the beware having been solved and I'd apologized so many times to the artist.) I had enough and decided to make a new character and sell Eclipse.

    I had listed a journal publicly and had someone message me on Furaffinity and we took it over to notes. They knew of the drama behind the character and wanted to buy her privately despite knowing this. Eclipse was worth over 2k at this point and the person was aware I was having her reference sheet made by the artist listed above into a new character and we settled on a sum of 800$ for both canon and the "non-canon" version of Eclipse.

    Discord message:



    Their screenshot of them sending me payment:


    and I had a journal that was pinned to my profile that was a list of where certain characters where re-homed to that mentioned Eclipse had been sold privately.



    It's been two years and I still haven't received a single cent of what I was owed nor the artwork. She completely removed my comic from her Trello and I have not seen any progress on the stickers either.

    She has continued harassing me online for years, which can be seen on any of the accounts I listed above, even after I sold my abyss drake.

    I however, decided to finally post this Beware because recently she has stolen Eclipse back on Deviant art. She has posted that she "repossessed her" back in 2019 (which is a lie) because I had "wrongfully charged back several artist" and that if I'm seen using her anywhere, that I stole her and had no rights to her.

    Her post:



    As shown above she has no rights to do as she never gave me a cent back towards Eclipse, and even if she did, she was sold off to another user.

    I don't expect to see hide nor hair of any of my money but I couldn't let her get away with stealing a character "from me" when it was publicly declared I no longer had her.

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    While this person certainly has a substantial, easily bruised ego, I think it would be helpful to have more context for "I found out that Adiago had no plans to honor my commissions due to my leaving."  the screenshot only says, as best I can figure out, that the person wasn't going to do it in that one stream or whatever, even if entirely out of spite.

    Though the making up of extra fees just because Adiago felt like it and promising to work more slowly for the same reason would in themselves justify a page here.

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    There is something extremely uncomfortable with Adiago starting to have issues with you over something so simple. Especially since she started accusing you of copying other drakes in that moment.

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    • Administrator
    7 hours ago, bimshwel said:

    While this person certainly has a substantial, easily bruised ego, I think it would be helpful to have more context for "I found out that Adiago had no plans to honor my commissions due to my leaving."  the screenshot only says, as best I can figure out, that the person wasn't going to do it in that one stream or whatever, even if entirely out of spite.

    Though the making up of extra fees just because Adiago felt like it and promising to work more slowly for the same reason would in themselves justify a page here.

    Also see the trello for the stickers; its got a big ol CANCELLED on it.

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    • Administrator

    I know that we asked you to cut a lot out due to trying to keep into the scope of the site.  Adiago has been like this for over a decade, so while I commend you for trying to see the good in people as per your text in a previous submission, I'm baffled why people continue to work with her in the first place.  I suppose with the loss of LJ archives/ lack of use of LJ where a lot of this was documented people don't know too much about her history.  Thank you for coming forward, Raven.  It's a beware well warranted.

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    Their treatment of you is abhorrent, like the name calling on stream and threatening your commission, solely because you weren't 24/7 socialising with them. What a nightmare. 

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    adiago tends to blow a lot of hot air when she’s in the complete wrong. refusing to finish a clients commission because of personal reasons is unprofessional; and for someone who boasts that she’s 100% professional industry artist, it’s not a good look. 

    seriously a senior business  paypal account? i’ve never heard of that in my entire time of using paypal. i know she’ll pull out phrases out of thin air to make it sound like she knows and you’re in the wrong. 

    as crummy as it is, paypal does side with clients over artists in any situation. even if the artist delivers the work in a timely manner. i know it’s past that window, but despite her empty threats i would have pushed the charge back. 

    hopefully future clients of hers sees this and cancels work with her. 

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    yikes, looking at their AbyssDrakes twitter account, they are also very openly transphobic. lots of anger and scary vibes coming from them. dunno what history you two have, but in this situation, I think you're definitely in the right 

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    • Administrator

    While I approved of this previous comment, this is a polite reminder to keep comments business focused.  Adiago has had a history of poor behavior since she went by Sevva-Phoenix almost a decade ago, but we don't want to pull away from what happened to OP.

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    01/01/2023 Update:

    The person who purchased Eclipse from me back in 2020 messaged me today to show that Adiago was trying to sell Eclipse on TH

    She listed her under the name "Moon moon the reta*d drake" and was trying to sell her for a minimum of 300$ She is continuing to lie and say that she repossessed the drake in 2019 and that if she was sold by anyone else that wasn't her, "you were scammed."

    Her account TH was banned for this since the person who bought her had proof that she belongs to them.




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    As of 5 days ago they tweeted this, stating the stolen character is still "For Sale", the art is old but the tweet is new



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