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  1. Lost the file?? I'm genuinely curious as to how one loses the file when technically, both parties would have a version of the file. It doesn't just vanish off one PC when they send it to their partner for their part, so all they would've need to do is resend the file and redo the work they somehow "lost" I'm sorry this is happening to you
  2. Electric bills and other utilities are monthly expenses and should be prepared for, in advance. It is still completely unfair to everyone else waiting to take on more, and even finish them, before your current queue. You should be aware of when your utilities are due and not make your clients, several whom have been waiting years now, wait even more. Regardless, good that you are working on repairing this.
  3. You state this but less than 24 hours ago your partner posted 50+ of your ychs, to be done by you, within 24 hours. How are you fixing it by taking on MORE, and I do mean a LOT more work, to be done before the people currently waiting on art/refunds? It doesn't look like you're trying to repair this at all.
  4. On their alt they are fleeing to they state all commissions are finished. Has any of the recent bewarers (bewarees?) received their art or a refund? Kind of a bold claim when people are still waiting
  5. It's strange because despite them being proven as separate people, the journal looks like it was written by BV themself? Because Sebastian isn't the only taking the commissions, BV is.
  6. I've also had problems with this artist, though they were buying from me and it was after the commission had been completed. Theres a few more bewares floating around on Facebook about both their buying and selling practices.
  7. Honestly her friends coming here and /continuing/ to mob Eelowyn are doing her no favors. This is the second or third time ive seen this person having a go at Eelowyn over this. They also spammed toast's shouts with how good an artist toast is after Eelowyn had shouted originally asking for the remainder of her refund. Toast needs to come here and resolve this. Not her rude boyfriend, not her white knighting friends. Toast. THATS the professional thing to do.
  8. Toast has now made an entire journal on fa shaming Eelowyn for the beware and is playing the victim. Yikes definitely will not be comming
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