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  1. Update: they have unblocked to contact me via Discord and have expressed that they will send the remaining of the owed commission as well as have stated I may keep the sketch. Screenshots included below of the update Screenshots seem to have sent in opposite order, so keep that in mind when reading
  2. This was not the first time I had commissioned Toast. I had commissioned her several times over the last few years, I was there to chat when she was down, and helped her with her financial situation several times as well as tried to offer her semi consistent work and we had been friends which is why I only asked about the chibi a couple times, all months after it was commissioned, and usually a month or two between asking about it was well. Despite the hundreds of dollars in past commissions and me often going out of my way to help she still: -did not do the commission -did not even add the piece to Trello until I asked her to -attacked me when I asked to cancel as yes, 7 months with zero updates while seeing her add and complete other art works on her trello -turn down the multiple times I offered for her to finish the art, or even do am easier or lower value art as I didn't want to cause her financial hardship -sent her bf/partner to insult and attack me over her lack -block me so I couldn't contact her directly about the remaining refund after she claimed a sketch I had never seen proof of, therefore giving me no choice but to post a public about -finally show the "sketch" and have it be litterally not even my character. Sorry but perhaps you should read the details that have proof instead of just white knighting for her.
  3. I know right? like I even offered multiple times on Discord and on Picarto, that if they couldnt afford to refund, then they could do an in stream, or just finish the art. Even getting the sketch was a total uphill battle as she blocked me on discord, leaving the only way to contact being FA or email, so I left shouts to try to get the remaining of the refund or the sketch but she just deleted those every time until finally emailing me the sketch Like with how vastly different the sketch is from the character, it doesn't even seem to be a sketch of mine at all
  4. I had worked with this person in the past (like, last few years) on occasional commissions/in stream slots, and had a friendship with them. In march shortly after my birthday they had an emergency chibi sale due to some life issues they were having, so I got a chibi slot. On the journal (which unfortunately was deleted after the fact so I cannot go back to screenshot directly) it was stated that the chibis would be done pretty quickly, if i remember correctly it had either same day or within a week I think? It was not mentioned that it was part of a larger queue. Never got any updates or the art piece so after 2 months I asked the first time for an update. Didn't get one and was told they were moving so there was no update. So I waited until June... In a Picarto stream i pmed/wisped them directly and asked if they would be working on mine in the stream, they told me they were working on their Trello backlog...I checked out their Trello and my art was nowhere to be found. Mentioned this and they finally added it. Waited another 2 months (so August), watching their Trello board, seeing them add new things all the time, and do work on the newly added things, but never any update on mine. During this time they were doing in streams constantly, and also trying to advertise to me to buy from them again. Confronted them in August that i was uncomfortable with the lack of communication, with things being bumped ahead in the trello que, and that as there had clearly been no update (as I hadn't ever gotten one, and the Trello still had it marked as not started) that I'd like a refund. They flipped out, claimed there was actually a sketch done (no proof of one was ever given) I asked them to either finish the piece, or refund me as I had been waiting a long time, had been super patient and not pestering for updates. They said they would rather refund, and it would take up to a month and that they would turn the supposed sketch into a YCH. Still never showed it to me. I agreed to wait the month. I gave them almost 2 months, still nothing but them asking me to wait so they could get their nephew a birthday gift. I offered again for them to do a cheaper art piece. this occurred in one of their Picarto streams in a wisp chat so unfortunately I dont have screenshots of this as at that point I wasn't thinking I would have to do a beware, but had offered if it would be easier they could do an in stream sketch instead of the refund as I didn't want to cause financial hardship for them, again they refused. Just to note, the chibi was 20 and the in streams were 16, so i would have been fine accepting lower cost art in place of a refund if it would have been easier for them! I confronted her about it last night as I have been super patient, not badgering for updates, and actively trying to work with her on this. As can be seen in the screenshots they flipped out, then had her bf message on her account to insult and be rude AF, and finally she agreed to actually refund me. This morning I got an email showing that I was partially refunded because of claiming she started a sketch which honestly, there was never any proof of if and only mentioned after I expressed wanting a refund, so I'm almost entirely certain it was a lie to try to keep the money as on their trello it was clearly marked as not started, had zero updates and even now ive never seen the supposed sketch. I attempted to contact her again, expressing that a partial refund was not acceptable, and she had blocked me on Discord so I had to leave a shout on her FA. This was a complete disaster of a situation and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. I am still waiting for the other half of my refund but I am skeptical on if they will ever send it. I left a shout on their FA, expecting that they finish refunding me. They removed the shout, screenshots to show the new shouts that were posted as well as email I sent after they blocked me. After contacting them via email and making it clear I was not just going to drop it and provided the sketch. The sketch provided however, is very clearly NOT my character as it is a generic feline with a small mouth, and long tail. The character requested to have draw is a saber cat, with a nub tail. Sketch is included below to show it is clearly not the character shown in the ref
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