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  • Beware Riotbee/Chernobee

    • Who: riotbee/chernobee
      Where: https://www.deviantart.com/chernobee
      When: 02/09/2021
      What: Commission


    Original agreement - They deleted their account so you can only see my replies, but it was for a NSFW colored sketch for $70 



    (This all happened in 2021) Me asking them how much a colored sketch would be & adding a sketch to explain what I wanted. Agreement was $70 & my messages confirm payment was sent. They sent a few sketches super fast & I ask to add one to the commission. Conversation ended Feb 11th. I message them again March 15th . March 24th they told me they had covid so i tell them to recover, as it hadn't been that long anyways. April 21st I message them again, no response. April 28th I tell them i would rather they just send me the sketches they have & take the loss. Still no response.


    Paypal statement showing $70USD was sent to chernobee Feb 10th, 2021

    After them not replying to me on Twitter on May 1st 2021 I messaged them on Toyhouse, where they did respond so the conversation moved here.


    (This all happened in 2021) May 1st I message them telling them I would appreciate a reply within a week & state that I feel an A_B post would be necessary for the lack of communication. They reply 12th May they were super nice & understanding of my frustration w/ the lack of communication. They ask to speak on Discord but also offer to send the sketches. May 19th I apologize to them as I felt I just hadn't given them enough time & was being too aggressive. Give them my Discord. June 24th I send them a message asking for their Discord since they hadn't tried to contact me on there. June 26th they send me their Discord. 9th Aug I give them a completion date of Aug 20th or to refund me. 10th Aug they tell me their discord & the conversation moves there. They then message me Nov 23rd asking for options to get in contact as I hadn't replied on discord.) 


    So I feel like I have to explain why I apologized in this message & it's bc I usually expect anything w/out a set date to take about 3-5months w/ an update every month or so. Idk , at the time it felt like I just hadn't given them enough time. 

    Last message was because I hadn't replied on Discord (life got busy). Also thought they would be able to finish the art since they had the necessary info/refs.

    their discord info. #6688


    I message them Aug 11th asking how they would like to move forward w/ the commission. They did not reply so Aug 31st I ask for a refund. They reply the same day saying they would be happy to refund me, & that once I opened the dispute they would approve it. But also offer the completion of art & say that that's what they would prefer. Say they can complete it in 2-4days. There is also a side convo about the frustrations of having to be the one to find/contact them & they express that they've had other commissioners complain too & that examples images they sent were for other commissioners that were "understanding/patient." I reply Sep 8th bc I wanted to update my characters reference sheet. Oct 28th I ask for an update. Oct 30th they send me images that show work has/is being done. (life got busy, this is when they sent me the message on Toyhouse) Nov 25th I reply saying I love the update. They reply saying they send me a message on Toyhouse. Say they'll finish ASAP. Nov 28th I thank them for the update. Dec 17th I ask if they can add some character markings. They reply the same day saying yes. They also ask me how I've been doing personally. Dec 21st I share that my life has been busy bc of work.

    Everything past this point happens in 2022.

    March 25th I ask for an update, no response. May 29th I ask for an update, even a personal one. No response. June 17th I ask if a partial refund would work as & could just color/finish the update they sent before. No response.

    I know there are points in this commission where I try to resolve it w/ accepting the money loss, or them offering a refund (but me still having to dispute it to get it?), but they offered to finish the art & hinted that it was the option that worked better for them & I still wanted the art &  wanted to do what worked better for them too!




     Comment on their Toyhouse on Jun 8th,




    Message them on deviantart jun 17th.



    Message & comment on their new furaffinity page Jul 2nd/3rd.

    [Mod Note: Message has been seen and not replied to as of July 10th.]

    And as of July 3rd, they have made a new Discord (#9660) that they did not make me aware of.  I have sent a friend request & am waiting.


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    Opened a ticket about this case again & PayPal issued me a refund for this disappointing experience!

    I guess this is resolved on my end, doubting the artist issued it themself tho lol

    still no contact, either they’re renaming or changed discord ID# again but the name now says Dexy on discord



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    • Senior Staff

    Changed Resolved to Yes

    Just as a heads up, as the artist clearly uses Nitro, changing their discord tag may continue to be a possibility.
    What I advise you keep track of is the account ID by turning on "Developer Mode" under your Advanced Settings, and you can keep track of the actual account ID for this user versus the various tag and number changes.

    Every Discord account has a unique ID that is bound to it and cannot be modified unlike the tag system.

    After activating developer mode, when you right click a name or a message, it will give you the option to 'copy ID' and it will put a long string of numbers in your clipboard. This will be the un-modifiable ID that links to this user (or a message in your history)

    This can be kept for your records in the event that this individual genuinely jumps to a new account.

    Edited by rikki
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    Hi! I also had problems with this artist but I couldn't reach him anywhere, can you paste his discord here so I can try to contact him? Since it uses special characters I'm not able to just add him

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    • Administrator
    31 minutes ago, harukashy said:

    Hi! I also had problems with this artist but I couldn't reach him anywhere, can you paste his discord here so I can try to contact him? Since it uses special characters I'm not able to just add him

    OP might not be following this post.  Best to PM them.

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