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  • Beware: SuperNinfendo

    • Who: Super Ninfendo, FennecFiles, Fenergizer
      Where: www.twitter.com/SuperNinfendo
      When: 10/13/2021
      What: Commission

    Back on October 13th, Fen made a post for a YCH I was interested in, and messaged them to buy the spot on the same day.


    Here's proof that the payment was made on Paypal


    And proof that the original piece was claimed - as well as its $65 price



    I even gave them information that would've helped them draw the character as best as they could.



    I hadn't heard anything after that point, not even confirmation as to whether they had received anything (money or the images themselves). Fen also had a "commission updates" twitter account, FennecFiles, so I messaged that account at the beginning of December hoping to receive answers. I made special note toward the end that I was open to amending the scope of the commission, such as simplifying the character or narrowing how much of the scene to draw, since I know artists can have a lot on their plates. 


    Unfortunately, still no message from either account. Now, December was a hectic month for them. They had a medical emergency with one their pet cats they had to take care of, but they were also dealing with taking care of their own art as well as art related to their partner's Twitch streams. (Mainly stream assets, such as themed backgrounds or vtuber rigs, such as when they were playing South Park [SP] and Paper Mario [PM])



    Granted, their partner could've held back from asking for stream assets - which would explain why Fen was trying to recoup sunk time by offering rigs in a SP/PM style since the basics were done - but this shows Fen was at least aware they had paid commissions still to finish, but either had other priorities or more important commissions to take care of first. 

    I sent another message to SuperNinfendo in January, but this time it was because I'd commissioned a headshot from another artist and felt that it would've been a simplification [as in based off of this image instead of combining bits of A and B], but sent a followup message a week later since I wasn't sure if my tone came off rude. 



    Unfortunately, I still did not receive any direct messages. Despite this, while it could very well be just venting in general, the timing of this tweet felt like it was vaguely pointed at my request since it was just a few days after my later reply of those two.



    I was not mad at the lack of them posting art at all - I know they'd posted art and other things, and do not always join their partner's streams - it's that I haven't been communicated to about my [I assume impending] commission, but they'd posted art that had been both taken AND finished after claiming my spot. Here's a separate YCH that was posted in December:



    And while it may not have taken a month to complete, a post from a month later clearly shows that they are able to finish in a timely manner (bottom left):


    At the end of January, there was finally a "response" from FennecFiles, though in the form of an apology post explaining their delay



    Having a person help with your blog is not a problem, but I would've called out the person previously in charge if they were responsible for dismantling the queue, though I don't know how close that person was/is to Fen (nor if the claim was real, admittedly.)

    Since they mentioned at the end that FennecFiles could be messaged with "further questions or concerns", I messaged them a little over a week later since I didn't want to be lost in the shuffle of the first days of potential inquiries.



    I received no response from them either - whether from CorpseKiit or Fen - and as is shown from my prior FF message, the reference/commission reminder message was not even replied to in the meantime. 

    Since CorpseKiit was also someone to message (I'm in a mutual Discord server with them and Fen), so I messaged Chuck [Corpsekiit's nickname] directly. (At the beginning of April, since they had their own life struggles through March.



    I received no direct messaging from them on the matter, and no followups on any of the other blogs Fen runs as to if it was the right spot to message, yet one of Fen's tweets from a few days afterwards makes me believe they were at least made aware of my message to Chuck.


    Again, it could be just general venting, but my issue was not with their pace of posting art in and of itself. It's that being left in the dark for months on end as to WHEN it could/would be worked on is an entirely different feeling from if I was told "I won't be able to work on this until next October", at least in the latter case, I'd have a timeline as to when to expect the piece. I was reminded of the issue from a mutual in another server who brought up their plights, so that's part of why I am writing this.

    I figured I'd message one last time - albeit recently - directly to Fen on Discord. 



    I know it's a simple message, and while I hope to hear back at some point, I have my doubts as to whether any remedies would happen - the art itself or otherwise. Even nearly two weeks out, still no reply on Discord either. While I understand that life may be handing them difficult cards, and they may be handling them well enough all considered, it shouldn't excuse them effectively ghosting me for so long. I gave them so much room to amend the YCH and request, but to have legitimate questions ignored so long has left a sour taste in my mind. It should go without saying that I would not recommend SuperNinfendo if you are looking for commissions.


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    Tried to find the original posting. Seems like they deleted everything prior to Nov 15 and any other YCH postings as well. If that doesn't scream sus, idk what does.
    I'm so sorry this happened to you. Be careful as others who have requested refunds ended up being blocked be Fen.

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    It's the 4th-5th time this artist has been posted here, they're pretty much known for doing stuff like this.

    Hope everything gets sorted out, OP

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    17 hours ago, AngelEars said:

    Tried to find the original posting. Seems like they deleted everything prior to Nov 15 and any other YCH postings as well. If that doesn't scream sus, idk what does.
    I'm so sorry this happened to you. Be careful as others who have requested refunds ended up being blocked be Fen.

    Sounds like I'm lucky I was able to catch my post when I did. Kept track of the relevant links to the given tweets in the Beware in a Google Drive file in case I needed that for info, including the original YCH post I mentioned. Had to look up in how to search on Twitter a few times when researching, but that helped to gather my relevant info. 

    But that's a big part of the reason why I hadn't asked for a refund up to this point, even if unintentionally. I'm much more interested in having the service rendered in the first place - regardless of if I'd be happy with the end result at this point - but this situation does convey that even [relatively] waiting patiently, I'm still running into problems with them. 

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    9 hours ago, peenwake said:

    It's the 4th-5th time this artist has been posted here, they're pretty much known for doing stuff like this.

    Hope everything gets sorted out, OP

    Not gonna give up any hopes as to if it'll be resolved, but best I can do for now is try to warn others about the artist and their situation. 

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