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  • Beware: Calima / Storm Shy Arts

    • Who: Calima / Storm Shy Arts
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/calima
      When: 10/18/2020
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    This beware is about Calima, aka. Storm Shy Arts.  I initiated the commission transaction in October 2020 (see attachments; all edited for names, email addresses, or any personal/private information) for a 2-character commission.    Details were worked out and payment was sent via Paypal.  2 months later in December 2020 I sent a message to the artist on Fur Affinity asking for an update, but did not receive a reply.  I sent another message in January 2021 for an update and again received no reply.  I again sent a message on FA in March asking for an update with a notification that I would be filing a complaint on Artists Beware, and received no reply.  [Note:  I was also sending a copy of the January and March messages to the email associated with the Paypal payment, but that turned out to be an address the artist only ever used for Paypal, not correspondence.]


    In May 2021 I started the action of filing a complaint on Artists Beware.  The moderator was able to find me a valid email address for the artist, so the complaint was put on hold as I reestablished contact.  The artist did quickly reply to my email (see attachments), and we got the ball rolling to continue with the commission.  Over the next several days and weeks we exchanged several emails that cleared up some details and some WIP updates were sent to me.  The last WIP I received was 5-30-21.  On 6-13-21 the artist said she was going to "play with the background a bit more" and said it would be ready by July 10th.  On 7-23-21 I wrote again asking for an update.  The artist replied on 7-31-21 that her laptop had died, and as the replacement was soon to arrive she would have my piece finished very quickly.


    On 9-29-221 I wrote again asking for an update.  The artist replied the same day with the excuse that there were technical problems and they were moving, but she would "aim to finish the five details of this background this week".  I never received anything.  On 12-30-21 I wrote again asking for an update.  The artist replied the same day with health reasons as the excuse for no progress, and promised to send an updated version soon.  I wrote back and said I was willing to work around complications and that I just wanted to know the commission hadn't been abandoned.  Since then I have never received any update or any other contact from the artist.   Calima finally returned to Fur Affinity a few days ago after being away for so long, but when I tried to reply to a journal I found I'd been blocked.  That's when I knew it was time to post something here.

    1 calima initial transaction.jpg

    2 calima second contact confirming details.jpg

    3 calima my reply confirming sending payment.jpg

    4 paypal transaction.jpg

    5 calima my first request for update.jpg

    6 calima my second request for update.jpg

    7 calima my third request for update.jpg

    8 sent 5-25-21.jpg

    8b received 5-25-21.jpg

    9 received 6-16-21.jpg

    10 received 7-29-21.jpg

    11 received 9-29-21.jpg

    12 received 12-30-21.jpg


    Edited by James
    added cap OP has provided

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    ...Wow. They already put the effort into nearly finishing it if I'm reading this right, followed by some replies between months about promises to fix/finish it. Why wouldn't they just finish it instead of causing a huge problem and getting themselves the embarrassment of being posted here? A huge delay, too. You definitely had patience.

    A beware well-deserved. 

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    ...and it barely worked according to plan, isn't it?

    Your beware about this artist was well-deserved and not in vain, because it deals with those kinds of incompetence, such as failed commission attempts and some disproportionate retribution, like being blocked by the artist for being desperate for update and implied impatience, though no fault of the client. You were pretty patient, simply this artist was either lazy or too busy with other commissions.

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