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  1. More updates on the commissioning process: So now I just need to see if I can start this process on October 1 which is the deadline we agreed upon for the refund, or August 1, which is the deadline I provided for the suit. She has already told me flat out that she will not refund me by October. Then she later says I need to give her the benefit of the doubt? Either way, I've reported her as a scammer both to the BBB and also to the FTC. I dunno if this is a hot take but if you can't reasonably fit in time to work on fursuits, then maybe don't create a business making fursuits, taking people's money and then walking away with it, and then asking people to accommodate you for years because you're holding their money hostage. Then when people get fed up with the lack of communication, the obvious lack of work ethic, care about what they're doing, and non-stop excuses, then I'm being too aggressive and I'm wasting HER time.
  2. I was only made aware of this post today and am making a timely reply. A few things I would like to highlight: The advertisement on Twitter made warranties as to features and of suitability of purpose for people with heads under a 25" circumference. It was never sold "as is." The partial suit in question breached all three, and therefore it is reasonable to expect a return. After Sarahcat refused the return, I directed Alexander to dispute the transactions during a teleconference with himself and his attorney. The merchandise remains at the address to which it was sent. It remains unused, unaltered, and in new condition. I consider the merchandise to have reverted to Sarahcat's ownership as soon as the refunds hit Alexander's credit card. Soon after I was reimbursed. After the dispute, we refrained from shipping the fursuit back to the shipping address because we were not sure what to do. I have never been a party to a credit card dispute, so I delegated the matter to Alexander since it was his card. Instead, we were awaiting instructions from Sarahcat, PayPal, or his bank on how and when to return it. We received no such instructions between the resolution of the credit card dispute and now either via... postal mail at the address to which it was sent, e-mail to the PayPal account's address, or e-mail to my personal address where I initially requested the refund and also requested further correspondence be directed. The Terms of Service on Sarahcat's website ( https://archive.is/MWrv3 )as of 3 May were updated on 13 March 2021, well after the dispute. However, these Terms of Service are moot first because I never agreed to them, and also as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, they did not cover pre-made fursuits. I would never agree to purchase anything this expensive sight unseen without the option to return. To my knowledge, there was no police report or other statement made under penalty of perjury. Given the magnitude of the transaction, I would expect that one was filed. I believe that Sarahcat did not file one because the resolution would not have been the one she wanted. The reason I have not been more proactive about this matter is because of the acrimony that this has caused, and because of my own inexperience dealing with these matters. I feared that pleading my case would only exacerbate this temper tantrum which I now describe: Sarahcat has accused me of a felony (grand theft) in front of an audience of over 10,000 people. She has incited people to harass me across various social media, including Twitter, Telegram, and FurAffinity. She has dissuaded artists from accepting my commissions. Therefore, I refrained from addressing this until today when someone sent a note threatening to abuse my intellectual property. I continue to await instructions to affect the fursuit's return. I am out of the country right now but when I am back, I am happy to act on them provided that Sarahcat ceases this prolonged harassment campaign and is willing to publicise the resolution of this matter. I have sent an e-mail to Sarahcat with an offer to this effect.
  3. In July of 2017 I attempted to purchase a fursuit from Lucky Gum Fursuits (see originalpurchase1edited.png and originalpurchase2edited.png). After a few years of waiting I asked for the refund that was promised in their terms of service. The buyer agreed to the refund and promised to pay me back every month until I got $1515 promised to me (see promisedrefund1edited.png and promisedrefund2edited.png). However I have not received any of the payments. I have made several attempts to contact the buyer again to work with them personally on how to best resolve the issue (see twittercommunication.png and attemptedfurthercommunicationyahooedited.png) but they have yet to contact me back.
  4. I first contacted Hawk on April 25, 2020 through instagram. I received a quote of $1050 (+$50 shipping) on the same day. Commissions were advertised to open on July 1st, so when that day came around I went ahead to request a slot. They did not reply for 5 days (they usually didn't take more than a day to respond), so I emailed them instead. I got a reply in about 6 hours saying that they weren’t very active on insta due to personal reasons and that I could get a slot. I requested a commission slot on July 5th, 2020. At first, they tried to get me to send through Venmo, but I declined due to lack of buyer protection (thank god). Sorry I couldn't fit their user into this screenshot- the email too long to fit this piece and their user into one screenshot. I got an updated quote of $1200 (+$50 shipping) on July 6, 2020. At time of slot request, I was not first in the queue, so we agreed that I'd pay 30% down ($360) then to save my place, and the other 70% ($840) when I was first in line. I paid the 30% down on July 9th, 2020. After contact via email, replies from Hawk came every 1-4 days. On July 27, 2020, Hawk contacted me to tell me that I was now first in the queue. I paid the remaining 70% on July 28, 2020. After sending the rest of the payment, they confirmed that they'd received it, and said they'd be posting to their instagram, @fluffy.fox.fursuits, in a few days. Their instagram has not posted anything new since April 2020. As seen in the screenshot below, their definition of a late response was 3 days after the money was sent, which would become nothing compared to after this email lol. On their website, it states that the turnaround time for a partials take 6-7 weeks once you're first in the queue, so I expected to see SOME kind of progress within 2.5 months. After seeing no work in progresses and getting no response, I reached out just to check if things were going alright. I'm completely okay with delays, but not with being completely ignored for months. As my buyer protection was nearing its close, I decided to file a paypal dispute on November 23, 2020. By the 27th, they still hadn't replied, so I messaged them through paypal giving them one more chance to respond before I escalated the issue to paypal. After no response, I escalated the issue. Paypal has messaged them but have not received a response as of yet. It's safe to say I'll be getting the money back by default after the unresponsive 10 days are up. Judging by their attempt to get me to pay through venmo, I think this was their plan all along, yet they aren't experienced enough with paypal to know that it has buyer protection. I suspect after their account goes under by the $1.2k they'll suddenly appear and want to chat. This maker had great recent work despite their not-so-great past, and I personally know the person they last made a suit for, which is what made me choose this maker in the first place. Still, even if they decide to fix up their act after losing the money, I wouldn't trust them again, and I'm surely not giving the money back if they ask for a second chance.
  5. Oct. 1st, 2012 at 6:53 PM sharpecostumes WHO: FurryEcho on DA WHERE: http://furryecho.deviantart.com/ , www.furryecho.com WHAT: A set of premade paw pad molds to be used for fursuits http://furryecho.deviantart.com/#/d5akgqi WHEN: August 13th to now PROOF: First contact: http://imageshack.us/a/img195/7961/furryechocontact1.jpg Payment invoice and payment clearing: http://imageshack.us/a/img687/38/furryechopayment.jpg Notes sent in attempt to contact and ultimatum: http://imageshack.us/a/img267/4558/furryechocontact2.jpg EXPLAIN:Had found Echo through a group upon DA. I had seen she was selling paw pad molds and liked the overall shape and promptly commented on her posting about acquiring a pair of them for purchase. Her responses were quick and within the day she had sent an invoice for the payment. Upon opening the invoice I noticed that there was only an option to pay via an e-check. I paid and sent her a note letting her know. She acknowledged and a day later I saw the check had cleared, of which I noted her once more to let her know. She had comments left upon her main page from previous people receiving their packages and none that had not as of yet so I did not worry. Almost a month went by and I did not hear a response from her nor did I receive the molds. I noted her in inquiry of the package and sent her my address once more in case there was any difficulty. I had seen she checked her DA daily so felt that she would see it. I found her website and had sent her an inquiry very similar to the first note but no copy was sent to my email to post here. A few days went by and I waited for a response and checked my notes previously, seeing as none were responded to although she continued to be actively checking her DA. I checked Paypal to see how many days left were upon the purchase and I sent her one last note requesting a response or a refund, trying to be polite and straight forward. I gave her one week to respond. Today is the week deadline and I still have yet to receive a response, both notes are still unread. I have contacted paypal and opened a dispute in hopes to get the refund. I dislike having to resort to such actions like this and would like to send a positive note for her out as she has some very neat products to offer, but wish to warn future customers that they may send a payment and not receive their item or a response. :::Edit::: Paypal voted in my favor and refunded the cash paid to her. Just checking her DA I can still see she's on it daily and all notes are still unread. I would say case closed as I did receive a refund via Paypal but would hesitate those wishing products from her . I still hope this to be a fluke and all future clients are satisfied.
  6. August 25, 2018 I commissioned Blix/Fuzzworks for a custom dildo of my design. I paid them $100 to start it; $70 for a 3D computer model and $30 for the clay. They paid another artist the $70 to throw together the 3D model of the dildo. I never received those files. He quickly started to 3D print the dildo. Then he started sanding and priming it for dipping in a mold maker. He told me on September 19, 2018 that he'll need another payment installation to buy the silicones. I told him "okay". Then he offered me a business proposition with my design. The last I heard anything from him was February 11, 2019. I know he is active. He is producing fursuits. My buddy is waiting on eye molds from him, and he spoke with them on telegram. September 7, 2020, I asked if I could just have the sculpt he made. I can find someone else to finish it. I just don't want him having my design in his possession. I'm getting worried that he's going to sell my design. That really upsets me. I worked hard on that design.
  7. Hi there! My auction listings state in the website's refund policy "no refunds," I already have a warning in all caps at the beginning of the descriptions of my auctions about this sort of thing. I have been selling fursuits for 10 years. This is the first time I have had someone attempt something like this on a pre-made item (6 years ago on a previous beware, a commission). It's not that frequent. People typically know better. It is an unfortunate learning experience, but it is impossible to outright avoid people with shady intentions. As per my TOS I only conduct business for commissions over email, although this is not a commission the client initially contacted me through Telegram about buying the suit but refused to do business over email claiming Telegram (as you can tell that was a lie). There really is not much I can do about it in this situation, it is in the past, and I have already started drilling this into current client's heads since some people claim they don't receive emails or prefer Telegram or Twitter.
  8. Just as a final update on the matter (hopefully): ex-client stopped harassing us with new accounts and so far we didn’t receive any extra updates on their stories (seems like they set it to private and that’s totally fine by us; in their safe space with the people they trust they can share anything they want. Our problem was with the open-public harassment they were doing). For future reference, as for this specific situation we had never terminated a commission on this stage of development before. We try our best to provide a good experience for our clients, but we’re very strict with our TOS. Since the beginning this negotiation was walking the line of us being too soft with our own terms (trying to be sensible with the client and at the moment thinking the project would be good portfolio material so it was worth being more flexible), and in the end we got the raw side of the deal. Since we’re a new studio not much can be found of us online at the moment, sadly. As the brand our opinions on the matter might be taken less earnestly by people who do’t know us or our service, and for that we welcome anyone to ask our clients directly how the experience of working with us was. Most of them are tagged on our IG posts (of course, respecting their privacy and space). We thank you all for your time and attention on this matter and from this entire situation we plan on changing a few things on our TOS and procedures from Artistic Liberty in the future to prevent this kind of stuff from happening again [we’ll share here so other makers can have this testimonial to refer to if they want]: ▫️We’ll add a more detailed clause on cancellations // terminations on these designs made by us to prevent further claim discussions about this. ▫️The cancellation from our side will be more explained since for us Artistic Liberty slots are pick with the main objective of being a fun project and a good portfolio material. If during negotiations the client requests changes that make the project less interesting from production we’ll reserve ourselves to terminate the quote. We’ll also make it clear that on Regular Commissions the client has all the freedom in the world to request any changes desired, to request a character to be created from 0 and pay for that kind of service accordingly (our Artist Liberty services are way cheaper than regular commissions for that reason, and we plan on letting this more clear on the TOS too). ▫️We’ll stop being way too reasonable with clients that send a quote request for this kind of project without having the money to pay upfront the initial nonrefundable 30% of the commission price. Most of the cases of clients that stole our art were from people who didn’t have the money upfront to pay but wanted to move forward with the commission anyway, under their word of paying us in the future. We trust our clients until being scammed, and for that reason we plan on protecting ourselves more from that kind of situation. ▫️We will request an ID from now on after the quote is analyzed and approved. Working overseas might making check those IDs more difficult but it’s better than having this kind of headache again in the future. ▫️Clarify even more that designs created during quote or during commission process are property of the studio until payment is complete and no designs can be claimed on cancellations // terminations. We’ll be stricter with also the use of unpaid claimed designs to be made into fursuits by other makers (that didn’t happen before, but better safe than sorry). ▫️Making sure to attach a PDF version of our TOS in the quote confirmation email and ask the client to read and confirm agreement again before sending the invoice for the project. ▫️Proofreading all the TOS with English native speakers to make the terms as clear as possible for future clients (as it is right now it was only proofread by Brazilian translators). We welcome you and thank you in advance in helping us with your suggestions on this TOS changes, and we plan on posting a more detailed text on the forums, but feel free to PM/email us suggestions or corrections, we don’t want to flood this beware with further replies that are not direct related to the subject.
  9. Update: After SnS hasn't been responding to me, I decided to make a tweet about her, which called out her business (I used her real name in the second tweet about her, so the "blur" in the fifth photo was from the original tweet). She FINALLY responds to me. She decided to send me a partial refund for the troubles. She said that she wasn't able to go to her studio because her leasing manager wouldn't allow her to go back and pick up the suit (due to the stay at home order). She had to make an "appointment" to pick up the suit. I found this weird, because I sent stuff to studio, and it was just an apartment (or it could really be a studio, but I doubt it because she had pictures of her boyfriend in the studio with her, and I'm under the impression that he doesn't contribute to fursuits because she never mentioned him helping with suits). I'm not going to make assumptions, but I just thought that it was a little fishy that she was "kicked out" and had to make an appointment for a (non-essential) business necessity. She was able to pick it up on May 8th, but wasn't able to get it shipped that day. She sent it the next day, but never gave me the tracking number. I asked for the tracking information, and she said that she sent it out a couple days ago. She took an image of the postage for me, and got me a tracking link, but never sent it to me until AFTER I asked her if she shipped it out. She still didn't send a refund. I received the suit, made a video unboxing it, and I noticed issues with the suit. First issue: She acknowledged that she was going to line up the colors with the head and the bodysuit, but they didn't line up (luckily, the colors matched). It's almost as if she didn't know how far that the colors were supposed to go down because it looks like they would've lined up if the head's fabric would've went down further along my chest. However, I suppose that it just kind of looks like "extra chest fluff". It's like an illusion, almost (if that makes sense). It's no big deal, because people will probably not notice it. Second issue: The tail was crooked. She made a free tail for me, and I never knew about it until I unboxed the suit. It skews to the left when it goes down towards the tip. For the third issue, the hand paws have a "black outline" that wraps around the forearm. This is mainly meant to prevent it from sliding. However, this is fur on top of fur. It's going to slide no matter what. She used black instead of white, and because of this, it makes it VERY visible to see whenever the paws are not being tucked in. This is a poor image, but you can still see it: For the fourth, and final issue, I feel like this is the biggest issue of them all. The fabric on the bodysuit as a weird "flap" which looks like it's supposed to cover the feet. I can see why she wanted to do this, but it's poorly executed. When I was wearing this suit for the first time, I thought that there was supposed to be a zipper on the back to "close a gap" behind the legs so that this wouldn't be visible. There's not. Because of this, depending on how I stand or position myself, the flaps around the feet can get bunched up and look really bad for photos (like the previous photo). It looks fine in this picture: But in this picture... You can see that the feet got bunched up. It even looks like a plantigrade suit in this picture. The padding for the digitigrade suit is sewn-in, so that means it will be MUCH harder to clean when I wash it someday. You can even see that "black" part of hand paw in my left arm in the previous picture. She finally sent me the refund, about a week after I received the bodysuit. I am going to be spending the refund money on repairs with the suit. So I will likely end up spending $150-$200 on these repairs and fixes. There was one other minor edit which I needed to the bodysuit, which was extending the midtone colors further behind the suit (the colors between the blue and white on the arms and legs). However, It's such a minor detail that almost every artist misses this detail when I order a commission. Therefore, that is the end of me having to deal with SnS fursuits.
  10. I was looking around for a new fursuit bodysuit to order, since I was heavily dissatisfied with my current fursuit quality. A friend of mine recommended that I went to Sugar 'n Spice, since CorpseCat (the maker) was hosting a tax return sale, and was offering a bodysuit (only) for $950. I sent her a message, and this is how it started off. I sent her a full down-payment, the DTD, and even the fur colors that match the rest of my fursuit, all the next day. I sent her a reference, as well as a very length description. She said that she totally understood, so I assumed that this was going to be a good commission. I asked when the bodysuit was going to be done, and she said that it was going to be done around MFF of 2019 or sooner. She promised that progress photos were going to be included. I asked for my fur samples back that I sent her (so that I could send them off to another maker that was going to make my new fursuit head). I gave her my address but she never sent them back. On 8/31/2019, she said that she was almost done with the bodysuit. She never sent a single progress photo. She is also claiming that the fur colors are not exact to the ones that I sent her, but they are incredibly close... Lots of nudging later, still nothing. She claimed that her boyfriend has been in the hospital, and sent a picture (cropped out the picture for privacy). She has made plenty, plenty, plenty of excuses in the past about her health in the past (you can find them in almost any beware about her). 1-2 months before the deadline, and I asked her yet again if the bodysuit was on-track to being completed on-time. Her responses are predictable: Lots and lots and lots of asking to try and get ANY kind of photos from her. She brings up another health excuse with herself (which, as fake as it seems, I'm still censoring it for privacy reasons). At the bottom of the next screenshot is when the bodysuit is supposed to be done. No photos were sent. She brought up that the bodysuit wasn't going to work with my current fursuit paws and feet. She offered to make me free paws and feet, at the expense of delaying the TAT more. I asked later how long that it would be delayed, and she said that it could take another month. I was fine with that, but I asked for progress photos again while I had her attention. Guess what? Another medical excuse. I eventually lost it at this point. About a month later, I still received ZERO photos and ZERO updates about the suit being made. I looked at her WIP Telegram channel, and I didn't see any photos of my suit being in there. I called her out in this next screenshot, and this is when I began to lose it. She said that she was going to send photos, but once again, nothing. At the bottom, when I said that I was going to start taking action, that's when I decided to write a script for the YouTube video (at the top of the post) that was going to call her out and her poor business practices: I asked for her response one last time before making a video about her. She said that it's prepared to get shipped out, but has NEVER sent me a single progress photo: She finally sends photos on February 11th. She admitted that she ignored my reference in order to make the hip markings look more visible. I corrected her, and she said that she was going to fix it. I resent her the reference to show her how the hip markings are supposed to look: They are three fingernail-looking markings that are on each side of the waist. She made the markings go completely around the back. I asked how long that it was going to take to get the markings fixed. She said Friday (so three days at the time) until they were going to be fixed. I asked her for photos before she sends them out, and she said that she was going to send them when she gets to her office. Nothing happened. I asked again, she brings up another fake health excuse. She later sent me an image of the hip markings without any changes, and she said that she was confused about what was wrong about it. She waited over a month before telling me this, even though she said that she knew what she had to do, and that she was going to take three days to fix it: In this next screenshot, this was the time where I finally uploaded the video that I warned her about. I was going to give her a last chance before posting it. This is the last time that I've heard from her. I'm assuming it's because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but either way, her Telegram said that she hasn't been online within a week. She promised that she was going to send it out, and I never gave her my address until I saw the final product: This is the last that I have heard from her. I got into contact with PayPal, and they said that it's been past 180 days, and they cannot do anything about this situation. I paid CorpseCat through a bank account that I closed in the past. I got in-contact with this bank yesterday (4/21/2020), and they said that they can't do anything about the transaction because my account has been closed for so long. I am $950 poorer with nothing to show for it. I attempted contact with her multiple times, and nothing has been happening since then. When I created this thread, it showed that she was seen last within a week. Since I updated these new screenshots, it now shows that she's been seen recently. Meaning that she has been online but hasn't read my messages. I warn/advise everyone to stay away from this maker. There are four bewares about her on the first page of Google when you type "sugar n spice fursuits". This fursuit maker is unbelievably toxic, and I do not want anyone to order from her, either. It was partially my fault for not doing my research before ordering from her, so therefore, I want to make sure that nobody else does the same. DO NOT ORDER FROM SUGAR 'N SPICE!
  11. There are plenty of bewares on Twitter pointing to this person owing thousands of dollars in various art forms, mostly fursuits, and then they have the gall to police other artists on their work ethics. Stay aware of when your PayPal claims window runs out, I have a feeling your piece might never be finished.
  12. ZappBEAST / Azoth is an artist/fursuit maker i had found on twitter. I had saw them Post up a YCH on twitter and his instructions were to DM him. I don't know how long this person's Commission queue was, and i was never given a trello so i could never see. On the 18th the artist posted more YCHs on their twitter and also explained that their ipad had broken, which is why they needed to open more slots. I offered to help but there was misunderstanding in price for the YCH so we just ended up talking about his ipad/tablet situation. About two weeks later on the 31st, he also mentioned hes having problems with clients for fursuits. At the time i tried to empathize with them, but looking back at it now, it seemes like another excuse for a delay. A whole month passes, with promises of starting my commission soon, and then another whole month passes before work actually begins on the piece. All of this while his twitter and telegram group gets tons of posts with personal art and more YCH slots. while he provided sufficient updates and stuff at the time, another two weeks had gone by and more personal art and other commissions were finished before me. While nothing wrong has been inherently done, and a lot of stuff has been thrown his way, a lot of his practices are very suspicious and their workflow seems chaotic at best, and their return time also seems really bizarre. I dont think ill commission this person again, especially for the price and even if its really good art.
  13. armaina

    Space Meme

    the person in question used the name spacemuttt on most services http://web.archive.org/web/20181124015225/https://www.furaffinity.net/user/spacemuttt/ Their account is deactivated so all that's left is the archive from 2018, you can see they at one point advertised fursuits on FA They also had a Deviantart, Twitter, Weasyl, Ink Bunny, and Instagram under the same name, some of those accounts no longer exist. But Spacemuttt was the name they used for accounts, not space meme. And most of those accounts appear abandoned.
  14. This whole thing has been a mess and an absolutely frustrating read. You need to inform your clients when you've worked on something if they've not heard from you. I find it suspect that the piece is suddenly ~mysteriously being worked on~ after 4 months of silence just to guilt you into rescinding your refund request. (and as far as I can tell, no proof of such work was ever shown to the client) The only work done at all was after the commission was changed to stickers. As for the sticker work itself, I think the work is on par with the rest of the artist's work, I don't really get the impression it was rushed so much. As for the hugs sticker, I think it's less that it was rushed and more that the artist just wasn't skilled in foreshortening like that. But I think the fingers still could have been adjusted slightly to look more conical instead of rounded. None of the changes you requested were unreasonable, and I find it really odd that they were so reluctant to add any sort of boarder themselves and instead shame you for requesting such a border. Did they just expect you to use the stickers with the solid color background? That's not typical telegram sticker format and it's really just not great looking for that. Like geeze I'd just add the border for the client myself. You had been completely reasonable and polite the whole way through, this didn't have to turn out the way it did. Either refunding from the very beginning or just doing the minor adjustments on the stickers. There was nothing about your conduct that there was to be a 'beware' about, and the refund and public release of the stickers is incredibly petty. That's a 100+ deep queue, along with 2 fursuits and it's not even small things, a lot of those are ref sheets, full bodies, an 'art slave' commission which typically I find those are a lot of work. I also find a policy of only 75% refund when it's been less than 6 months, even if no work has been done at all, completely inappropriate when the queue is that bad. That's a policy you have for fursuits because of supply purchases, not for illustrations and waiting on something that already is going to have an absurd wait time. As if their conduct here wasn't bad enough, that queue alone would stop me from doing business with them. 😕
  15. I won an auction for a Noivern fursuit a while back, and before I made my bid, I asked if the suit could be altered up a little to fit my size. She agreed. After winning the auction, I agreed to pay the extra charge, and I added her personal account on Facebook. Fast-forward to May 2016. I asked about updates, and there wasn't anything to show for. Fast forward two years, I asked again, and she claimed that her suit was lost in a move, and would have to remake it. Fast forward again, after more occasional and unsuccessful attempts at getting an update, this was the last correspondence where she had actually replied, which was on Discord. There has been no communication from her ever since that one message. I honestly should've made a post like this years ago, but what's done is done. And during this entire, years-long ordeal, she had continued to complete other projects, including other fursuits. I hope that this post serves to help people not go through what I went through.
  16. Until something is done to protect people who pay for fursuits, this will always happen. There is too much power in the hands of the suit makers and this just opens the way up to scammers. Paying over 3000$ upfront for something and having a no-refund policy slammed in your face is disgusting. I get that this person didn't nessaserily have a no-refund policy, but you never really got a refund anyway. This is why from now on I'll be paying the whole amount at once through goods and services, and if progress isn't made within the PayPal deadline for a refund, I'll be making a claim. Been scammed way to often by fursuit makers, and something needs to be done. Cost of the materials up front, payment on completion. That's how it should be. I'm sorry you had so much trouble. Some Fursuit makers, new and old, seem to be getting way too greedy and taking way more orders than they can handle. Because fursuits take way to long to make after payment, PayPal will not cover the refund because "too much time has passed" this really has to be addressed somehow.
  17. @Lemonbrat This is... Insane. If you were uncomfortable making the suit without a DTD, you should've cancelled the commission. Several things needed to be reworked because they were done incorrectly in the first place. The head was CLEARLY A MOUSE. This character is a cat. The first tail was way too thick for a cat. You have made tons of cat fursuits. None of their tails look like that first one you provided. The final product has atrocious sewing. Forget the wrinkles. Look at the seams. The tail attachment IS messed up. Those are the marks of someone who didn't know what they were doing and tried to over-correct when they should've just started over. I've made those same mistakes. You do make good suits. You make tons of feline suits even. This suit is nothing like those previous suits, and even if the customer isn't blameless, this suit is absolutely not worth what OP paid. Someone(s) on your team messed up, and you should have had some sort of oversight to prevent giving photos of this "finalized" suit. Even if the commissioner was a total [newbie], this fursuit should've never seen the light of day in this condition. I can't believe you're doubling down on it. It is absolutely nothing like the quality you usually offer.
  18. I misread the messages and was thinking "Well yeah thats a VERY good rodent base I wonder what the problem is" then I realized that somehow it was supposed to be a cat...wtf. As someone who's seen their fursuits in person at furcon this is CLEARLY not even close to the quality they're able to put out. my partner was considering purchasing one of their premades last furcon and was going to check out their booth with me this year if they had one again. I'll let them know to not give them any business and look elsewhere. The quality is absolutely appalling and you deserve much better. I wish you the best of luck at getting the money back or what you paid for. Though I'd assume a person would prefer their money back so they could pay someone who actually knows what they're doing and respects their customers instead. thanks for taking the time to post this beware
  19. First, the no refund policy absolutely doesn't hold up and them trying to enforce that is ridiculous. Secondly, that is clearly a rodent head. I can't believe they were actually doubling down that the rodent head would magically look like a cat head once furred. I don't see that working at all, the muzzle and cheeks are the wrong shape and the ears are very round. There's a reason foam bases are used and it's because they affect what the final shape looks like. Just a really weird beware As for the tail, curved tails like that are often made so they don't drag on the ground, most fursuits have curved tails like that regardless of the character unless they're floor draggers. It keeps them from getting dirty.
  20. I commissioned this individual July 28, 2018. I had recieved one WIP image, and then nothing after that. No updates were given to me unless I asked, and I didn't message them often. It got to a point that they weren't responding, so I had to go and see if they had any other social media just to contact them. January 4th hit and I realized I was never going to recieve my artwork. So I asked for a refund, and they said it could take days to weeks. I said okay and left it be for literally months. I then messaged them recently. They read the message, and ignored it. So I called them out on it and they responded very rudely. They are extremely unprofessional, I do not recommend them. Please, do not commission this individual for artwork or even fursuits. You are not guaranteed to get what you payed them for, and I highly doubt they'll ever actually give me a refund.
  21. http://fursuitreview.com/blog/2016/01/24/no-langurhali-partial-by-blue-fox-fursuits/ Apparently they've been having communication problems and missing deadlines for many, many years.
  22. I am so sorry this happened to you, OP. And this is why I'm terrified of commissioning fursuits. I cannot stand how irresponsible this person was. Yes, life gets in the way, yes, accidents happen, yes, mental illness kicks all of our tails. However, using those as excuses to not work, is never acceptable. If it doesn't fly in an office building, it doesn't fly in the artist's/fandom's world either. Also, using mental illness as an excuse feels like a personal attack on the rest of us. Being mentally handicapped (depression, anxiety, what have you) is not a free ticket from work. You offered a service and you didn't deliver. Simple as that.
  23. I am just. appalled. I mean. I have so many things I could say. But I guess I just want this down for the record: Just because it's common place, doesn't make it right. And that's in reference to the ridiculously long wait times/queues for fursuits and fursuit makers being unable to manage money correctly. It's commonplace. But is is not right. Of course she brought up other excuses, but that one in particular I wanted to comment on. Thank you for writing this beware.
  24. Quote request sent on December 1st, 2015. Artist/Fursuit Maker, Stormy, Replied March 22nd, 2016 with final price broken down for each part. First payment sent via PayPal and received by Stormy on March 23rd, 2016. Payments completed via PayPal. Final payment completed on September 15th, 2016 . Work was delayed on June 11th, 2016 due to an animal with an illness. Her entire queue received a message with estimated completion dates on April 26th, 2016, which was supposed to be the upcoming Anthrocon. Work was again delayed on October 6th, 2016 due to a wedding. Contact was requested on January 18th, 2017 and a response was sent from Stormy to me on January 19th, 2017. Update on her personal life was sent to her clients [including myself] on January 20th, 2017. In this email she put what she has done on each project in order of what is done and where everyone is in her queue. Mine, Soleil, had not been casted. On April 13th, 2017 we all received an email saying she is selling premades for completion in July 2017. She also noted Soleil will be completed by the end of April 2017. Email was sent to her clients to join an Angels Nest Fursuits telegram chat on April 23rd, 2017, with the link provided. Shortly after it sent, it no longer worked. I emailed her on July 19th, 2017 to see a WIP or any progress to see if materials had even been purchased. I received a reply the same day, stating she is still working on her first two clients, and working on purchasing/replenishing materials. On July 20th, 2017, I sent Stormy a formal request for a full refund as she had broken her own ToS which I was respectful and professional. The same day, she sent me a reply. She stopped replying to my emails, so I contacted her on Instagram on August 21st, 2017, since I noticed she was active. She claimed she was “warned” about me and was very unprofessional in a lengthy conversation via chat on Instagram. Explanation in depth: In an effort to gain some understanding, I attempted to fix the issue by contacting her regularly to keep with updates, yet she refused to work with me at all. Once I noticed a pattern of similar life updates, but not any fursuit or art related updates, and the removal of her Trello and the Telegram chat, I grew increasingly concerned. I also noticed how she had posted she would be making premades to sell at Anthrocon and MFF. I also grew increasingly concerned since she told us all about her declining mental health and physical health, but after a time of over one year, nothing had changed. I tried to reach out to her as a friend and client but was later met with hostility as I emailed her regularly. I also noticed she obtained two new dogs after her puppy had passed away. I sent her my deepest condolences and gave her time to heal. She also posted on her Instagram how she will now dedicate her time to making a dog training channel on YouTube. After I saw this post, I was very upset. She has clients who have paid her a lot of money to work on custom fursuits/partials. In a series of messages via Instagram, she said some very hateful words and I never once went into all caps, never once did I throw an insult nor a curse word. I even praised her for taking care of herself. Yet all I was met with was hatred and insults and swearing. Since that day, not much has been done and I have not heard a peep. As far as we know, no one has received anything from Stormy/Angels Nest Fursuits. I am both shocked and gravely concerned for all parties involved.
  25. Apr. 3rd, 2011 at 9:32 PM synchra WHO: Aliases: SophieCabra, Waji "Company": SurfCatCostumes WHERE: http://surfcatcostumes.com/ WHAT: Costume of my character Tokkebi Kesaki done in the same style as Luskwood (with permission from Luskwood. SophieCabra used to work for Luskwood so she had confirmed she could achieve this quality. It was promised to be the same quality.) Art: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/1745-1/tokkebikesakicharactersheet.jpg Product: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7306-1/IMG_5509.jpg (in depth pictures and descriptions of everything below) Screenshots of initial e-mails confirming these facts: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10055-1/Screenshot-AB-1.png (Note: She mentions a non-refundable deposit of $495 but never mentions what it is for. In talking with other makers this is always accepted as a cancellation fee, I never canceled the product while it was in process. The promised product with the promised quality and features was just never delivered so I asked for a refund because it was offered to me.) http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10057-1/Screenshot-AB-2.png http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10059-1/Screenshot-AB-3.png (I never received guidelines or a real contract or a ToS so all agreements were made through e-mail in this fashion.) WHEN: Initial Costume invoice was sent 6/18/09. First Payment of $520 was sent out via paypal Jun. 7, 2009 Second Payment of $545 was sent out via paypal Sep 1, 2009 Final Payment of $600 was sent out via paypal Sep. 2, 2009 Product promised to be done and received by: Halloween 2009, if artist could not get it done in time then sometime in January 2010. Total of all payments as well as price of costume: $1665 Costume received: Feb 6, 2010 Promised refund: Feb 6, 2010 (Promised refund by: August 1st, 2010) Costume confirmed to have been received: Mar 18, 2010 Partial refund of $1,081, $1050 after fees was sent to me via paypal Apr 18, 2010 Current payment owed: $584 Asked for rest of payment initially: 4/19/10 (never got a response) Gave artist a time line to pay me back again on: Feb 15, 2011 (end of march) Artist failed to pay me back by: 03/31/11 (never got a response) Demand Letter to be sent: 4/4/11 Court date if Demand Letter is not responded to: TBA PROOF: Here is a review of the costume I wrote which includes all proof needed of the quality of the product received including pictures, videos and e-mails sent and received throughout the process. http://community.livejournal.com/fursuitreviews/31415.html (I figure it's better to just post that part here as a link because it's just as good as copy-pasting and putting it behind a cut, please tell me if you'd rather have me go about this another way.) Here are some e-mails in which the refund is mentioned: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10077-1/Screenshot-AB-refundmention-4.png http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10075-1/Screenshot-AB-refundmention-5.png (promising refund for suit.) I can provide screenshots of anything asked for if needed. Here are the paypal transactions: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10061-1/Screenshot-AB-5-1stPayment.png http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10063-1/Screenshot-AB-5-2ndPayment.png http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10065-1/Screenshot-AB-5-3rdPayment.png http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10067-1/Screenshot-AB-5-refund.png Note: She mentions that it's $1050 even after fees and isn't including the initial 30% even though I never canceled on her and she had promised me a full refund. However $1665 - $1050 = $615 which was not even the down payment. The down payment was $495 so even if there is some reason that I am not owed the original 30% (which I still have yet to clear up since she has never responded to me about this) she still owes me $120 by her own standards. With fee money included $1665 - $1081 = $584. Which is what I am currently asking for. However if her statement that I do not owe the 30% is true then: $584 - $495 = $89 So, she would still owe me $89. http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10055-1/Screenshot-AB-1.png I was told to cover paypal fees (which is apparently against Paypal's TOS https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/terms-outside ) so I sent her $520 with the first payment to make it even/easier to track how much I still owed. I also paid for her to ship it to me. The receipt she scanned for me: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/10072-1/Receipt-AB-6-shipping.png (I blurred out most of my address, the address of another person she mailed something to, and her card info.) And I paid a lot more than that to ship it back to her with tracking and confirmation which was something she failed to do herself. EXPLAIN: Once again, here is a review of the costume I wrote which includes all proof needed of the quality of the product received including pictures, video and e-mails sent and received throughout the process as of March 23rd. http://community.livejournal.com/fursuitreviews/31415.html Also copy pasted here: ----REVIEW START---- I have given this maker an entire year to come clean and fix the problems with this transaction and they haven't, so unfortunately, this is not a positive review. As a DISCLAIMER, this person may have changed their ways since my commission and I have never seen the produce work of this low quality before or after my commission was made. Name of Artist: Surf Cat Costumes/SophieCabra Website: http://surfcatcostumes.com/ Character/species commissioned (link to photo/concept art): Tokkebi Kesaki, a ghost Korean Jindo dog. Here is the concept art: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/1745-1/tokkebikesakicharactersheet.jpg I also included some snapshots of my SL avatar of her (my by my friend, Luper): http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/6484-2/Snapshot_003.png http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/6472-2/Snapshot_001.png http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/6480-2/Snapshot_002.png (I have more, but you get the idea.) Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Currently I have absolutely nothing, and I am down -$584, but this is what I got in the mail last year in February: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7306-1/IMG_5509.jpg Because there is a lot to be said about every other picture I have of it, I'll put them in the appropriate places throughout the review after all the other information has been said. Is the item old or new (if old, how long have you had it/when was it made?) This was made sometime at the end of 2009 but I did not receive it until February 2010. (again this will all be explained below.) --Grade each below aspect on a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best)-- Visual Aspect (does it match the concept art? Is it consistent with other items the maker has produced? Is it visually pleasing overall?): 1 Okay first, let me say, this wasn't my first fursuit commission, this was my 5th or 6th fursuit commission so I had had a lot of experience with this at this point. The product did not match the concept art to the degree I had hoped for (to me it doesn't match at all other than colors really), it's not consistent with the other items this person has made, and it came out looking pretty bad overall. Why? I was promised something I did not receive. This commission was originally going to be made by Luskwood and when they stopped taking commissions and I saw Sophie, who used to work for Luskwood had parted off and started her own company I approached her asking if she could do that quality of work for me. I had seen the work she did at Luskwood and it looked good and I had seen the suits she had made on her own at that point and I thought they looked pretty nice! She promised me this quality, she promised me leg padding, eyes that light up, glowing fur, and that she would match my concept art... you know what? here is that part of the original e-mail, no better way of putting it: First E-mail: Ooh. Awesome character. I can totally play around with some glow in the dark effects. I could hopefully even find some transparent glow airbrush paints I could highlight the fur with. The problem would be finding one that went on completely transparent. But I would love to play around with that and experiment beforehand and to see if I could get it to work for your fur. ? Anyhoo, before Luskwood disbanded, I worked with Arito, so I can do the same leg/foot padding system and whatnot. I think for the whole thing (supplies, labor, shipping) I'm going to say $1650." I was excited to hear that she liked the character because usually that means the maker will make a better product when they like the character as well! I was also excited that she promised me all of these things and that she was going to do the glow in the dark stuff as well! Sounded like a dream right? The price was the highest I had ever had at the time but I was willing to pay that much for the promised quality. (All my previous commissions at this time were a lot cheaper, were much higher quality when received and were from big names like B3/Joecifur, JillCostumes, Midori, and Rose Quoll.) Here is my initial response: "Awe, thank you so much. ? I wouldn't really need the fur to glow, but actually it does on the SL avatar my friend made for me: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/2228-1/Snapshot_483.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/2232-1/Snapshot_480.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/2222-1/Snapshot_485.jpg Hahaha, so that would be really freaking awesome if you could figure it out. I know that paint from that kotaku link is really good for stuff like that, but I can't remember what it's called. I know Beetlecat used it once on some claws. I can do the 30% paypal deposit. Man, thanks for responding so fast, I asked for quotes from a couple other people and it's been months and no one has responded! Then you finished that Roo head recently and I was like OH DUH everything you made with Arito and the stuff you've made alone seemed to be the best work that came out of Luskwood/in the style I want! I was all emo there for a week about loosing my quote. I got a good price on it, but I don't mind paying more if I am still going to get the same quality. (It wasn't THAT far off from yours. :P) I wouldn't "need" the suit until FC 2010 so anywhere you want to put me in is fine, I am patient. XD Just tell me where to send the money and I'll snag my space! ? Thank you so much!" Well pretty much none of these promised things came out right. The bodysuit didn't fit at all (we made a duct tape dummy), most of the claws on the feet had fallen off, I couldn't see out of the head and it flopped around, it didn't look right, the "glow in the dark" fur was yellow, uneven, and atrocious. There was absolutely no body padding, the eyes didn't glow (there is more on this though, I'll explain this in the service section), there were no teeth, there was black eyebrows on it (character does not have eyebrows), the mouth and nose were uneven, the ears were uneven. There was pretty much flaws with every part of the suit. More on this in the workmanship section with pictures. Service Aspect (Deadlines. Communication. Little extras.):0 I have actually been afraid to post this part because it DID start off wonderful and she was a pleasure to talk to for months of this transaction! Everything seemed to be going great but then several major flaws we're made towards the end. She is also a well known person in the furry fandom and has a lot of friends so saying anything negative about her seemed "awful".. but these are facts, and this is what happened to me. This is long, so I am going to put it under a cut. Most of this was typed last year in April as well. Communication/Deadlines/Shipping: The suit was originally supposed to be done for Halloween or in October. I asked to have WIP photos because I am very particular with how my characters are represented and I never got any WIP pictures, then suddenly I got finished pictures of the suit the week of Halloween but it just didn't look right in the picture and the eyes looked awful to me. It looked wall-eyed and she had worn the bodysuit. I had sent her a duct tape dummy so that the suit would fit me and I was aware Sophie is bigger than me, so it made me kind of irked to see that she had worn the suit because she said it was hard to get into and I was hoping she hadn't stretched it or something like that. Here are those photos: http://www.surfcatcostumes.com/v/costumes/kesaki/ I didn't really like the head shapes and some other nit picky things from the photos but the eyes were the main turn off so I asked her to change the eyes because I was thinking maybe the other stuff looked better in person. I remembered from experiences in the past that some fursuits look like shit in photos, but in person they look really nice. I'd rather have a nice suit, than have it by Halloween! She took 2 months to change the eyes and they still didn't look right. She sent me this picture on December 3rd: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7856-1/eyes1.jpg I asked to see them with the lights on in them since it was the point of them and she sent me this: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7858-1/eyes2.jpg Which looked just as wall-eyed as the last pictures. Also.. why not ever show me the whole head at once? ? She told me she'd change them again, maybe the light effect was just not working out right and she'd replace them with glow in the dark painted blue eyes. She also promised me the suit had body padding and that the whole thing "lit up like a light bulb" before I got it. She finally replaced the eyes again by December 31st and sent me blurry cell phone pictures of it after I requested to see photos instead of her just sending it to me. http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/6943-1/s1.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7239-1/s2.JPG I was tired of dealing with it and I wanted the suit by FC so I asked her to send me the suit because maybe they looked better in person, who knows. She told me she sent it and I waited. On January 11th I realized the suit really should have been there at that point so I asked her if she had tracking info. She evaded the question and said the post office said it would be there by Wednesday. I waited. I e-mailed her on the 14th saying it still wasn't here. She said she'd call the post office on the 15th if it still wasn't there. I told her on the 15th it still wasn't there. She never responded so I waited some more. On the 20th I e-mailed her asking if she had ever contacted the post office. She said: "I called them, got the run around, was told to email them with the receipt number. There's not record of damage, insufficient postage costs, etc. They gave me some BS about being slow after the holidays and this past federal holiday weekend, blah blah blah. I'm calling them again. They filed it as missing as transit, so from what I hear that puts a fire in their asses if it's just sitting around in some office somewhere. It really should be there today. God, I hope. If it is lost, I'd say we allow until the end of Feb to come back and after that I can either remake the costume or begin issuing you a full refund. I am terribly sorry and infuriated this is happening. Let me know if I can do anything else." I said thanks for calling and everything she had done and continued to wait for it.. Throughout all these e-mails I had asked her multiple times if she gotten insurance and tracking info on it and she kept evading my question. On the 25th I still did not have the suit so I sent her this: "Yeah I think it's gone. ? I hope you got a large amount of money claimed for insurance on that. ? I'd feel bad getting a full refund now if you didn't, but I think now I need the money more than a suit. I lost my job on the 15th. X.x GUhhhhh stupid mail!!!! I swear this character is bad luck. The badge that ****** made of her got lost too! >.<" I censored out that artist's name just in case! Yes, a badge of this character got lost as well. We both had been completely friendly with each other up to this point and there had been no problems with each other. I already didn't completely like the suit she had made just from the pictures in the first place so getting her to remake it again seemed pointless (I would've rather just had the money at this point and commissioned the suit from another maker at a later date, especially because I had also just lost my job, and on top of that someone had stolen my identity so I couldn't get my unemployment money either.) She responded: "Went to the post office today with my delivery confirmation and receipt and in person they told me that as far as their records say, it's been delivered. o.o What the post man says he believes this means is that either one of your housemates (if any) accepted the package and never told you, or got a package notice (due to you not being home or it being too big to deliver) in the mail and forgot to give it to you, or the package notice may have gotten lost. Their advice was to have you check with anyone in your house, as well as head to your local post office ASAP. If it's been been sitting in the local USPS for a while, then that's why it's just been lost in transit without response. After a few weeks they will sent it back to me, which the post man told me can take quite a while. If you can check any roommates as well as your local post office as soon as you can, that would be the next best course of action. Please let me know!" I sent back this: "Hi ----, I don't have any housemates and nothing has ever gotten lost in the mail here at all in the past. ? I have received numerous LARGE boxes in the past, too. I just live with my boyfriend and we would've seen it if it got here. I will check the post office tomorrow I guess... ? We haven't gotten any notices. You sent it to *****ADDRESSS****** Right? I'll let you know ASAP what I hear from my post office." I wanted to double check my address because people spell it wrong all the time. Sophie responded: "Yeah, I didn't know if you had any, so I was just passing along info. Anyhoo, try the post office and see. That is the address I sent it to, so hopefully the post office was just being stupid and it's sitting with them." This is when I went to the post office on the 29th of January and e-mailed her this: "The post office says they didn't receive anything at all for me. I had them look all over in the back. Are you sure it was confirmed received?? Was it at a different post office? If you got insurance on the package, you should have a tracking number (according to the person at my post office.) I have a feeling it's lost or... at a different post office? My post office definitely doesn't have it. x.x I don't know why it would be confirmed received if it wasn't in ******." I spent a lot of time down there and they had nothing... This is also where I found out that she DID NOT get insurance or tracking on the suit. On the 30th I was upset so I sent her an e-mail explaining to her why I'd rather have the money than another suit because it seemed to me that it was definitely lost. I spilled my guts, I was stupid, I TOLD HER EVERYTHING that had happened to me up to that point because I was stressing out and so that she wouldn't think I was BSing about wanting the full refund that she had promised instead of another suit. I also asked her if she had actually sent it because it was just too weird that the post office had absolutely no record of it and that I was upset with her for not getting insurance and tracking. I was nice about everything I said in the e-mail. I asked to see the receipt so that if there was any tracking at all I could find it from the receipt. I got back an angry e-mail from her... in which she refused to refund me, but she scanned the receipt. She accused me of receiving the package and not telling her. We both basically got unreasonably mad at each other about the stupid USPS losing the package of the suit I was promised was of good quality. These e-mails are really long and tl;dr so I will leave them out and just put these summaries here. x.x I told her that I would wait 2 months for it to show up, but if it didn't I would still expect a refund to be an option if I didn't want her to remake the suit. On the 31st she e-mailed me back and said she could do the refund.. I'll just copy paste that e-mail, I can't summarize it well. "I firstly want to apologize for accusing you of lying. I was on the defense for being accused as well of something I would never do to a customer. I believe we are both just running a bit of a temper due to a regretful situation that is out of our hands. We both don't know each other personally, so it's easy to assume. It's stressful, but I think we both got any suspicions under the bridge and we can work to fix it. I do think you misunderstood me about the refund. Perhaps I worded it poorly, but I meant that I could not offer you a full refund right this minute. Firstly I really believe that we should wait the two months, and I am grateful you agree. But also I meant that I could not offer the full refund all at once. It would have to be paid back in installments, much like how I accept payment for costumes. As for it showing up in the hopeful case it will, I said in my previous email that I would be glad to change the design a bit so you could sell it without selling your character. I have no problem with offering you that at all. I encourage you, should it come to that, to allow me to do so, since I know my own work more than anyone else would. If it's truly just the head that's the problem, I can remake the head if the costume resurfaces. I still believe that I followed the concept to the best of my ability. But I also understand that the way we all see and interpret art can vary. I don't know if this would be a solution for you, but one thing I've done with previous customers is to sketch their character in my own style and render it out as such. It has been a very successful exercise in the past and I think it might work for you. Basically I would email you a bunch of sketches and you can pick and choose what you'd like. Anyways, I believe patience is our biggest ally right now and all we can do is hope it shows up. I am still going to be hawking around on the USPS phonelines until I've gotten an answer. Despite not having on-site tracking, USPS does track all packages in their own system, all I have to do is find someone on the phone that is willing to let me know what their systems are saying. I do not know why they would have told me it's delivered if it was not, but I know that I can find out somehow. It's a government agency and it is a bureaucratic mess to navigate. I will get answers, however, and I will pass them along to you as soon as I have some. Hope you are well and at ease at least a little bit," I explained to her all the things I would want changed if she wanted to remake the suit head (this was before I knew of the actual quality I would receive in the mail.) I thought only the head was a problem at this point, so it all seemed reasonable. Lots of time passed. On February 6th the suit miraculously shows up. The suit was the most terribly crafted suit I have ever had in my own possession. NONE of those things I was promised were on it. The whole suit was crammed into a huge box with no packing material at all as well... I told her my honest opinion on everything including pictures like I have posted here. Her response: "All right, send it back to me. Once I get it in hand I'll start issuing a refund in installments to be completed by Aug 1st. I will sell the costume off myself." On top of this I was told she was writing snarky posts about me on her LJ this whole time! I did not see them myself but people told had me about them. ? I never had any "buyer's remorse" for the suit I EXPECTED to get, the product I received was just NOT WHAT I BOUGHT AT ALL. There was no body padding, the eyes didn't glow, it didn't match my art, it was not Luskwood quality..etc.etc.etc. I'd be perfectly happy if I had gotten what I had commissioned. Anyways, you can see why I was not pleased with the amount of money I paid. Manda did not cost anywhere near that much and is MUCH MUCH higher quality..and she fits me, I also never sent Joe a duct tape dummy either, he just did it right with nothing but measurements and she still fit me. Licorice and Cricket were even cheaper and are just as high of a quality as Manda. Pierah was cheap as hell and much better quality, my "secret" suit is obviously higher quality and extremely cheap, same goes for Sync and none of them cost anywhere near this much. I was expecting the quality I had gotten in the past from other makers but with everything promised. I sent it back to her as soon as I could after getting back and asked her to tell me when she got it. I paid an extra $65 total to ship it and to get tracking and insurance on it (I will never get that back, but I knew that!) I just wanted to send it back to her right. It got back in a timely manor. I expected installments of payment like I was promised because she had said she didn't have the money so I agreed to have it by August 1st. I sent this to her on March 2nd because she hadn't told me she got it yet: "Hi, ----! I am just checking in, did you receive the suit yet? I sent it with insurance and tracking on the 18th, but the USPS website is giving me errors when I put the tracking number in. (Can anything with them ever work right?) Anyways, if you didn't get it yet, I am going to go down to the post office and figure out if they messed up their system or something. Thanks!" She never responded to it. So I sent this on March 18th. "Hey, just checking again since I never got a response back before. I just want to make sure everything gets there. Thanks," She responded: "Hey, I got your box. No worries." I never got any payment installments as promised but I randomly got most of it back on April 18th. This suit or.. lack there of.. THIS EXPERIENCE cost me: $584 + the money I spent to send it back to her.. and whatever I paid to send her a duct tape dummy which I doubt she used. I e-mailed her about this remaining money and she never responded. I e-mailed her again last month giving her an ultimatum, she sends the money back but the end of March or I go to court. I am hoping I won't have to go to court, but what's done is done. TL;DR: She didn't meet the deadline, the eyes never looked right, she promised me she could do something she obviously couldn't (make glowing eyes like my art), it got lost in the mail, she didn't put tracking on it, I asked for a refund when I got a bad product, she refused, she finally paid me back most of it, she still owes me money a year later and has about a week to pay me back before I go to small claims court. Workmanship Aspect (Is the sewing neat? Are things that should be sewn glued or vise versa? Does it fit? Has anything fallen off yet that shouldn’t have):1 Now to explain everything individually... First off, not fitting. I sent her a duct tape dummy so you'd think it fit? I don't know how she made it on it but it seemed to fit her pretty well: http://surfcatcostumes.com/v/costumes/kesaki/IMG_0915.JPG.html Here it is on me: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7306-1/IMG_5509.jpg (ignore my hair popping out.) http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7280-1/IMG_5522.jpg (There was no leg padding.) Here it is with a pair of pants on top to show just how baggy it was on me: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7898-2/IMG_5594.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7882-2/IMG_5592.JPG It had some strange crotch bunching thing going on in the front: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7296-1/IMG_5514.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7290-1/IMG_5517.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7890-2/IMG_5596.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7886-2/IMG_5595.JPG The fur was full of weird stuff that had collected in it: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7870-2/IMG_5591.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7926-2/IMG_5576.JPG (oh look foam!) And loose threads all over on the inside, this is the hole the tail was supposed to go through: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7878-2/IMG_5588.JPG With the belt as tight as possible, this is how the tail help up: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7288-1/IMG_5520.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7286-1/IMG_5519.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7282-1/IMG_5521.jpg Oh yeah.. and for some reason you could see my divesuit through the fur? It must've had thin backing or something I remember it being scratchy, I don't know where it was from though. The glow in the dark paint glowed, not blue, nor white, and it was splattered on unevenly and looked gross glowing, I have a video of this but I am unsure of where to upload it.. (I don't want it on youtube.) Okay so second, not looking right. Why didn't I do something about this before? Well It looked "okay" in the pictures on her. I was "eh" about the eyebrows and some facial shape things but it's white and white never photographs well so I figured I wanted to see it with my own eyes before forming a solid opinion on asking for anymore changes (also, I had already had her replace the eyes 2 times when she showed me the pictures of it all together and it took her and extra 2 or 3 months to change the eyes.) So here are those things, first off the feet: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7308-1/IMG_5510.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7304-1/IMG_5512.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7302-1/IMG_5511.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7298-1/IMG_5513.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7270-1/IMG_5531.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7958-2/IMG_5571.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7966-2/IMG_5569.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7994-2/IMG_5568.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8006-2/IMG_5554.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8014-2/IMG_5553.JPG (mysterious shoe) http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8010-2/IMG_5555.JPG (strange holes in the bottom?) http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8018-2/IMG_5551.JPG (scale, next to a DS Lite, they were huge, I couldn't barely fit through the door wearing them actually.) A lot of the claws had fallen off in the mail, they were painted blue and left unfinished so there was fur, foam and dirt/dust stuck all over them, they were also shaped very elephant like, and not dog like at all. There claws that were left attached were loose and the ones that weren't, I found loose in the box but there was one I never found.. which means it fell off before the suit was sent? I know my concept art has chunky legs but she still has a foot in it and this is definitely not how I imagined, I was thinking more like this suit made by Luskwood (quality I was promised and paid for once again): http://luskwood.org/costume/gallery/canines/nataliecevichelimahusky/1 http://luskwood.org/costume/gallery/canines/keovi/2 http://luskwood.org/gallery/costumes/canines/keovi/keovi3.jpg I already mentioned the claws issues so here are some more pictures of that and the hand paws: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7950-2/IMG_5573.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7962-2/IMG_5572.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7970-2/IMG_5570.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8038-2/IMG_5556.JPG The Nose: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7284-1/IMG_5523.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7274-1/IMG_5525.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7998-2/IMG_5565.JPG (loose hot glue on the felt) http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7978-2/IMG_5564.JPG It was very flat and had an outline around it which is something I personally just don't really like the look of on most suits. Does not look like the art. The Eyes: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7278-1/IMG_5526.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7990-2/IMG_5567.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8002-2/IMG_5566.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8030-2/IMG_5560.JPG Slapped on, falling off at parts, covered in scratches and at this point I had thought they were just glow in the dark (not EL wire anymore like originally promised because the first couple attempts at this had come out looking very wrong), but they weren't even glow in the dark and I could actually look through them because of how the head fit on my head. I had to look through the mouth. The Mouth being un-even and the lack of teeth: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7974-2/IMG_5563.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7986-2/IMG_5562.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7982-2/IMG_5561.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8026-2/IMG_5559.JPG http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7276-1/IMG_5524.jpg http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/7268-1/IMG_5527.jpg The Tail back: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8042-2/IMG_5557.JPG This was just messy, and strange for what it was supposed to be. I feel like I am leaving things out. I don't know, anyone who was at my house when this thing was received knows this was just NOT a top quality suit, it was somehow worse in person. (A lot of friends were over when this came in the mail, my excitement quickly died when I opened the box.) Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: Well I pretty much described it all already. This was an extremely negative experience for me. I have waited almost an entire year for this thing to be resolved and she has made no attempt to refund me the remaining money, next month it'd be a year, and I am tired of waiting in silence. By law, because I have absolutely NO PRODUCT, and I DID NOT cancel on her while she was in process, she owes me ALL of my money. On top of this, I have not seen her resell the suit.. so I assume it's still at her house or.. possibly in the trash? I don't know. I have put off posting anything "publicly" about this because I didn't want to start a bunch of e-drama and because I was hoping keeping it out of the light would help to keep a nice neutral relationship between me and Sophie so that we could solve things in a calm and fair fashion but now that she isn't responding to me at all, it's public. Final Grade (out of 5): 0 EDIT: Figured out how to upload videos to youtube so that they can only be seen when linked or something! So, I hope these work. These were filmed last year in February right after getting the suit. This is the "glow". Impossible to photograph, hard to video tape, but this is as good as it gets to convey the issues with it. Show media This one speaks for itself. ----REVIEW END---- An update on what has happened since then: I have received no response whatsoever from her and am in the process of settling this legally now. She has failed to respond to me in any way through all the conventional methods I have tried. Yesterday I noticed she had been active on Furaffinity so I attempted to contact her through the website (which I had never tried before) and received the response that I had been blocked. The fact that she has blocked me on a website where I have never once been rude to her or attempted to contact her before on leads me to believe that she is refusing to cooperate with me instead of just neglecting to check her e-mail addresses. I had a "demand letter" written up which is being sent on Monday. (I waited until Monday because April 1st is well.. April 1st and I wanted this to be taken seriously.) I have been researching and talking to people for the last month or two about small claims suits and finding out everything I need to do. I have asked her to explain her side of the story with no response. If there is something I missed, or am doing wrong, I want to hear it because I will admit my faults if there is some valid reason or something I missed. With nothing work off of on her end, I can only go with what I know and have on my own end. I saved every e-mail and record of transaction with her and have all the evidence I need for court however. Once again, I was never given ToS so I cannot share that with you either, I can just go on what I know.
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