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Found 3 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/1016815.html (UPDATED 01 December 2018) WHO: FarisBatwan (FBsuits) - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/farisbatwan & https://twitter.com/fbsuits WHERE: Initial contact via gmail, conversation/discussion also via Twitter DM's & Discord. WHAT: Digitigrade Fullsuit - Head, Hands, Tail, Bodysuit, Outdoor Footpaws and Indoor Sockpaws WHEN: Initial contact on August 22nd, 2017. Paid in full on Septeber 02, 2017. Initial suspicion that things were not progressing as planned began in June 2018, especially moving into July 2018. EXPLAIN: I commissioned Faris after seeing her gallery on FA and seeing a couple suiters at Megaplex 2017 wearing her suits. Initial contact was good, and she was pretty responsive to messages. I was assured that Megaplex 2018 was more than enough time to complete this order, and told that paying in full sooner would assure me an even higher place in the queue. (1) After I paid communication began to go south. There were days, even weeks in between responses in gmail. Faris claimed several times that messages were not arriving from me, or that she had sent something I had not received. I thought this odd, but we agreed to move off-site for communication to Twitter DMs, and shortly thereafter to Discord. Communication problems continued throughout the beginning of 2018, although I always (eventually) received a response after prodding her several times. I was given a "100% guaranteed" completion of the suit by July of 2018. After this passed she told me she been handling her Anthrocon rush, but I would definitely have a fullsuit in time for Megaplex. On June 04 I was promised WIPs "this week" which never materialized until July 22nd, after a LOT of prodding, multiple failed promises of delivery on various dates and times, and eventually having to get pretty harsh with her and threatening chargebacks/legal action. As this date drew nearer with no updates - despite me asking several times - things definitely started to seem amiss. The bodysuit turned into a maybe, but the partial was "100% guaranteed." I did receive photos of a completed head, hands, and tail, and a tracking number only hours before she had to get it shipped out. I paid a premium for Priority Express shipping, but had no updates on tracking past "Pre-Shipment" until I left for the convention on August 02, 2018. (2 - collage of missed deadlines) After I got back from the con I dove into this with Faris, trying to figure out what happened. After an excessive amount of prodding I finally got a screenshot proving she had actually purchased a label - for a Priority package only, that wasn't destined to arrive at my location until August 02. I called her out on it and she had an extremely implausible excuse - I decided it was best to move on from that since I was still out over $2000 at this point with nothing to show for it, the shipping costs only being a fraction of it. (4, 5) During August and September I brought up numerous complaints from other customers to her. They were always "lying" or "not telling the whole story," or "out to ruin her," but she was never at fault for any of it, according to her. On the 31st things came to a head and I had a discussion with her about the poor communication, repeated failures to deliver WIPs as promised, and other issues. I gave her a 30-day ultimatum - if I had nothing in hand by September 30th, I would be moving on to expecting a refund - voluntary or otherwise. I made it very clear then, and at several other points throughout September, that chargebacks and small claims court were absolutely on the table. In the meantime I attempted to treat the unshipped package as a USPS issue, although I'd never heard of the USPS losing a Priority package without so much as an acceptance scan - it seemed extremely implausible. I did almost all of the legwork to initiate claims/seaches with the USPS, including talking to my local office on September 4th. My postmaster wanted to talk to Faris. Faris told me on September 6th that she had called in and given him all the info he requested. I called back on the 7th to verify as I was at a point where I was no longer able to take Faris' word for granted. My postmaster remembered specific details of my conversation with him on the 4th, but had no memory of talking to anybody about the case on the 6th, just a day before. After confronting Faris about this I was basically just given the same story: she had really called. My postmaster said they get at most 5-6 calls a day and that he definitely would have remembered a call about that. (3) I had no choice but to just move on from this point. Dealing with the original package and the constant delays and excuses over the bodysuit was taking a lot of energy from me. On the 22nd of September she was still claiming "100% guarantee" of delivery by month's end. I was also told on this day that the only thing remaining was to sew the front and back together, and sew in the padding. On the 25th she told me she may have to work out Friday shipping with her. I let her know I was not happy about this but as long as I had a tracking number that showed movement before the 30th (an acceptance scan or more) I would consider that acceptable. On the 30th was my last message from her - she contacted me to let me know the back had to be sewn together, and then the front and back had to be sewn together. Somehow in the span of eight days /backwards/ progress had been made, according to her. I was told proof would be sent later that day and that she would be willing to work with me on a refund. I told her that a refund would be best. I contacted her again Monday morning, Monday afternoon, and Tuesday morning to let her know I was expecting her to work with me on setting up a refund, and that Tuesday afternoon was her last chance to get in touch with me. While I normally would allow more time than this for a response, her past track record with communication and near countless other clients waiting on suits, partials, and premades from her, I decided it was best to move on to legal options. At the current time I have a claim in progress with PayPal for a payment made for shipping & indoor sockpaws, and a chargeback with Discover for 50% of the commission price (she has a chance to attempt to refute both of these, currently). The other 50% was unfortunately paid via my PayPal balance which I have no easy recourse to outside of small claims court. Currently I have started that process and am awaiting small claims papers to be mailed to me. I will update this posting as more happens. I just felt it prudent to warn people that Faris is not a trustworthy person to work with. I don't believe she does anything maliciously - she's not trying to run a scam, but she is disorganized and doesn't have the integrity to tell her clients the truth when she gets behind or misses a deadline. For the most part she was polite and pleasant to talk to - but ultimately, I paid a four-digit sum of money for a product that never arrived, with suspiciously similar circumstances to multiple other clients of hers. I would feel remiss if I did not do my part to warn others in the community to avoid making the mistake I did. ~ 06 October 2018: I submitted a claim to the USPS earlier in September regarding the supposedly lost package. An initial payout was approved of $60.15. I thought that an odd number, so I appealed (Faris insisted she had purchased insurance for it, but never procured it when asked). Today I got a letter back with the results of the appeal — it was again denied, and as requested, they explained the $60.15 payout. No additional insurance was purchased to cover the value of the item at time of mailing. The baked-in insurance is $50 plus the amount of postage — meaning she spent $10.15 on the label for this, after I had sent her $107.30 for Priority Express. (6, 7) Faris made no mention of this when I confronted her with this evidence (I already knew she had spent less to do Priority vs Priority Express, via evidence she sent me, I just didn't know the actual amount). She is still insisting she purchased insurance, however, she says she doesn't have a receipt or any other evidence to prove it. She did say she was going to start making regular repayments later this month. At the current time she still owes me $839.85, pending the PayPal chargeback cases resolving in my favor. I am not holding her responsible for the $60.15 the USPS paid me. ~ 18 October 2018: Since posting this I've gotten in contact with multiple other people dealing with undelivered fursuits from Faris, conflicting stories and accounts, etc. I have evidence that Faris submitted, as approval images, the exact same fursuit parts for both hands and feet for both me and another client — and in the case of the hands, she even sent us both the EXACT same image, down to the pixel. See images 8 & 9. PROOF: https://imgur.com/a/uu8eRgf (1) https://imgur.com/BKYiNx9 (2) https://imgur.com/dqEMLK9 (3) https://imgur.com/xp2wZSl (4) https://imgur.com/TwD8QyU (5) https://imgur.com/6ToDOrQ (6) https://imgur.com/j1W8bPy (7) https://imgur.com/8CHFShz (8) https://imgur.com/1yzI5vc (9) https://imgur.com/RAxem7q ~ 01 November 2018: Faris has sent a small repayment toward the total amount she owes me. She says she is planning to make monthly payments until the debt is paid off. 01 December 2018: Next refund payment has been made.
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/1014686.html WHO: FarisBatwan (FBsuits) - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/farisbatwan - https://twitter.com/fbsuits and the facebook which is under "FuzzyBatSuits" https://www.facebook.com/fuzzybatsuits/ WHERE: Conversations were spread out between Facebook and Texts. WHAT: body suit commission, feet, handpaws, head trade, a pre-made black body suit, and Lastly a body suit that she was fixing for me made by headsandtailsstudios named "Zaroo". WHEN: Febuary 22, 2018 [As of October 29, 2018; we're working it out a resolution] November 17, No progress has been seen/started since resolution was discussed. EXPLAIN: The initial transaction was 550$ for a Body suit of one of my characters and a pair of black feetpaws, she said that she would throw in a pair of handpaws in for free with the commission. Transaction 2/22/2018: https://imgur.com/a/oJhGtyB full payment as she requested here; https://imgur.com/a/ANWt6HB While the commission was taking place I was in the process of looking for a black body for my character Kieraa (We did a head trade so she was making my Kieraa head) when she learned I was looking for a black body suit she told me about one she had for 400$ it was a planti-grade black body https://imgur.com/a/mDiAzAs I questioned her about why we couldn't swap my ZER0 commission body out with this one and she told me that since she had already gotten the materials and pattern out that she wasn't going to (also needed the extra money; https://imgur.com/a/uuypkVd) so I went ahead and paid 400$ + 22$ she requested extra for(Payments for it: https://imgur.com/XJFkBBY Apologies they were sent in weird amounts I had to dig through and balance funds at the time) Upon further discussion I wanted fur to be added to the back of the body so it had a moehawk/mane look to it so when I brought that to her attention she wanted an additional 22$ to pay for the fur cost to add that look onto it (essentially making this now a commission even though it was a premade) https://imgur.com/wr60I4s So I paid her the 22$ on May 14 which can be seen in the payment plan started for the body picture. May 31st I get this message https://imgur.com/plykAWG "So I ran into a huge problem" So I was curious what was going on ... But wasn't getting any responses back so I messaged her on my phone asking what the problem was and getting worried because there was no responses. I find out later; https://imgur.com/oDqGNkt / https://imgur.com/VnrQNLb That the body was a 'premade' only because it was someones DTD who messed up and then later was demanding their body back. But I had already paid for extra work to be done on this body that she did say she did and all of that stuff (never got pictures of the extension fur on the back though still) She said it would be handled, but I'm still not sure if it was handled correctly. Fast forward a little bit and my partner ends up getting angry at her for not producing any WIPS and making a lot of excuses - He wanted me to open a paypal case and put his foot down on it because we sent the money "Friends and Family" and if there was a chance we could get it back then we should try https://imgur.com/5FnF1X8 so she responds back to me https://imgur.com/4QdVRCz and https://imgur.com/MWCi0Ne Holding me responsible for the case being opened and I told her it wasn't about the money so much as it was about the WIPS for the two of us because they were flat out promised https://imgur.com/cNCEkgo Case was 'mutually decided' to be closed because of the Terms of Service she has set in place so I couldn't have a case open and she provided me with pictures of an abandoned project along with SOME of my commission (seen here: https://imgur.com/K3fvK1t / https://imgur.com/jTTu6Ay only I couldn't see my commission part very well because everything was so jumbled and bunched together but there is; The black body suit which I couldn't see very well, Zaroo's suit she was fixing up and some side projects which were a black and red body with a bio-hazard symbol in the middle along with a tail she didn't want to throw away because it was a canceled commission she had prior so was giving to me and a pair of handpaws that weren't part of that exact commission) With the case closed it takes me a little bit to get something from her for a while but eventually I got tracking information; https://imgur.com/aw9QzRy by it's history it took a while to update, the number was made on September 1st https://imgur.com/Ds2L3DH but the item was not picked up until September 7th, which is shown there. It looks like an odd route the package was going but I decided not to question it, I live in Florida so the route looked odd to me. When I finally looked at 'estimated' delivery date and lined things up, the package was headed and delivered to North Dakota; https://imgur.com/lqwUcWD I asked her about it; (Here's where shes saying it's the right tracking number and going to me; https://imgur.com/lAQqbQm / https://imgur.com/wjb6Bbk and here https://imgur.com/pSgeo2J) in that package was suppose to be half of my commission + a bodysuit she decided to fix for me almost a year ago (https://imgur.com/f3Tt6SR where she was asking for the measurements to fix him, you can see it in the pictures I received when the case was opened) she said it must of been a post office mix-up and it was out of her hands. She didn't give me a postal case number or anything like that so I had to call in and ask all the questions and when they got back to me they said the package was suppose to go to North Dakota and not Florida, so where my stuff is now? "Edit: I found out what happened with my tracking, In the comments someone claimed the tracking number and gave me proof https://www.dropbox.com/sh/smkpciia50xrorh/AAAaPASAnzU6ylwx_81o9Y5Va?dl=0 that the tracking + package went to them. I honestly don't know where my stuff is, but she had told me so many times she would be 'done' with my stuff but never had any pictures to back up the rest of my commission being done. There's more I'd like to add to this so when I get the rest of the screenshots in order where I've asked countless times for WIPS and haven't gotten responses I'll upload the link to the album to the beware. Update: We are working on payment plans for refunding. Will update when refunds are being sent.
  3. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/985962.html (Update at 7th Jan 2019 for 21st April 2018: See Below) WHO: Faris Batwan / Fuzzy Bat Suits WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/farisbatwan/ / http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fbsuits/ / https://www.facebook.com/pg/fuzzybatsuits/posts/?ref=page_internal WHAT: Partial fursuit / paws (Initial payment $975, been refunded $350, $300, $186 ($139 remaining)) WHEN: Starting March 8th 2017 – Still ongoing as of 28th February 2018 EXPLAIN: Everything was fine to begin with as was usually the case. I ordered a pre-made head that came with a tail and custom paws, the maker was very eager for the sale and replied very quickly on FA notes until I payed via PayPal. [FA Notes screenshot] A couple of days later something happened in my personal life that meant I had a large bill to pay for, as things hadn’t been shipped yet and I hadn’t been told that the paws had started being made or received other notes so I tried to cancel the order. To which I didn’t receive a response for another few days, and was ultimately told that they had spent all of the money on new equipment as soon as they received it and don’t have any money to refund me. [FA Notes screenshots] We went back and forth in notes a few times before I was told that the paws couldn’t be refunded since they were custom and so was the tail, even though the tail was in the listing to begin with and there had been no photos of the paws sent to me to show they have been completed. [Telegram screenshots] I reminded them the tail was from stock and therefore not bespoke to me and then I still had the paws sent out to me since the quality of their work seemed excellent. There were no photos taken of paws that were sent to me at all, additionally I was told that they had been sent by priority mail. [Telegram screenshots] Up to this point I had been told a few times that they were having bad weather pretty much seemed to be on a daily basis that didn’t allow them to check emails/telegram/notes etc. I had also been told to contact them on Telegram as it was their preferred method and then after not replying to me for a long time they said they preferred email and would definitely respond within 48 hours which they didn’t unless it affected them monetarily later on in the year. [Telegram screenshots] I originally bought the partial, and ultimately just the paws, for CFZ17, but they never showed even after the delivery time frame was weeks in the past, remember it was supposed to be priority mail. I asked the maker to contact the delivery company about it and the maker waited weeks until they eventually did and told me that we had to wait until half way through July before a claim could be made for a lost parcel. [Telegram screenshots] July came and went after I sent a number of messages to no response, which is around about the time they changed their mind and said to email them since they no longer like Telegram. Time passes and I still hadn’t received a response from the maker so I filed a PayPal case on them since they wouldn’t refund me or respond to me after numerous attempts to reach out to them. [Telegram screenshots] I had an message effectively calling me a scammer and saying I was damaging the business and she couldn’t pay me anyways even if I won the case [Telegram screenshots] After a few messages they eventually agreed to pay part of the money owed to me, but not the full amount. [Telegram screenshots] I was however promised once more that they were going to sell some pre-made heads to be able to refund me the final amount due to me. [Gmail screenshots] The last communication I had was in November from the maker with no final refund or communication, I contacted them again in the new year at the start of February and also got no response. [ Gmail screenshots] Apologies for the length of this post and any incidental errors, it has been ongoing for a year now. PROOF: FA Notes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kgo77onymfvhmwx/FA Notes Screenshots.png?dl=0 Telegram : https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1rldas9khzz0nx/Telegram Part 1.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nj8fq4iakomlbdd/Telegram Part 2.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/sa5lvtq0kxud0ev/Telegram Part 3.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dozgo95j38b3mx/Telegram Part 4.png?dl=0 Payment Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwt966haw4l53by/Payment Screenshots.png?dl=0 Gmail: Update 7th Jan 2019, overdue from 21st April 2018 Faris got in touch with me on 21/04/18 via email apologizing and stating she will issue a refund for the remainder when she can. I replied simply that I would like to be able to mark it as resolved and to let me know when she could refund the final amount. As of 7th Jan 2019 I have not heard anything further. Tired of ads? Upgrade to account with Professional
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