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  1. Still the same as before, now even the alt account @SpacePupper was deleted for inactivity as well without response
  2. Both discord links are dead unfortunately. Though I appreciate the alt account, hopefully they'll be responsive, though they haven't logged on in over a month it looks like
  3. During Denfur 2019 on Aug 4, 2019. I've purchased a physical badge to be made and delivered for $60. Transaction was in cash, so no digital receipt unfortunately. The artist then promptly sends a verification for the commission and invited me to join in a Telegram channel for status updates. The channel indicates that Denfur badges are complete, though there's no progress picture of mine anywhere in the channel. It's been over a year since I've purchased the badge, and the associated telegram account was deleted likely from inactivity. Any associated accounts with Bluhuny have been inactiv
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