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  • Artist Beware - Bluhuny

    • Who: Bluhuny
      Where: FA - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bluhuny/
      Telegram - @Bluhuny (defunct as of Aug 2020)
      Telegram Channel - Bluhuny Queue https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFaQFhGxxeJO0o2UwQ
      Twitter - https://twitter.com/BluHuny
      When: 08/04/2019
      What: Commission

    During Denfur 2019 on Aug 4, 2019. I've purchased a physical badge to be made and delivered for $60. Transaction was in cash, so no digital receipt unfortunately.
    The artist then promptly sends a verification for the commission and invited me to join in a Telegram channel for status updates. The channel indicates that Denfur badges are complete, though there's no progress picture of mine anywhere in the channel.
    It's been over a year since I've purchased the badge, and the associated telegram account was deleted likely from inactivity. Any associated accounts with Bluhuny have been inactive since at least a year ago. Their FA page indicates they're on hiatus from November '19 till "2020", though this was not mentioned at the convention.



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    I previously had issues with BluHuny myself last year.
    The commissions channel has not seen an update from them since last September, but they did not delete the account where I initially had contact with them for my transaction, the fuzzy timestamp implies that the account may not be active at the moment, but its worth a shot to maybe contact them there?

    But with their track record at this point, who even knows, really.

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    7 hours ago, theodor said:

    I was able to join this channel they have, but it has been dead; https://t.me/BluhunyWaitlist

    If you join & scroll up in this channel, there's invite links to the "VIP" discord server as well.

    You didn't need to do anything special to join it, it was meant to be some sort of priority slot list if you hung around. But the discord itself was not active, also worth a shot to see if you can catch BluHuny via discord to reach them wherever possible.

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    Both discord links are dead unfortunately. Though I appreciate the alt account, hopefully they'll be responsive, though they haven't logged on in over a month it looks like

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