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  • I've Been Posted to Artists Beware, Now What?

    We understand that being posted to the community can be stressful and scary. Before responding to a beware made on you please take a moment to breathe, and then look over this post.

    Will Artists_Beware remove a post about me?

    No, once a post has been set into the community it is here to stay.  What we do is issue the beware a resolved tag, showing that you have fixed the problem.

    What do I do if the submitter has lied about me?
    Contact one (1) Administrator with concrete proof of what is false.  We will take action depending on the severity of what was falsified.  If the whole crux of the beware was falsified, then the bewaree can opt to either have the post expunged with a public explanation as to why, or they can have a "tag reversal".  Tag reversals are where all original bewaree tags are removed, but the submitter's name is put in the tags.  The original post will stay as is, but a large, clearly visible mod note will state what has transpired.

    Example:  A post was submitted by Mr Furry about Bunny. 

    Mr Furry states Bunny didn't complete the work and blocked Mr Furry.  Bunny provides evidence that Mr. Furry was refunded before she blocked him, but Mr. Furry left that out of his post.

    Administrators can be directly contacted by PMing @Xaila or @Celestina, filling out a Contact Us form, or DMing Artists_Beware on twitter.


    I've heard that bewarees can't respond to posts.  Is that true?

    Absolutely not true!  Bewarees can respond provided they follow the Rules of Participation.  So long as you're polite, do not attempt to guilt trip the OP, or violate Rule 5, you are welcome to post.  In fact, we encourage you to.

    Someone hasn't posted about me yet, but they said they were. Can I contact you to stop the post?
    No. The contents of the queue are reviewed independently of outside information. We also cannot disclose to you if something is in our queue or isn't.


    Help!  I've tried contacting a Submitter to resolve the issue, but they won't respond. /  Help!  I've resolved the issue, but the Submitter won't notify Artists Beware staff!

    Contact one (1) Administrator or fill out a Contact Us form, and we will get your tags updated.

    What can I do to get this resolved as quickly as possible?

    1. People want resolutions, not excuses.

    At the end of the day this is a business transaction, and personal issues have no place. If personal problems prevent an item from being completed, we suggest a refund.

    2. Do not ask/ demand/ or hint that the Submitter delete the post.  (Rule 5)

    Users don't have the ability to edit or delete posts.

    3. Make arrangements for long term resolution if you can't fix this at once.

    People, especially the person you're doing business with, want to see effort.

    4. Do not send people to harass the submitter for you.

    Comments are moderated.  People coming in to belittle the OP, harass them, threaten them, or otherwise be nonconstructive about them coming forward will not be approved.  Sending people in just to say how their transaction with you went well, will have them redirected to the positive reviews forum.  A good transaction with others doesn't negate the OP's experience.

    5. Understand that AB isn't a drama group, but a resource for artists and commissioners.

    The members of AB work with the information they're given at the time, and they will be honest, even if it's not something you want to hear. If you've made a mistake and are genuinely apologetic and work to resolve the issue, the members will remember and respect that.

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