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  1. Their Facebook page links to this; https://www.missrarscreatures.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR0nVYPBmZZ-o-kKcj6Msca6N7pp8CtG60L-Y51NW43X5fsTl3oYSsPzHvU Which links this twitter; https://twitter.com/Missrars (which was updated in june) And an instagram; https://www.instagram.com/missrars_/ It looks like they attended cons/are attending cons. You can always try and contact the cons and tell them the artist has run with your money. Cons dont like to allow dealers that scam in, and our cons actually encourage customers telling staff if sellers do this.
  2. I have never checked out a buyers age in the 10+ years Ive been doing art, and nothing has ever happened; if you're wary because of the way they type (generally kids dont type professionally), check their profile, or decline it. You need to be 18 for paypal anyways. I probably wouldnt purchase from anyone that specifically asked my DOB (and I absolutely wouldnt give my ID)
  3. I'd be wary about Amino due to the mass amount of minors on it. But also, I generally dont chat with people because every time I do, I get used for free art. Artists seem snobby or cold specifically because it happens to use regularly. Ive made friends with people though art trades, because it shows you're willing to work/pay to get their art, and arent after free stuff. Also, joining group chats on telegram/discord. If you're aiming to befriend a specific artist, I advise against it. Befriending someone just for their name/art isnt cool.
  4. I am not saying staff will be, I am saying that some people may accuse staff of doing so, and asking how that will be combated. Apologies if it came off that way. If I donated, I would want it to be 100% anonymous. I wouldnt want a thank you, or a badge of any sort, because I wouldnt want to be accused of being favoured. It would be a punch in the gut if an AB ended in my favour and then I got told it was only because I donated.
  5. The first. Although now that its mentioned, the second may be an issue as well.
  6. A repeat customer of mine who is up next on my queue offered to switch their spot in the queue with said customer. I will take extra care and save wips for proof if they attempt to claim I rushed it, as I do work fast.Thanks for the advice, but at this point the time wasted, fighting to refund them is more stressful than just doing the image. I will blacklist then after they approve the final image. I assume the entire thing was to be bumped. @xaila I have never had an issue where I could not match payment with a name before, it was just because the timestamps were all the same.
  7. I would not, but I do feel like the 'donors being protected thing would still be an issue. Would there be a way to combat this, if donations were added?
  8. There is, if its within the time frame! My paypal doesnt show anything on the details except names, so I need them to give me the name on their account. The commission purchased was via a batch and they are all the same amounts. I dont want to ask them which is theres, as I would have to give out peoples names. I confirm people pay, but I dont wrist down any details elsewhere for privacy reasons.
  9. I again asked for their email to refund, and they said they would wait. They wouldnt give their details for a refund. I will keep them in my queue for now, but I am worried they will 'put me on blast' once I complete the artwork. They gave me a week ultimatum with their original post. 'I'm willing to give you like... maybe a week? two if you legitimately have a good reason"
  10. I have fractured my drawing wrist and have posted updates to my customers all month. I have also beed extremely ill. One of my customers asks for updated and I reply every time about being ill/the wrist. I have been working through it the best I can, but I am delayed, obviously. But the customer has not come to me and has included overtones that they dont believe me, and is accusing me of taking on more work while not completing the old stuff. I have provided them all my WIPs, and my small amount of posts this month, but theyre rejecting proof from IRL sources about the illness and wrist (and the rejection of my health care). They dont want a refund, but are insisting on an ultimatum 'If I have a legit excuse', but wont accept the proof. I dont have their exact info to force a refund and they dont seem to want one. I have never been in a situation where the customer DOESNT want the refund but doesnt want to wait. What do I do?
  11. Can you not just file a chargeback? It says part was refunded, but the transaction was within 180 days, so you could open a case, could you not?
  12. I would open the case, and do NOT close it until you get your art and extra. If they do end up doing it, you can always resend the money if the case sides in your favour before they do it.
  13. Is there no way to get the money back from the site, even with a TT?
  14. Paypal.me is just paypal. It's the same as sending money via email. If you wanted to use paypals built in refund feature (Which is the way refunds should be given if possible, as it refunds fees too) You could have looked it up with the name provided on paypal.me. (My paypal history shows only names, not emails)
  15. You may also be able to call paypal and provide the images of the ruined print. I know a few people have gotten through to them via phone after closing a case. It's 100% on the seller for shipments and items, not you. Even if you call the post office they will tell you they cannot do anything that it has to be the one that mailed it.
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