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  1. I suggest writing up a professional ask for an update, like 'Hey, its been X time, and I'd like to know the status of my commission, and see a WIP. If no WIP is present, I would like to request a refund.'. RP type, and 'friendly chit chat' is a huge no in a business setting. They probably think youre just giving friendly banter, and not actually the status of your comm, as said in the above two comments. I also refuse clients who do this because it makes us, the artists, very uncomfortable.
  2. You can lose a chargeback on invoices (my only chargebacks have been on invoices and I lost every one despite providing proof I did the work). Your best best to NOT get a charge back is let it drag on past the 180 days, which isnt very... good, and not something you really should do. I would honestly drop the client the first time they canceled. Its a huge red flag for someone to flop back and fourth. Especially if they are blocking you for not playing a game with them. Blacklist immediately, repurpose the work if you can.
  3. I would call paypal and tell them the seller told you to send as F&F, and you might get some help. If you go through their contact me page, you are sometimes given a unique code that makes the call even faster. Explain you have not gotten the image you bought, and the seller is ignoring. It's against PP terms to send as F&F to avoid fees. Do not mention it is an 18+ purchase (if it was nsfw) cause you may be completely out of luck, as they dont allow NSFW art sales.
  4. theodor


    Looking for this user; https://www.deviantart.com/darkdaniela Left dA without completing owed art.
  5. I got a partial refund after contacting them with the threat of a beware, and a promise some of the missing content was on its way.
  6. Guess it's the AB post route then, as Im missing 4+ months of content.
  7. Im not if if you meant to send that, but that guide says literally email them on patreon and ask for a refund. The user is ignoring me, I have already asked for a refund.
  8. I joined a pin club, and I have not received multiple rewards I have paid for. User is ignoring me. Because patreon is a monthly thing, is there a way to get refunds through them? It was paid out from my patreon balance, and did not go through my paypal.
  9. Provide proof to the mods to update the tag
  10. I just wont bother then, I wouldnt even know where to start with the fact that I was clearly buying from an overseas mass production company hiring some translator to act like I was receiving a hand crafted item. Thanks anyways. Im leaving it up to paypal dispute.
  11. Individual said 'not really' when I asked if it was their paypal I paid. (They said it was another company, but the mailing address matches the paypal. I didnt want to cost them chargeback fees if it was their personal account and it really is a compnay) I have no idea who I paid. I started a chargeback. Is there anyone I can work 1on1 with a mod to submit this as a beware? Theres SO many twitter DMs and the situation is SO weird that I dont even know where to start.
  12. They explained it wrong, they will be visiting my country for vacation, and want me to mail it to them here. IDK how I would be getting a refund cause they said cash. They are adamant that they are just a dude helping a friend translate, and has nothing to do with the company. I will likey just do a chargeback at this point.
  13. Honestly, It got a lot more complicated where the person I am talking to is just a translator, and not anyone making the hoodie, and the company is saying no refund, no remake. I thought I was commissioning a self employed furry artist, as thats how it was presented to me. I was never told it was a company or anything, I even paid the individual, and not a company. I am being offered a really weird meet in person in 1-2 months and swap the 1st hoodie for cash, out of the individuals pocket, and not from the company or endorsed by it.
  14. I ordered a custom hoodie. Was shown no wips. An art template and then final product. Size sheet was provided with waist and length of body. Received hoodie, arms are SUPER short, marking band on arm is smaller circumference than rest of arm. Eye color is wrong. Between me giving the mistakes and getting the artist to agree to remake, there was also trouble and they were very rude and saying I ordered wrong size and stuff. Artist admits they did eye color wrong, but mailed it anyways (later says this was not true). Later I find out English isnt their first language, so they may not have been rude on purpose, but they were saying stuff like it was my fault, and following me in a chat where I asked for advice over the eyes, saying I was being rude about them and stuff. (never once released their name or the full product) Again, no WIPs. See finished image and tracking number. Images are hard to see but looks like good. I dont notice the leaves or tail because I didnt expect them to change it. Leaves and tail are changed. Eyes are wrong color. I showed a light lilac/purple, and its got super dark purple eyes. Artist says that they cant match eye colors. Never told me anything about not matching the eye color, just said they would fix it. Other hoodies use light purple, so its clearly not true. Im not even super upset with the eyes, as I understand they cant match exact, but I would have absolutely preferred they try and get it to the character at least, The leaves and tail are awful. The tail looks like they just put blobs, and the leaves have no details. Artist Says " I need to lear from all this experience and talk to the team because i clearly see some weak points to improve (all the troubles mentioned before) But thats all i can do. I think 😕" I can include a close up of the tails and leaves without outting the maker OR the character its for.
  15. We have asked for wips again, and no contact. We messaged them early Jan and the only reply we got was to ask if we were going to a local con, when we said no, everything has been on read since. No WIP shots that I asked for last time have been provided. She claimed she was having trouble on the legs, but we have yet to see any photo aside from the badly mocked up head, which was just a ball, with eyes and bad seams.
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