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  1. Sending via f&f now charges me over half of the transaction amount, sometimes more. I tried to send $5, and it wanted me to pay $10 total. I usually use ko-fi for tips. Or if its an artist I know and trust, include it ahead of time.
  2. I had someone sell off the sketch for an art trade (their part) that I did with someone. It's really not chill when artists do this, unless its specifically a base or multi slot.
  3. I meant the friendly chatter, not the checking up on the progress. Business =/= friendship.
  4. I do agree that you messaged them way too much; unless you two were friend, I dont see the need to do friendly chatter within a business transaction. As an artist this would bother me a lot. Did they have their TOS in a public place? For a suit, something that will almost always have down payments and non refundable parts, Im surprised they didnt show it to you personally. And the fact that they didnt keep receipts seems odd too. They missed way too many deadlines, and they should have owned up to that. Also 'heads are quick' versus 'over a year wait'.....
  5. Googling their name comes up with these; https://www.redbubble.com/people/caninevomit https://steamcommunity.com/id/Caninevomit Goolging their name comes up with " transformice user Caninevomit" on a lot of art. I have no idea if thats a site, or a roleplay or what, but you can look in to it and see if theyre active there. This is googles cache of their trello saying they quit Amino -
  6. Do a beware. Trades are still 'paid' work. The currency being art instead of money.
  7. My commission prices include my time answering notes and marketing (journals and whatnot); I charge a private fee for clients that dont want their art posted because I lose out on that marketing. But, you are not spending any money (or time) on a SINGLE thing that you will not be able to reuse (aka like violent pink fur, or a neon yellow marker, for example) so digital artists should NOT be charging kill fees when no work had been done. Computer parts are 100% write off on taxes (if its a work pc). You dont really 'lose' that money. I would not buy from anyone who has any kind of fee for unstarted work. Thats a red flag for me.
  8. In digital media, there should be no percentage kept for unstarted work. There is nothing to buy which would require some sort of deposit, like a fursuit. Even if it was tangible, %50 is insane.
  9. I drew a gift art for my friend, which was followed by derpy doodles so I dont think they count. x3
  10. Artist cancels = full refund Client cancels = partial refund. (unless work has not been started) Obviously theres a bit more than black/white but thats generally the best moral code.
  11. theodor

    Beware: Yajuuu

    So she sent the refund without even confirming you're email, and it wasnt yours? Did you end up actually getting the refund in hand?
  12. theodor

    Beware: Yajuuu

    She never posted or even kept any type of queue. She originally told me multiple times I'd be next, and then later said there was 10 people ahead of me.
  13. theodor

    Beware: Yajuuu

    An artist should never block a client they owe money/art to. Part of our jobs is keeping in touch and replying to clients. I do not see anywhere where the OP 'yelled' at her either. They have essentially left OP with no way to contact them, and have to just hope they get a refund randomly.
  14. theodor

    Beware: Yajuuu

    Sad that she hasnt changed at all; https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/963160.html She had tons of excuses for me as well, sadly this is common for her. I had a few commissions from her before mine went bad. If you paid with a credit card you may be able to charge back with the card. You likely will not see a refund. I only got mine because someone else paid it. She has a huge owed list that isnt public.
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