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  1. Its happened recently, and at least once before. Generally I hit a key beside (big fingers, no way to preview password) and it will lock me on first attempt. Ive waited the lock out time a few times, but Ive had to resort to resetting if I constantly get it wrong.
  2. Not sure if its a bug, but if I fail a password it locks my account first try.
  3. By 'commission is on buyer' they likely mean the fees. 'Commission' is a word I have heard from local non English speakers in place of fee/debt/charge.
  4. Yes, if they continue it after being informed, and/or have an extreme reaction. I disagree with the 'without mentioning the fees.' part, as you are not allowed to have them what so ever, and I have seen people who state '$x added for paypal fee' or '$10, fees added if paying by paypal' in commission ads. I think hidden, and blatantly stated ones should be posted if the artist continues after being informed/is rude.
  5. The previous poster of a beware with this artist did eventually manage to get a refund after a year. Sadly, it seems as if the artist has not learned. I hope you can get this resolved OP!
  6. Looks like they changed their @, I would go to your DMs and have mods update the tag. The old DM should have the new username (they auto change over, or if you were following them you can see it too).
  7. Not sure if its normal, but I attempted to paste a link in to a beware comment, and it loads up the entire website, inside the comment box, and there was no way to get it to paste just a link, and no large preview. I ended up trying 3 times, and the final time, a small bar appeared asking if I wanted to remove the preview. (I think th firts 2 times it wasnt loading the bar) It may have been an issue from the site loading weird, as I have never attempted to paste a link before, but may I also suggest disabling link previews in general? It can end up showing NSFW content, and because I was pasti
  8. Bewaree also owns PlayTyme, should be added to the tags. https://twitter.com/PlayTymeABDL?lang=en
  9. I was able to join this channel they have, but it has been dead; https://t.me/BluhunyWaitlist
  10. Just echoing what everyone else here said, drop the chargeback. If you didnt like the credit, it shouldnt have been OKed in the first place. Ive been dragged in to closed species drama before, and I sympathize with the artist not wanting to be involved and just saying 'no'.
  11. I suggest writing up a professional ask for an update, like 'Hey, its been X time, and I'd like to know the status of my commission, and see a WIP. If no WIP is present, I would like to request a refund.'. RP type, and 'friendly chit chat' is a huge no in a business setting. They probably think youre just giving friendly banter, and not actually the status of your comm, as said in the above two comments. I also refuse clients who do this because it makes us, the artists, very uncomfortable.
  12. You can lose a chargeback on invoices (my only chargebacks have been on invoices and I lost every one despite providing proof I did the work). Your best best to NOT get a charge back is let it drag on past the 180 days, which isnt very... good, and not something you really should do. I would honestly drop the client the first time they canceled. Its a huge red flag for someone to flop back and fourth. Especially if they are blocking you for not playing a game with them. Blacklist immediately, repurpose the work if you can.
  13. I would call paypal and tell them the seller told you to send as F&F, and you might get some help. If you go through their contact me page, you are sometimes given a unique code that makes the call even faster. Explain you have not gotten the image you bought, and the seller is ignoring. It's against PP terms to send as F&F to avoid fees. Do not mention it is an 18+ purchase (if it was nsfw) cause you may be completely out of luck, as they dont allow NSFW art sales.
  14. Looking for this user; https://www.deviantart.com/darkdaniela Left dA without completing owed art.
  15. I got a partial refund after contacting them with the threat of a beware, and a promise some of the missing content was on its way.
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