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Found 3 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/941240.html [Editor's note, this creator is now operating under names in the linked tweet: WHO: @DalmyDoDat / @SpotmyTots / @FursaceClub > on Twitter WHERE: Email / Twitter / http://www.dalmydodatcreations.com/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/DalmyDoDatCreations WHAT: Fursuit underwear as a gift for a friend of mine WHEN: Purchased on 03/26/2015 PROOF: All screenshots are located here: http://imgur.com/a/PVbWC EXPLAIN: This happened almost 2 years ago, so some of my memories are a bit fuzzy but I will do my best to recount everything that happened. The most recent issues were recent. This is my first time posting an artists beware. About two years ago Dalmy posted around about this fursuit underwear they had designed made for fursuits. The photos were great, and it seemed to be really going well. I wanted to purchase it for a friend of mine as a gift. So I went and emailed to ask a question about the underwear and they replied very promptly. Everything was set and I recieved and paid for my invoice. 1 It totaled $30 which was very fair. 2 And about 2 months later I recieved an email to charge an additional $10 for shipping costs which I paid soon afterwards. 3 4 After everything was all paid I eagerly awaited the delivery to my friend. But soon, again almost two months later, there was a new email that arrived that said there would be shipping delays due to a convention & illness. 5 Of course, that doesn't bother me, as I understand real life happens. In the email it was stated that orders would get filled after the convention so I didn't mind the extra wait. Soon time passed and it's been another 2 months since the shipping delays email and I find out my friend moved and needed it to be sent to another location. So I emailed Dalmy to try and get it updated and never recieved a response. 6 Then again, 2 months after that I tried once more to see if it was all set, but I again, never recieved a response or confirmation. At this point it's been 8 months since the initial order. I DM'ed their personal twitter to ask what was happening with the order. I got a reply, and was being told they were being worked on. 12 About a month later another new email arrives talking about how people were getting frustrated with their orders not arriving and filing disputes. 7 One thing that struck me right away was that apparently their Paypal is now frozen because of the disputes that got filed. There was also promise of them getting out to the new year. At this point, I was satisfied and assumed that the deadline would get reached this time and everything would work out well. It was at this point, on the same day, I emailed Dalmy on the email that sent the previous message and again let them know that my friend had a new shipping address and I wanted to make sure it got noted/updated. 8 I recieved no reply. On April, in 2016, there was a single twitter post on the Fursace's twitter detailing that there will be promises of a video detailing refunds. 9 Nothing ever got made. After waiting a few more months I started to ask for a refund, due to the lack of results. My friend had not recieved anything, and emails and communication had ceased entirely. At this point it was October 2016, it has been 1 year and 7 months since ordering. 10 But then I started to get mail returns on one of the email addresses. 11 I did not get any response. I continued to ask on their personal twitter what the status of the refund video was, and eventually started to not get any replies at all. 12 Their twitter continued to be active. And I decided to DM their buisness twitter to see if I could get any results. 16 I did not get a response at this point. I sent another email (and a few of the addresses got rejected and mail returned again). At this point I was very frustrated, and it had almost been 2 years at that point. So I mentioned about going to post on Artists_Beware. 13 I did not recieve a response. I ended up publically tweeting at them to see if I could get them to check their DMs, because I saw them active on twitter again and that worked. 17 And I got a reply on their buisness twitter and they told me that they will post information about refunds after ANE. So I thought it would be fine, and waited again. 16 And soon afterwards, after a week or so of again no posts or emails I tweeted at them a few more times to see if there were any updates. 14 15 There has been no further correspondence from Dalmy. I did try at one point to file a dispute on Paypal, but because their paypal was closed from all the other disputes and also it had been about a year and a half since purchase, they rejected my claim. At this point I just want my full $40 refund and to move on. EDITED 5/20/18: Dalmy has changed the name of Fursace to be "Mäul./Maul". The refund video. I was linked the video and applied right away on 05/11/18 (which was confirmed by email on 05/18/18 by Maul/Dalmy/Fursace to get a refund (I had done it previously on 02/22/17). The twitter conversation for the refund: X. The email confirmations for the refund being sent: X. And the refund being recieved: X. The link to apply for refunds for previous Fursace customers was listed on the website. I would like this marked as resolved. The new company name should be added in the tags, maybe, so people seeking refunds can locate them if possible. There are people still seeking refunds.
  2. This happened back in 2017. I only recently learned that this website exists, so I decided to share my story. But first, a brief trip 2 years earlier, to 2015. Back in 2015, I ordered a hoodie from Dalmy for $80, and it was delivered a few months later at Anthrocon 2015 with no issues. Fantastic. 2 years later, in 2017, I placed an order for a second hoodie from him, but the price had jumped to $200. Okay, no problem. I paid him in person at his Dealer Table at Anthro New England 2017 and was told verbally that the lead time would be 2-3 weeks. Here is the line item from American Express’s website and the email receipt from Square: On February 6, 2018, I sent a note via the form at http://www.dalmydodatcreations.com/contact/ inquiring about current status of hoodie. I have no record of receiving a reply. On March 1st, 2017, I emailed a note to [email protected] asking about the hoodie. 3 days later, I got a bounce back: On March 9th, 2017, I pinged Dalmy on Telegram with my measurements, did not receive a response. I do not believe the Telegram name is public, so I probably should not share a screenshot as per this website’s guidelines. On March 11th, 2017, I checked his Twitter feed and saw that he posted a video on February 21st, 2017 that he would be shutting down. I replied to his tweet inquiring about my commission, and he assured me that my commission would still be completed: Source: https://archive.vn/DcR1j The refund form referenced was here: http://archive.is/nvm9Q This was the followup email I also sent on March 11th, 2017: I did not get a reply. Strangely enough, 5 months later on July 26th 2017, he posted that he was taking a fursuit commission for a minimum of $1600: Source: http://archive.is/RmLAS He then went on to say that it would be his “final commission” “for the foreseeable future”, which contradicts his previous statement to me that my commission would be completed: Source: http://archive.is/etfFJ On September 24th, 2017, I sent him a DM in inquiring about a refund and on October 25th, 2017 he replied asking for the "SquareCash information” so he could refund me. I replied on the same day with the email address the statement had been sent to. 1 month later on November 26th, I followed up again, asking about the refund. No answer was received. Screenshot of that conversation: I originally paid in person with my AmEx, the window in which to file a chargeback is approximately 60 days from when the charge appears on my statement, so we were well past that point. I have written off the $200 as a loss.
  3. In April of 2015 a brand of designer underwear with a hole for allowing a tail as to be worn with a fursuit was advertised. This brand was called Fursace. It seemed pretty legit at the time and so I pre-ordered a pair. Things were looking good, as an email announcing the beginning of shipping came about a month later. I looked forward to receiving my undergarments soon after. At this time they requested an additional $10 for shipping, which I thought was strange but I was okay with it at the time. Unfortunately a couple of months passed, no underwear, and then finally I received an email about delays with a bunch of excuses. I was sympathetic though, and decided to give them a chance, believing they would come through in the end. A few more months went by, no underwear. In mid December, I received yet another email with even more excuses and apologies, and a plea for people to not file PayPal disputes because they were DEFINITELY going to send out their product if people have them a chance because their PayPal account had been rendered unusable. Again I gave them the benefit of the doubt, something I now regret doing. They promised to work on getting orders out and that they would be waiving the $10 shipping fee (which I had already paid), but I never even got a refund on that. About a month passed and there was no word, and so I sent a DM through twitter. It went completely ignored. Then I made some tweets about the issue a couple years later and finally got a response in DM. We had a discussion and Dalmy said that they were rebranding and would be issuing refunds for Fursace once they finished with releasing the new line of apparel, now called Maul Apparel. I wasn't happy with this, but they wouldn't budge, so I just had to wait. I waited 5 months and sent another DM, which was completely ignored, and all current attempts to contact them about this issue in any way has been ignored. I really just want my refund, and for everyone else who never got their products to be refunded. But if I could get mine, I would say I am satisfied.
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