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  • Beware: @Maul_Apparel/ MaulApparel/@DalmyDoDat

    • Who: Maul apparel (formerly Fursace)
      Where: Maulapparel.com
      When: 04/19/2015
      What: Other (Explain Below)


    In April of 2015 a brand of designer underwear with a hole for allowing a tail as to be worn with a fursuit was advertised. This brand was called Fursace. It seemed pretty legit at the time and so I pre-ordered a pair.




    Things were looking good, as an email announcing the beginning of shipping came about a month later. I looked forward to receiving my undergarments soon after. At this time they requested an additional $10 for shipping, which I thought was strange but I was okay with it at the time.





    Unfortunately a couple of months passed, no underwear, and then finally I received an email about delays with a bunch of excuses. I was sympathetic though, and decided to give them a chance, believing they would come through in the end.




    A few more months went by, no underwear. In mid December, I received yet another email with even more excuses and apologies, and a plea for people to not file PayPal disputes because they were DEFINITELY going to send out their product if people have them a chance because their PayPal account had been rendered unusable. Again I gave them the benefit of the doubt, something I now regret doing.

    They promised to work on getting orders out and that they would be waiving the $10 shipping fee (which I had already paid), but I never even got a refund on that.



    About a month passed and there was no word, and so I sent a DM through twitter. It went completely ignored.


    Then I made some tweets about the issue a couple years later and finally got a response in DM. We had a discussion and Dalmy said that they were rebranding and would be issuing refunds for Fursace once they finished with releasing the new line of apparel, now called Maul Apparel. I wasn't happy with this, but they wouldn't budge, so I just had to wait.





    I waited 5 months and sent another DM, which was completely ignored, and all current attempts to contact them about this issue in any way has been ignored. I really just want my refund, and for everyone else who never got their products to be refunded. But if I could get mine, I would say I am satisfied.

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    His current active twitter is @DalmyDalux if youd want to contact him there. the Maui Apparel and DalmyDoDat twitters and websites are both dead. 

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    • Administrator
    12 minutes ago, Kona said:

    An update, I looked up @DalmyDalux, and this is what I found. Looks like he doesn't intend on ever giving a refund at all.


    Wow. That speaks volumes about Dalmy's will to make things right.

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    $10 to ship a single pair of underwear within the USA is quite high. I definitely raised an eyebrow at that because even with tracking it shouldn't be more than $5 and that's including the cost of packing materials. 

    Also super disappointed to see their way of handling this was by blocking you. Incredibly poor response. 

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    So I finally got my refund. It only took 5 years but the latest bunch of tweets I made seem to have worked. I'm still disappointed that it took more popular folks retweeting and signal boosting my plight to get them to even respond, but there you have it.1586025071_Screenshot_20200717-1541012.thumb.png.ff371d9f7fb180db13a683dde2242502.pngScreenshot_20200717-154109.thumb.png.48c3a78b620c68acfa48090257916b55.png

    Also I will include the tweet they mentioned since it's pretty well hidden if you don't know who the owner of Maul Apparel is or what their twitter is currently since they changed it yet again. Their new handle is @RJArtistryy. They still have me blocked.

    In this thread they say they will give you a refund if they missed you, so I'm gonna leave this here for anyone else who might need it. As of now I would call this issue resolved for me.

    Edited by Kona
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