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  1. His current active twitter is @DalmyDalux if youd want to contact him there. the Maui Apparel and DalmyDoDat twitters and websites are both dead.
  2. I had similar experiences. I commissioned them twice over the past few years. They forgot to ship my first commission and when I asked a year later they said they couldn’t find it. and my second, about a yr later, took months to ship AFTER it was completed. The same “I forgot/it got lost/I can’t make it to the post office” explanations as the OP. really thought they’d improve, but a friend recently had a similar experience with a ref commission. He gave an eta of 1-2 months and when the client asked about progress 4 months later he “lost the file”. I think he eventually got the commission. Their old handles are MintiMudi and mixeddisaster and a few others. they’ve had bewares here before.
  3. Heads up that they've recently changed names again, they're currently under ZappBeast Costumes, @ZappBEASTcustom. Their other account is @ZappBeast.
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