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  1. I'm so confused as to why they'd need to raise funds to ship your purchase? That's just bad business. You gave them money specifically to ship and they just spent it elsewhere. Weird weird weird!
  2. His current active twitter is @DalmyDalux if youd want to contact him there. the Maui Apparel and DalmyDoDat twitters and websites are both dead.
  3. I had similar experiences. I commissioned them twice over the past few years. They forgot to ship my first commission and when I asked a year later they said they couldn’t find it. and my second, about a yr later, took months to ship AFTER it was completed. The same “I forgot/it got lost/I can’t make it to the post office” explanations as the OP. really thought they’d improve, but a friend recently had a similar experience with a ref commission. He gave an eta of 1-2 months and when the client asked about progress 4 months later he “lost the file”. I think he eventually got the commission. Their old handles are MintiMudi and mixeddisaster and a few others. they’ve had bewares here before.
  4. Heads up that they've recently changed names again, they're currently under ZappBeast Costumes, @ZappBEASTcustom. Their other account is @ZappBeast.
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