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  1. They owe me money too. I feel like I will never see it again, and my cases got denied by Paypal. I am like SICK with stress over this...
  2. As an artist as well, if I were doing this to a customer I would understand why they contacted me a lot. I don’t believe I messaged them a lot, at all, and I only messaged them unrelated to the commission because they were going on and on about life issues and I check up on them. Once. And no, they didn’t have a TOS anywhere I could access but after this they do now. when they surpassed the first deadline, I got nervous. After they missed every other deadline, i was panicking.The con was incredibly closed and I was worried as to why they hadn’t even so much as messaged me about the commission, even with a Wip. So I, personally, think my messaging is justified. I don’t often message anyone i commissions unless it has been a prolonged amount of time.
  3. So initially I commissioned them in April for a head base to be finished. It needed a nose, eyes, ears, and fur. We moved to telegram from here on and that’s when problems began to arise. They didn’t contact me at all until June when I asked about ventilation Bc of my health issues. I had to initiate the conversation. She promised me Tomu would be done in time for megaplex since she had since April. And it was a Premade base. Little did I know I was a ‘weekend’ project. Which I wasn’t told until I looked at their Trello. I began to text more frequently since, as you can see, I got little to no communication until July. And they hadn’t done a thing. This was when I realized Tomu would not be done. And I would have to wait. So eventually I decided to ask about a refund. Little did I know their financial issues were of their own doing. They used my commission money for non-commission related things. So In the span of 4 months all she had for me was a nose. They told me they didn’t even have the fur for my fursuit. Which I don’t understand as I paid them in April and this is in August. So where did my money go? I got rather upset when I saw her posting about me. So I finally set my foot down. After six months of torturous waiting and run around. I They began to ‘warn’ people about me. And that’s when I blocked and moved on when I got my money back. I got $700 out of the $800 I paid. Anyway we came to somewhat of an agreement. Until I finally began reading people who are to this day still awaiting refunds. Years of waiting. So I did a chargeback.
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