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  1. Erika Grothe has been an infamous name among Facebook furry groups for years due to her very long and sordid track record of scamming. Google 'Erika Grothe beware' and you'll see what I mean. I'm so sorry you got caught up in her latest grift
  2. Seconding this. Their track record in regards to fursuit commissions and business ethics is dismal, so it's no surprise that also crosses over to their 2d art
  3. It is wild to me that there is still no contact from them for you or their other clients even after chargebacks were filed by at least 2 still within their PayPal windows. Not even a public acknowledgement. It would seem everything but their website and their etsy had been abandoned at this point.
  4. I remember when this plus the other beware appeared on Twitter. Their treatment of both of you has been abhorrent. I'm glad that you at least got your refund and I'm sorry you've been treated this way. It absolutely is NOT okay to talk about clients like that publically or even in most cases privately unless you're asking for advice. Something else that stuck out to me as a massive red flag is that they did not use your payment to buy the required materials and instead waited and used someone else's payment down the road to do so.
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