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  1. I haven't yet. I'll try contacting my bank (I linked my checking acct to fund the Cashapp transaction). But it's been so long I'm not sure if it'll even matter now.
  2. Yes cashapp, I figured it was already gone back in early 2020 and chalked it up to a donation (hell maybe even get something) but then I saw she was STILL scamming people so I made this artist beware. At this point TFF should just ban her from attending.
  3. I haven't found their etsy page but their Instagram is still up. They were attending TFF'20 and had posted pictures. It's obvious they're just scammers at this point.
  4. I had originally commissioned them due to a recommendation from a friend for a partial fursuit for $500 and later on added sleeves for an additional $150 and another additional $50 for extra work needed for a total of $700. The commission was originally set for a FC'20 completion date. This was later pushed back to due supposed health concerns. This was consistently used as an excuse to push back the completion date to which there wasn't an actual set date. I had sent another telegram message to them back in August 2020 for a reminder (which had stayed unread) but deleted when I had posted those last 3 lines. I sent her those messages in hopes that she would do some work and at least just get a head since it would be less work than a partial but she has completely ghosted me. She had been consistently taking on other commissions while her backlog was increasing. She has deleted her "commissions" channel from Telegram as well which I was unfortunately unable to get the chat log from.
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