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  1. ZappBEAST / Azoth is an artist/fursuit maker i had found on twitter. I had saw them Post up a YCH on twitter and his instructions were to DM him. I don't know how long this person's Commission queue was, and i was never given a trello so i could never see. On the 18th the artist posted more YCHs on their twitter and also explained that their ipad had broken, which is why they needed to open more slots. I offered to help but there was misunderstanding in price for the YCH so we just ended up talking about his ipad/tablet situation. About two weeks later on the 31st, he also mentioned hes having problems with clients for fursuits. At the time i tried to empathize with them, but looking back at it now, it seemes like another excuse for a delay. A whole month passes, with promises of starting my commission soon, and then another whole month passes before work actually begins on the piece. All of this while his twitter and telegram group gets tons of posts with personal art and more YCH slots. while he provided sufficient updates and stuff at the time, another two weeks had gone by and more personal art and other commissions were finished before me. While nothing wrong has been inherently done, and a lot of stuff has been thrown his way, a lot of his practices are very suspicious and their workflow seems chaotic at best, and their return time also seems really bizarre. I dont think ill commission this person again, especially for the price and even if its really good art.
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