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Found 3 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/981816.html WHO: Sugar N’ Spice Costumes: Primarily CorpseCat aka Kittencheshire aka Prince Mocha aka Neo via Sugar N’ Spice Costume email contact. Other members of Sugar N’ Spice Costumes should be noted: Cackle aka Bullie and Fortune WHERE: Mainly dealt with them via Email and Telegram; their business is based on FA under Sugarandspice, http://fursuitcontact.wixsite.com/sugarandspicecostume, and http://www.sugarnspicecostumes.com/ however they do deal with business via Telegram WHAT: 2 Partial Fursuits WHEN: 1st payment was on April 24, 2016 with final payment on May 26, 2016. Trouble started around August which was two months before the original deadline. EXPLAIN: At first everything seemed fine and was going as planned; I asked about their turn around for suits and they state it’s about a month or so after 80% paid off (See capture here: https://imgur.com/w21eazp ). I ask if final payment was done in July if it would be done and shipped before October in which I was assured it would. We spoke about the suits periodically and on June 13th they stated they were ordering a base for the head as they work off of bases (See capture here: https://imgur.com/lGaKQkm https://imgur.com/ZbaBTgr ) and on July 14th I inquired if they had gotten the base for the head in which they then told me it takes 3-5 weeks to cast them let alone ship it plus the dealer had to deal with AnthroCon and another con (see capture here: https://imgur.com/r3vj5Lh ); at this stage I started worrying naturally as things sounded a little shady, but gave the benefit of the doubt. As time progressed I contacted back around August 5th to see how things were going on our partials with zero response until the following day on the 6th in which I heard nothing from them about it. On August 8th I asked again and received no message from them until the 12th in which they reassured it will be done by October as planned. (see capture here: https://imgur.com/PMdTcad ) and then proceeded to check in on the 30th of August and finally on September 3rd they show me they have the head; the previous screen cap shows this as well. Back and forth takes place and by October 1st they finally state that they are trying to get our suits done on time while dealing with other things and no word about it again until I contact them on the 11th which proceeded to fall on deaf ears until I got word on the 16th; however nothing was said about the suits. Needless to say the deadline, as it was for us to wear at a specific convention, came and went. On November 29th I asked casually if I could put some design changes in as they hadn’t been working on it just to see if I’d even get a response in which they said sure and would resculpt the head as if they were still working on it; though at this point it really red flagged me as no suit maker in their right mind would agree to something that would be significant in the way of change to simply resculpt it no problem (See capture here: https://imgur.com/f4gqaPr ). We converse from time to time between then and February 27th with no message about my two partials. I ask again on the 27th (See capture here: https://imgur.com/lsq0Btp ) and no message until March 15th of 2017. April 24th comes by and I ask about my partials with putting my foot down; they said progress is slow, but would be before Halloween in which that was the con we needed it for again (See capture here: https://imgur.com/N8xAvmp ). June 8th comes by and I am getting even more concern (See capture here: https://imgur.com/uie6Ep4 ) in which I state if we should even continue with it after all this time; they tell me if everything goes well it should be September 1st when they are done. Next time I talk to them in August I find out they switched to another Telegram handle and on August 25th I am getting really concerned as they’ve shown me no WIP images then they try reassuring me that they’ve made 2 partials in 3 days… Another red flag that I was pretty sure wasn’t possible (See capture here: https://imgur.com/U5zlvBG ). On September 29th I voice my concerns again with a more “putting my foot down” tone. They tell me they are working on it which considering all this time it should have been done three times over (See capture here: https://imgur.com/1niS9Vn ) and we even talk about shoe sizes (which I have captured here to show they then eventually give us the wrong shoe size: https://imgur.com/owCHbbp ). We speak periodically with no updates on the suits until October 11th where they ask me for a reference in regards to BOTH of the suits (See capture here: https://imgur.com/xVLbIRI ). On October 16th, mind you again all this time I have had no WIP shown of the partials, I finally put my foot down as the deadline has passed once more (See capture here: https://imgur.com/XcVI4VC ) and time goes on with no response until I ask how they are on the 18th where they tell me they’ll send screenshots soon. I ask again the following day for those screenshots of the partials with no response. I proceeded to bombard them with messages between the 19th to the 23rd in which they finally say they weren’t ignoring me, but was having issues with Telegram. They provide a picture of the feet (See capture here: https://imgur.com/4e0fgAb ). Another blackout and multiple demands later, between October 24th to October 29th, I finally threaten to get Paypal involved for a dispute (See capture here: https://imgur.com/kVSFHpB ). I then start emailing them over this and they proceed to tell me that it was lost in the mail and that they would remake them (See capture here: https://imgur.com/CxvrpwZ https://imgur.com/Pt6yUoz https://imgur.com/R1jp1Wz ); this would be the final red flag that told me they were scamming us as no artist would just simply say this and then just “oh well we will remake them no problem!” attitude. I give an ultimatum and they accept a November 10th final deadline and even state (in the previous capture) that they’d provide an extra gift for our trouble with all of this. Time progresses and no response nor reply to my email on November 11th. Finally I get pictures coming in here and there; we talk briefly from time to time. Eventually January comes around and they ship it. I receive both partials on January 12th with something interesting; the feet that were supposedly “lost in the mail” that were shown to me before AND the extra gifts mentioned were not even there which was the final straw that lead me to make an artist beware about this business/person. I also would like to add that you can clearly tell the partials were rushed and attention to detail was missing in which ear heights are miss-matched, heads were too small, feet too small, misaligned jaw, and other problems that should have never happened. Main purpose of this is to warn others that this is a common process with them as I was informed by others after my experience that I was not alone in how flip-floppy they are with their business with some not even receiving anything be it a refund or product. PROOF: The proof provided in this section are various screencaps of comparing the original “lost” suit images to that of what came in the mail. I only have the feet to provide, but those are exactly the same. This also contains the Quality Promised image to compare to the Quality Received. Shoe size issue (Told them one size and they send the wrong size): https://imgur.com/vcwBn31 Proof of first payment: https://imgur.com/3Tr0svb Proof of final payment: https://imgur.com/X43Qnxv Quality Promised (Notice uniformity, proper trim of the fur, and attention to detail): https://imgur.com/EmcnLXp Quality Received: >Head/cheek proportions are off - https://imgur.com/C4AoQrF >Misaligned jaw - https://imgur.com/h01lafA >One ear is larger and higher up than the other as well as horn being stuck on the top of the head rather than forehead area - https://imgur.com/cfjjPrg >Hair was too short so they threw on extra hair at the end of the head making it look messy and done in a hurry - https://imgur.com/5tzZg1w >Jackal ears misaligned and misshapen as well as eyebrows being misaligned https://imgur.com/zMSCpWk https://imgur.com/LgvX2Pw >Jackal face being misaligned and skewed - https://imgur.com/M101jk2 Lost feet compared to feet received (notice they are exactly the same; as in they were never “lost”): https://imgur.com/8Uyn1DG Received feet: https://imgur.com/9nHs987
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/942850.html WHO: SugarNSpiceCostumes or as she goes by on social media, Corpse Cat WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sugarnspicecostumes/ WHAT: The product was a full fursuit, $1,918. 2 full bodies, 2 sets of feet paws (indoor/outdoor), 1 set of hand paws and of course a head and tail. The quality of the suit was to be the same as the ones advertised on her FA page WHEN: I made the first payment for the suit in 2015, she claims that she started it in April 4th of 2016. I was the only suit she was working on (so she told me, which I have screenshots of and will display) PROOF: This is a small section of screenshots. To screenshot our ENTIRE chat it would be too many links, but this is times where she's ignored me, times where's she's lied to me, and times where we discussed the product quality, when it would be completed, and the price/payments. I blurred out her paypal and the addresses that are there All payments. The last one was refunded by Paypal but the rest of the purchases are over a year old and I can't refund them http://imgur.com/brixFYe The original advertisement in the Dealer's Den http://imgur.com/4hVMoGx Talking about prices/payment plan http://imgur.com/EeHH6Hg http://imgur.com/ZkHGTX1 The date I finished enough payments for her to start on my suit, she already had all of the materials and she had my DTD http://imgur.com/pqNzufp The first progress update I got, then being ignored for a few days while she comes online and offline of telegram, but still ignoring me http://imgur.com/g02hjo7 http://imgur.com/iHv3vYn A small update she gave me with no pictures, then being ignored again. She's never sent me a picture of the 2 body suits, 2 feet paws or the tails http://imgur.com/OilUrwR Her reading my messages and still ignoring them even after going online and offline repeatedly http://imgur.com/HDg8Ni8 Her finally responding, but with more excuses. She changed her settings on telegram so I couldn't see her last time online so I got a little upset. She was active in her SoCal Furries telegram chat while ignoring me. She got a side job and had even less time for my suit http://imgur.com/h7t93TH http://imgur.com/aPxIUio Her ignoring me again and giving me ridiculous excuses like "Yea sorry I'm out grocery shopping for a week"... http://imgur.com/BDoTuHh http://imgur.com/zxVLIit Gave me a picture of my paws with fur and pads, I came back a week later asking what's new and ignored again. Another case of coming online and offline and being active in other chats during the time http://imgur.com/uib5pY1 For a while she kept giving me the excuse "I put your suit back in my shop and I can't get to my shop right now". Then she said she would go to the shop and instead ignored me the entire day and did nothing http://imgur.com/ELxjWZk After being ignored for a long while I just asked for my money back and got this. This is what I will be using when I open the small claims file because she explicitly says she will give me either my suit or money by a specific date. I of course have neither right now http://imgur.com/HMMbDK2 Still saying she can't get into her shop, but she said she finished it and needed my address to ship it. It was never shipped http://imgur.com/4rcOCB3 The 2 partial suits she made for MFF while ignoring me and telling me that my suit is finished but never sending pictures of the body, or mailing the suit http://imgur.com/Rn9GSw9 http://imgur.com/G0wWW2T Constant struggles to get her attention http://imgur.com/xcaOOk7 Final proof of her ignoring me and blaming it on being "Spacey" http://imgur.com/uke09GA Ignored again even after she told me she won't ignore me anymore, and another fake deadline where she didn't finish it http://imgur.com/QPCAJwR She told me she had the box with the suit in her new apartment after she moved and just needed to "find it" before she could ship it. Apparently it takes a week to find a box http://imgur.com/Pd3NI8r http://imgur.com/P58ZBz4 http://imgur.com/QeoT2do Another excuse. She got a tooth pulled and said she can't ship the box, even though she has a roommate who could do it for her http://imgur.com/u6weqDm I had to bother her roommate in order to get her to respond and stop ignoring me again http://imgur.com/N11eRkI Lying about the suit being shipped and the USPS "losing her package" but the package was never brought into the USPS. She bought a $22 shipping label and never brought the item in http://imgur.com/VwWsT7I The unused shipping label/tracking number http://imgur.com/AN6blhe Her threatening to put a cease and desist on me just for posting about this on twitter http://imgur.com/XfeRG2g http://imgur.com/rPWbWqn Some screenshots look different because they were taken on my computer and not my phone EXPLAIN: I payed her in full and she never delivered the product, but the thing is that she lied to me long enough and gave me enough fake deadlines that I ran out of time with Paypal, my only option now is to go to Small Claims Court. I've threatened with that and she just keeps giving me these lies, and even bought a $22 USPS tracking number and sent it to me saying "I shipped your suit" but never brought the "package" in to USPS, so it's still not in use to this day. There are constant times where I had to threaten to take my money back on Paypal in order to get her to respond. In the end, she's still ignoring me, my only response from her is her telling me on Twitter that she'll give me a cease and desist because I posted about this on my Twitter. After all of this she still swears up and down that she shipped the package and says she has an open claim with USPS about the "lost package" but has no proof of that, and still has no proof of the "$2400 in insurance" she bought on the package, because she sent me a receipt for a $22 shipping label but the insurance alone on a package that large and that heavy is $34. On top of all of this, when she was supposed to be working on my suit, she went off and made 2 partials for MFF (they're in the screenshots) during the same week she said it would be shipped to me. Then she ignored me for another 7 days until I threatened with a refund again. After she started ignoring me I started to get a little more aggressive, as you can see in some of the screenshots. Eventually she told me "I was ignoring you because I'm spacey"... that makes no sense, no one should ignore their customers especially if you owe them money/a product. I took back $440 because that is all I could get back from the payments. The rest is over a year old and Paypal won't touch it. Just getting her to give updates was a pain, and I really do hope that no one has to go through this again like I did, this is the reason I'm making this Artist Beware, not as revenge or in anger. She's still open for commissions and keeps taking on suits while apparently working on mine. It's obvious she's either doing them instead of mine, or stealing other people's money as well. UPDATE: After speaking with Vitai Slade to get her removed from Dealer's Den, she "found" the unshipped package inside of her apartment and took it into USPS once and for all. After all of this mess and drama, the suit is the right quality and there are no missing parts. Glad it's finally all over http://imgur.com/a/wKPpS http://imgur.com/a/3cF4t The suit! http://imgur.com/a/xf2zI http://imgur.com/a/kOYlx
  3. I was looking around for a new fursuit bodysuit to order, since I was heavily dissatisfied with my current fursuit quality. A friend of mine recommended that I went to Sugar 'n Spice, since CorpseCat (the maker) was hosting a tax return sale, and was offering a bodysuit (only) for $950. I sent her a message, and this is how it started off. I sent her a full down-payment, the DTD, and even the fur colors that match the rest of my fursuit, all the next day. I sent her a reference, as well as a very length description. She said that she totally understood, so I assumed that this was going to be a good commission. I asked when the bodysuit was going to be done, and she said that it was going to be done around MFF of 2019 or sooner. She promised that progress photos were going to be included. I asked for my fur samples back that I sent her (so that I could send them off to another maker that was going to make my new fursuit head). I gave her my address but she never sent them back. On 8/31/2019, she said that she was almost done with the bodysuit. She never sent a single progress photo. She is also claiming that the fur colors are not exact to the ones that I sent her, but they are incredibly close... Lots of nudging later, still nothing. She claimed that her boyfriend has been in the hospital, and sent a picture (cropped out the picture for privacy). She has made plenty, plenty, plenty of excuses in the past about her health in the past (you can find them in almost any beware about her). 1-2 months before the deadline, and I asked her yet again if the bodysuit was on-track to being completed on-time. Her responses are predictable: Lots and lots and lots of asking to try and get ANY kind of photos from her. She brings up another health excuse with herself (which, as fake as it seems, I'm still censoring it for privacy reasons). At the bottom of the next screenshot is when the bodysuit is supposed to be done. No photos were sent. She brought up that the bodysuit wasn't going to work with my current fursuit paws and feet. She offered to make me free paws and feet, at the expense of delaying the TAT more. I asked later how long that it would be delayed, and she said that it could take another month. I was fine with that, but I asked for progress photos again while I had her attention. Guess what? Another medical excuse. I eventually lost it at this point. About a month later, I still received ZERO photos and ZERO updates about the suit being made. I looked at her WIP Telegram channel, and I didn't see any photos of my suit being in there. I called her out in this next screenshot, and this is when I began to lose it. She said that she was going to send photos, but once again, nothing. At the bottom, when I said that I was going to start taking action, that's when I decided to write a script for the YouTube video (at the top of the post) that was going to call her out and her poor business practices: I asked for her response one last time before making a video about her. She said that it's prepared to get shipped out, but has NEVER sent me a single progress photo: She finally sends photos on February 11th. She admitted that she ignored my reference in order to make the hip markings look more visible. I corrected her, and she said that she was going to fix it. I resent her the reference to show her how the hip markings are supposed to look: They are three fingernail-looking markings that are on each side of the waist. She made the markings go completely around the back. I asked how long that it was going to take to get the markings fixed. She said Friday (so three days at the time) until they were going to be fixed. I asked her for photos before she sends them out, and she said that she was going to send them when she gets to her office. Nothing happened. I asked again, she brings up another fake health excuse. She later sent me an image of the hip markings without any changes, and she said that she was confused about what was wrong about it. She waited over a month before telling me this, even though she said that she knew what she had to do, and that she was going to take three days to fix it: In this next screenshot, this was the time where I finally uploaded the video that I warned her about. I was going to give her a last chance before posting it. This is the last time that I've heard from her. I'm assuming it's because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but either way, her Telegram said that she hasn't been online within a week. She promised that she was going to send it out, and I never gave her my address until I saw the final product: This is the last that I have heard from her. I got into contact with PayPal, and they said that it's been past 180 days, and they cannot do anything about this situation. I paid CorpseCat through a bank account that I closed in the past. I got in-contact with this bank yesterday (4/21/2020), and they said that they can't do anything about the transaction because my account has been closed for so long. I am $950 poorer with nothing to show for it. I attempted contact with her multiple times, and nothing has been happening since then. When I created this thread, it showed that she was seen last within a week. Since I updated these new screenshots, it now shows that she's been seen recently. Meaning that she has been online but hasn't read my messages. I warn/advise everyone to stay away from this maker. There are four bewares about her on the first page of Google when you type "sugar n spice fursuits". This fursuit maker is unbelievably toxic, and I do not want anyone to order from her, either. It was partially my fault for not doing my research before ordering from her, so therefore, I want to make sure that nobody else does the same. DO NOT ORDER FROM SUGAR 'N SPICE!
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