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  1. I was doing a commission for this person who happened to lie about a ton of stuff to me, i canceled the commission and refunded him the paid €51.00 eur He still had the preview sketch without my watermark to show him what it was going to be, and this person used this sketch, from a refunded commission to get it done by someone else (Later he admit he did it himself!). STORYLINE: First payment (€51.00 incl. Tip) DATE: May 3rd. First Sketch where i was working on it: 3rd of May First preview: 3rd of May (he changed his name Princess Kuda to Grandma Wilma a fe
  2. As of this writing, posted in May 2020, I regret to make such a post for an artist that, given his talent, is unfortunately an artist that has given due consideration to list my grievances towards. To start things off, I had paid for a commission to the amount of $520 through Paypal, for one of his themed stream commission pieces. Below is a screenshot indicating the purchase that I made to that effect: Having worked with Bad Coyote, and Lobosan who acts on behalf of Bad Coyote in commission related conversation, I admit that I had some past difficulty with
  3. I bought a shaded chibi from uwusports some time in early October on a now deleted dA journal, but managed to get a screenshot of my commission in her Trello and money sent to her back in October. It was 11USD A few months later, I also proceeded to buy a hypokit from her in March of 2019 (10USD) then two more in May of 2019 (20USD). Transactions: In total, I spent about 41USD on this artist. Some time began to pass with me asking for updates and receiving little to no response. (Hypokit) Asking on Aug 19th, 2019 (5 months since ordered); Nov
  4. TankDragon ran a Black Friday sale (Link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34004858/ ) nearly 6 months ago, in which I bought for $35 (before PayPal fees) as advertised. It was an advertised post about comic-style fully shaded pictures for $35 or more. The following are the messages (in order too,, same day sent) I sent and he sent to confirm and get a slot for the art: Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 [5 months later, I ask for a refund request, as he is active little to none at this point] I have not heard from him back from either FurAffinity or Twitter
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/HungryArtistsFed/comments/fweupl/neg_user_ububbyclownie_art_thiefscammer/ https://www.reddit.com/r/HungryArtistsFed/comments/gebqrb/neg_uacdcmarvel_lulu_warning/ This Artist is currently Lurking on Reddit, Attempting to Scam people into paying her for Commissions and then ghosting them. DO NOT TRUST HER. She found me in R/Aeromorph and Wound up stealing 70 dollars from me.
  6. I have to warn about Aspenbear on Furaffinity. I ordered a commission from him at https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24462662/#cid:123052165 on Sep 24th 2017. After a whole year of waiting, I asked for a refund, unless he wants to still do the commission. He then said that due to personal issues he's unable to keep up with the queue and wants to refund those still waiting for their commission, including me. On March 8th 2019 he asked me to comment under the original Bronze Artist post. Sadly he deleted all the correspondence through
  7. I met Finley at AnthroCon while they were running a booth in the Dealer's Den. There were suiters attending the con in suits that Finley had made, and the tails they had on display were of good quality. We talked for a while about pricing a fullsuit, how long delivery dates were, how deep the queue was. At that point, I decided to commission a Full Digitigrade suit from them for $1600. Communication was great until December, at which basically all communication ceased. The only reason that Finley responded here was because I had 2 emails: I am open to mar
  8. Product was listed by seller in multiple "dealers den" chatrooms on the app Telegram. The product is a fursuit/costume head base made of upholstery foam primarily. I was interested in the product and contacted the seller with inquiries. I asked them "can you tell me more about it?" [image 1], and was only told the price, location of product for shipping costs, permissions with the product, and other materials provided. This product was to be purchased from the seller, I would fix it up and make it into a character, and resell it once the product is completed. This was understood by
  9. In April I made a twitter post about looking for an artist who had commissions open and LilDogMeat replied to my tweet. I decided to commission them because their art looked cute and was in my price range. They originally said they would have a sketch for me by that Saturday and never had anything to show. In my experience with other artists I've always had to wait a bit but they always delivered so I didn't choose to message LilDogMeat about it until some time later. They claimed issues with their laptop and I was fine with waiting. This was my mistake as the window for a refund thr
  10. Back on June 27, 2019 I commissioned Nakooma for a predesigned fursuit head, the cost of the head was $200 and the extra $5 was for any Paypal fees (later on I gifted them $20 due to them saying in a post on their profile that they really needed it after someone forced a refund, I dont really care about the $20 they can keep it). From June to October I was given excuse after excuse as to why there were delays. Last I received any messages back from them was October 17, 2019 where they had promised progress pictures, which I never was sent. Since November 20, 2019 to now I have messaged them
  11. Last year at the end of March, my friend and I decided to get a commission from xBlueAshesx. I commissioned her before and had some problems with her, however, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a second chance. I commissioned a 2 character NSFW lined illustration. xBlueAshesx and I discussed the details on March 28th, 2019 and I paid on the same day. About a month went by before I asked her for an update. She claimed that my piece was on her queue for that week and I should expect an update soon, however, I never received one. I messaged her again on July 8th, 2019 an
  12. TankDragon ran a YCH (Link here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30306472/ ) over a year ago, in which I won a slot for 85$. It was called his Final Winter YCH, or also his 6th YCH. The censoring in the following picture removes my name address, and monetary information. He also also charged the person who came in after the YCHs close for the same slot that he charged me for. Since this time, he has repeatedly said I would get a WIP soon as I checked in every few months. However, the friend who bid after close showed me he had gotten a WIP with him in my slot
  13. Last year in October I contacted this artist for a two-character commission with scenery, and since then, I have not received any works-in-progress or anything. I've occasionally noted her to ask for updates regarding my piece, and this was the last reply I received from her: I did not receive an update January 11, and while I have sent additional Notes since then asking for updates, she read my notes, but didn't reply to them: However, she constantly posts YCHs and is very active on FurAffinity: I just don't like the feeling I'm being igno
  14. (My original advice post is located here.) NOTE: Her real name and email haven't been omitted, as they are readily available on her websites. Unfortunately, because the artist and I were on friendly terms, much of the communication for this commission was done verbally at Phoenix Comic Con (PHXCC). However, I'm providing screenshots of the correspondence we had online. I originally discussed a pencil drawn commission with Goldenwolf at PHXCC back in 2017. She told me that She'd have it done by May 2018 (the next PHXCC), but would get it to me sooner if requested. I told her I'd
  15. I commissioned Glowner back in 2019 for some NSFW commission art and haven't been getting the promised product at all. Sadly a lot of chat history is not available anymore since the Discord Server this was originally on has been deleted and I saw no need saving anything as I had no reason to distrust the artist, as I was still fairly new to commissioning and not knowing that taking safety proof would be a good idea. I did not contact them for a long time until I saw them posting some art or generally talking on Twitter, which continued after I contacted them on Discord for my refun
  16. I ordered 4 commissions from Artararam before where the commissions were drawn semi professionally without any major problems and everything that I complained in pre-release versions were fixed in the final version of the art pieces. Everything quite normal for a NFSW artist like her. Artararam was never the fastest artist when it comes to draw commissions, the progress was slow, but steady. I usually give artists a period of 1 month before I contact them and ask for updates as this is a reasonable period where a change could be done with the artwork without putting too much stress on the arti
  17. Started simple. She added me on Steam curious about getting a commission from me. I asked her if she'd be fine with $20 for a full color and she agreed. Normally, I'm polite about things and only ask for payment upon completing the artwork so I send the finished work over, she responds positively. I then give her my paypal address and await payment. 3 days go by. I politely remind her but do not hear back. I then ask if something had happened I was unaware of that's preventing her from paying so I ask about it on her public Discord she invited me to. Despite not hearing from her via DMs, she s
  18. As for the "What": Several month's worth of physical Patreon rewards. I marked the "When" as when she stopped providing what I was paying for. As I recall, the Con*Tact company is run by two people, but Maly is the most particularly active/public and does a lot of sales under the name, as well as tie her Patreon to the company, so I felt that was relevant to connect. I had been supporting Maly's Patreon since October 2017 under the most basic receive physical reward tier. For the next few years, she posted updates and sent out rewards just fine -- she was supe
  19. Note:: I am both Paintdog and Drawindonkey. I switched names roughly a year ago. I originally found them on a game called Furcadia as user Cou though I've moved PCs since then thus do not have logs of that in particular. We discussed a commission involving a sketch page of my character. Discussion went well, info was sent, I paid, done and done. Four months pass with no word from them, despite regularly checking on Furcadia for response - I then finally checked FurAffinity and sent a message, getting this response (2). Admittedly I cannot prove it, but they never actually cont
  20. In July of 2019 I preordered a set of kaiju pins from Squeedgemonster, and they received my money the same day. In the proceeding months the pins were never sent, although they were received by the artist by October. The artist provided their e-mail to send all questions to, as they were purging their social media accounts of accounts that they were following, and closed their DMs on those websites. However, since October, they have not answered a single one of these emails, and have not spoken about the pins at all since December, despite being active since then. The following is the ori
  21. This beware is concerning the artist Space (spacemuttt) who did not deliver commissioned artwork and since disappeared. On October 29th of 2018 (verified by payment detail below) I purchased an icon from the artist Space. Subsequently, on November the 1st of 2018 (conversation confirming payment occurring the following day) I decided to also claim a slot in a single-slot YCH the artist was hosting. The artist did not ever deliver the items, and instead only dodged contact attempts or made excuses. On the 29th of November,
  22. I added this person a quite a few times to my Discord and Telegram, But nothing PewKong seem to react back to it. I got everything documented. listed form up recent, and below from where i started to commission PewKong: 6/01/2019 - PewKong posted a journal on FA about the commissions. But no work has been done seem like the reactions from ppl. 11/11/2018 - PewKong posted a journal on FA about it's mental health problem and alot of stress with depression has hit in life. appoligized about the delay. 29/10/2018 - I Posted a shout on PewKong's FA page, asking abou
  23. lunahasawa996 (lunahasawa996) wrote in artists_beware, @ 2019-01-05 12:21 Beware - UnderTheDarkness WHO: UndertheDarkness WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/underthedarkness/ WHAT: $5o YCH action WHEN: May 15,2018 — present EXPLAIN: Given the user has deactivated their FA, I cannot provide images of the YCH I had bought. But sometime in May of 2018 I had placed bids on, and won a YCH from this artist. Over time, I believe I was given only one WIP. Shortly after they had their problems and such and I
  24. ZappBEAST / Azoth is an artist/fursuit maker i had found on twitter. I had saw them Post up a YCH on twitter and his instructions were to DM him. I don't know how long this person's Commission queue was, and i was never given a trello so i could never see. On the 18th the artist posted more YCHs on their twitter and also explained that their ipad had broken, which is why they needed to open more slots. I offered to help but there was misunderstanding in price for the YCH so we just ended up talking about his ipad/tablet situation. About two wee
  25. This was a piece I commissioned a year ago today. Artist sent the sketch, I asked for modifications since they were redoing the pose (allegedly). Modification request was ignored, still okay with the commission at this point. Sent a pretty decent tip and thanked them, then requested a few major errors to be fixed after completion. Artist said they would be making the edits and working on them. It's been a full year and I'm completely ignored. They've opened my messages asking for updates and continued to ignore me, taking on and posting more commissions and acting like my requests
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