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  • Beware: Hollewdz

    • Who: hollewdz, hollecchi
      Where: https://twitter.com/hollewdz
      When: 04/02/2022
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content Resolved

    I commissioned Hollewdz back in April of 2022 for a size art that amounted to $160.





    After this I followed my usual rule of 1 month between check ins just to give leeway to the artist.  Everything was fine for about a month or so until in June, when I stopped receiving responses.  I blocked out one word as, even though she was open about it, it is a personal issue of hers I don't feel right saying myself.  As for the supposed methods of attaining a refund, I later realized that I had misunderstood Paypal's policy and that I was well passed a grace period.



    Throughout this I did attempt to communicate by other means, messaging her on Patreon and via email.  She does not have her email posted, but it was the email through which she sent out the invoice.


    This has been a disappointing experience.  I hope that it can still be resolved someday, but I wanted to make others aware of this sort of possibility when commissioning this artist.  My friend made me aware of this site as a polite means of doing so. 

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    We have resolved the commission. O was happily surprised to receive a message during my night ahift this morning.  The art is above the messages.


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