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  • Beware: Paw to Press

    • Who: Paw to Press
      Where: https://paw-to-press.com/
      When: 11/20/2020
      What: Other (Explain Below)
      NSFW Content Resolved

    This was an order I placed about 2 years ago and for which I did not receive what I bought. In November of 2020 I placed an order for a premade dakimakura (Otterbits' Sergeres 2 Way Tri-Cot dakimakura) on paw-to-press.com and paid to PAW TO PRESS LLC with my credit card, here's the product page and the email I got from them:


    and my bank statement:


    At the time, said product could only be ordered as a backdoor item and it was during the pandemic, so I expected that it would take some time to deliver it and didn't gave it too much thought. By June of the next year, I still haven't received the dakimakura and was a bit worried, so I contacted them by email and got the following reply:


    After this and every time I contacted them about the purchase, they did not respond and it was already too late to dispute it as a billing error with my credit card company. By the way, I also used another email to contact them with no luck:



    and just to make sure, I contacted them again with the previous emails and also on twitter, but it didn't get anywhere:



    This was not my first time ordering something online, but it's my first time having this kind of problem.

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    Edit: On 01/07/2023 Paw-to-Press got in touch with me, they were polite and gave me a detailed explanation of the situation: it turns out that a change in exporting procedures, by my country and in the period that I bought the dakimakura, was the problem and USPS didn't intervene on account of that during the initial shipping procedures, so it got returned to a district post office instead of the business' local post office. Therefore, Paw-to-Press sent me said dakimakura through GlobalPost. All things considered, I think it was an honest mistake and I'm happy that I got my dakimakura.

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