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Found 283 results

  1. Jul. 6th, 2012 at 12:48 AM teapot_mouse WHO: maoria on FurAffinity WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/maoria/ WHAT: 3 traditional sketches, to be delivered by mail after completion. WHEN: Bought commissions a year ago. Have not even seen commissions, let alone received them. PROOF: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2216583/ Screencaps of her FurAffinity journal are below showing where I am listed as buying commissions (I am "thedormouse"). EXPLAIN: A year ago maoria posted the commission journal shown above. I decided to commission some pictures and noted her on FA. She was friendly and responsive at first, as this note with history shows, and was even willing to ship from the UK to the US: After I sent her payment, she abruptly cut off communication. After a few weeks, I noted her again about the commissions and received this bizarre response. After some time with no further communication, I messaged her several times but received no response (even though the FA note system indicated they had been read or at least deleted). Finally, I told her that I'd open a trouble ticket on her if she did not respond. Naturally, she didn't, so I did, though that got me nowhere. Her account was fairly inactive for many months. Recently, however, she has made a return and has even started taking commissions again. I noted her about mine. When the first few were ignored, I noted her again and found she had blocked my account. She's posted a "to-do" list of commissions, which I am of course not on. Emails to the accounts she has listed on her FA account yield no response either.
  2. Jul. 4th, 2012 at 12:28 AM rabbitswift WHO: Artist accounts are MsCuddlyBunny on Fur Affinity and Stenciil on DeviantArt Where: MsCuddlyBunny acct: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mscuddlybunny/ Stenciil acct: http://stenciil.deviantart.com/ What: Two character commission. The transaction was initiated on the artists Fur Affinity account and has yet to be completed. When: Commission was initiated on October 1st, 2011 and is still outstanding as of July 4, 2012. Proof: Original confirmation from artist: http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l517/mwilliams0379/wwwfuraffinitynetOct012011.png Note contacting artist on DeviantArt account: http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l517/mwilliams0379/mydeviantartcomStenciilReply.png Picture Scrap: http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l517/mwilliams0379/PictureScrap.png Explanation: I contacted MsCuddlyBunny on her Fur Affinity account in October of 2011 to commission a two-character picture from her. She accepted and not long after she sent me a link to a partially completed portion of the picture I had requested. The picture she sent me showed the torso and legs of one character, and just a scrap of the other one, though she explained that she had been busy and had not had time to work on the art that much. Some months passed, and I sent her a note on Fur Affinity, asking about the status of my commission. When she did not answer, I succeeded in locating her DeviantArt account and I sent her a note there, again asking after the status of my commission. She answered me back and explained the circumstances behind her absence. In the note, she offered to give me a refund, and I refused, preferring that she should finish my commission instead. This was in February of 2012. I have not heard from her since, and there has been no visible activity on either her FA account or her DeviantArt account since I commissioned her. I have sent her two more notes on DeviantArt, one at the start of May and one at the start of June, and neither have been answered or, so far as I can see, even read.
  3. I thought I got a steal. 3 Months ago I purchased two commissions from this artist at the same time. The transaction was paid for and done the same day in the same receipt. I made multiple attempts to receive the work and never did. Was just led on time after time while watching their queues fill with more and more work they were somehow producing and still getting paid for by other people. On month 3 I messaged for a refund and was told to search through the SCRAPS on their FA, link them to the two I want that AREN'T the originals I paid for, link them my reference again, and they would finish it in a week. At this point I am making this because they flood FA with YCHs but have been finishing commissions of favorites firstly. Others like me go without ours for months even with reminders. 05.03.20: No refund has come.
  4. I had commissioned Luna for a NSFW piece back in I believe November and she had completed it within a week or two with no issues at all! So I was very confident in commissioning her again. I had not seen her Trello, and if I knew how huge it was, I would've never commissioned her a 2nd time. Luna failed to communicate with me and many other commissioners over the past 3+ months. I have tried messaging her on Discord, twitter, e-mail, and PayPal. I had opened a PayPal dispute about my 2nd commission and she did not even bother replying to it, so PayPal had to step in. Here is our initial conversation on Discord about commissioning her: Proof of payment from me: I asked for updates on March 18th and did not get any response: However, she was still accepting commissions in an art server we are both in: PayPal case: Luna is still to this day inactive on her social media which is extremely unprofessional. If she had taken the time to message me, I would've been okay with waiting longer. Someone in her personal discord server (which is now closed) posted an update screenshot from Luna on Twitter: However, I wish Luna posted this on Twitter herself instead of myself and many others having to search her username on Twitter to get any updates. Here's Luna's current queue (which I am not on and it was last updated on Feb 27): Link: https://trello.com/b/TzNe630i/lunaofwater-public-queue I highly suggest to avoid commissioning her until she gets clears her current queue or at least gets it under control. She failed to communicate with me and I have very disappointed..
  5. Good day to you all. Small notice - As requested by moderation staff from the original post I have removed a number of screenshots with just plain conversation not quite pertaining to the topic of the commission. But showed a regular source of contact for some of this situation with the artist in question. I am rather upset the situation has come to this. But here goes in as concise and explanatory a situation as possible. This would be my second commission from QWERTYDRAGON aka Xubuntu. With my first having been a successful piece commissioned from them in January of 2019. They completed this commission on time and to a high degree of quality. Thus as you will see from the posted discord screenshots we had a conversation about a Mecha-Dragon version of the Red Dragon character of mine - Rakarth Cinderscorn. A price was agreed and set to be paid for. Months went by, with a initial sketch being provided by the artist as you will see in one of the screenshots. From then on, time went by with regular communication going on between myself and said artist. As it came to the later part of the year - I asked for deadlines that could be set for the art to be completed (With myself under the belief it was in progress and being worked on). The first of these was around my Birthday in the July period, and the second was in the month involving Halloween. Both of these deadlines were missed and multiple attempts at communication were attempted. Not only via discord which was the preferred medium of contact. Multiple emails were sent to their direct business address which they confirmed they had received and yet hadn't answered because 'I just get lazy sometimes'. I have attempted to contact Paypal for a resolution, which has been denied given the time-frame involved. This was an individual I believed I could trust, they do make quality artwork for sure. But their focus it seems had turned to completing other newer commissions and a Patreon of specified artwork which you can search based upon their name Xubuntu / Qwertydragon (Their artist alias, Real name is unknown and censored for site reasons). I would like to make sure no one else ever has to go through such an experience with said artist, nor ends up waiting for inordinate amounts of time. Nor losing out on the costs of said artwork. For me the cost is the lesser of the two lossess here. Sincerely recorded, Rakarth
  6. ok been 2 year i been deal with this kind give up i pay 200$ get body pillow done i got nothing back i keep ask or bug try not be rude to this person but been over this long for longest i have 2 year of chats him tell me gone get it done over and over have back logs pay his rent and every thing. i pay him for body pillow i was think he was a good friend to me did lot commission in the pass for me. i been in the dark for all most 2 year that drawing all i got in all most 2 year what i got he even tell me make up to me give me more art work for lost of time i never got any thing but from that i took it to point try get my money back with pay pal and this what they tell me more like well i got rob cuz give me that just say watch out this person he does art he did this on Patron too when had his own discord group took every one money when try to move not getting any one work done but has not done that late as i know just piss me off trust some one and just rob me
  7. I've commissioned this artist at the 30th of October 2019. [Mod edit]: Original listing - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33612846/ Sent her references of my feral only character [1] ("feral only" means, there IS NO anthro reference), and told her the pose I would like to be in [2]. 2 months followed without a response. I received not a single note. I haven't seen a single WIP. At 12th of December 2019, she made a submission on FA. A fully finished picture, portraying my feral character as an anthro [3]. I didn’t have any say in it. I didn’t ever gave consent to this. I requested a change and Patrik agreed [4]. So far so good. I received a fix proposal the same day. But it wasn't working for me, the arms had anatomical issues [5]. So I told her those arms need some fixing [6], and gave her a reference to work with [7]. Even though only the arms needed fixing, Patrik was insisting she had to change the entire picture. I pressured that this was not the case, the rest can stay as it is [8]. I didn't receive a response. I sent another note to make sure and I didn't receive a response there either [9]. So then days and weeks pass and new submissions were uploaded. In January I tried speaking to her on Telegram. 3 days later I get the response that I should remain patient. 2 weeks later I ask again. No response. 2 weeks later, again, I ask again. No response. 1 week later, I ask again. No response [10]. All while she was active on FA and Twitter, mind you. Uploading all the submissions, obviously working on art, obviously being available. And finally, February 12th, the day she started uploading submissions for the SECOND batch, I lost my patience. Thus far she has managed to work on 20 other artworks, but not on the fix of mine. I complained about her business practices and stated my ultimatum that, if she wants to keep the money, I expect a proper fix. Finally she was able to respond, within 40 minutes even. Told me she didn't have time to do it. And left it at that without another response for another week again [11]. So February 18th (meanwhile 5 more submission were made, AND she opened slots for the third batch [12]), I asked "Will you work on the fix once your entire queue is empty?" I asked if she could finally respond in a reasonable time to me. She responded within a minute, and sent another fix proposal [13]. It was feral this time... but absolutely not the pose I had asked for [14]. I'll be honest here, I could've left it at that and said "you know what, it's fine", but I refused to accept this after how I was treated all this time. I gave very proper instructions, very proper references and I'm getting this thrown at my face like "that's what you get, be happy with it"? No. Just no. So what followed was a discussion about the details I gave her. I gave her all the screenshots of the notes she didn't care to respond to, which explained exactly what I wanted. I was really frustrated at this point [15]. I spoke to her about her business practices, how she is treating me and leaving me completely behind. 25 artworks on top of mine, and that's when I get my fix? I should've gotten the fix right then and there. All she said was that every other drawing had no errors (yeah, if you don't show your customers, they can hardly complain, can they?). She "didn't have time to fix the artwork". But she had time for 25 other artworks [16]? The discussion went a little wild at this point, too much information to put it all together. I wanted to show her how I have been treated unfairly by her.[17][18][19] But here's the real cream of it all, and I'll pull her quote directly: "It is also your fault that you did not write in the description in which form you want your character" [20] It is my fault that she drew my feral only character, to which she had an entire album of feral references, as an anthro? Apparently, ALL the customers (and I mean every single one of them) do state wether they want to be anthro or feral [21]. Yes, I did in fact not state wether or not I wanted to be feral, because I had the wild assumption, that it would be completely, unquestionably obvious, that if I send an entire album full of feral only references, that I would like to be feral. So, if it was "my fault" that I didn't state if I wanted to be feral or anthro, if she was unsure and just had to decide on her own... "Why didn't you ask me?", I questioned. "no time"... [22] ... So Patrik literally claims that she had "no time", sending a note with a single question, which would take one minute at most, within the span of 2 months, before the completion of the artwork. This is what makes it shameful. This is why I am so angry, frustrated and appalled. At the 29th of March I have told Patrik that she has time to finish the fix until April 26th, because that's when my PayPal's Buyer Protection for this transaction will expire. I have also told her that I extracted everything and will make an Artist Beware post soon, wether or not she actually finishes the fix. At this point she still has the chance to make it the best it can be. Additionally I requested the artwork to be removed from all sites it had been posted on. This message was unresponded to until short before the expiration date. Eventually I activated PayPal’s Buyer Protection service, wrote a Trouble Ticket to FA about the Situation (about wanting the submission removed) and informed Patrik about it [23]. The 11th of May, Patrik asked me to cancel the PayPal dispute, for whatever reason. I did not comply, as it would eradicate my right to ever receive my money again [24]. 15th of May I got fully refunded and FA Staff removed the submission. I thought we were done. But unfortunately, it doesn’t end here. At the 1st of June, Patrik sent me another “fixed” artwork, fully finished [25]. I did never ask for this. She asked me if I wanted the drawing. I replied that I don’t. It is a finished piece of the first fixing proposal [5], which I had already rejected before. How am I supposed to receive this, after all this hassle about her not following my instructions? Not only is there so much negativity associated with the artwork now, it is still not fixed! The anatomy is still wrong on there, in a way that I find unacceptable. And again, I rejected this exact thing before! I did not want to receive a “gift” either, that wouldn’t feel right. I was willing to pay her again, if she would have corrected it. I told her how I feel about all of it [26]. I will be entirely honest here, I don’t know why she did that. Was it supposed to be a gift, a redemption, an apology? Whatever it was, she failed me because it was the exact same thing. It was the EXACT SAME GAME she played with me here. She finished a picture without having me look at it. She didn’t work on the fixes I requested. She finished it only after the entire queue was done. I did not consent to her doing that with my character. I am sorry, but no. These are the exact things I complained about, and she did it again. This feels much less than a gift, but more than a stab with a knife. Patrik proceeded to show me the differences between the two finished pieces [3][25], insisting that she did change it to feral. Which, yes it was feral, but anatomically unacceptable for me, as the forelegs of a feral canine don’t bend that way. For some reason, she picked up that Feral vs Anthro argument up again. Which lit another discussion about her business practices [27]. She then went back to insisting that she did a fix. Which I denied, telling her exactly what is wrong, and which solution I proposed before, 4 months ago [28], reciting my message from February [15]. Patrik proclaimed the case as over. Saying that now I have my money, and art. (As a fair sidenote, I do not accept the art. I’ve never added it to my private gallery and I never will.) I responded saying that it isn’t all about the money for me. It’s about how ignorant she is towards the fact that when people pay for something, they expect a proper result for their price. She only replied saying that my money has been returned. At this point I admit, I lost my cool. I was infuriated by her ignorance towards the actual issue I was trying to tell her all those months since our first interaction. Telling her that she was treating me disrespectfully. Telling her how other artists struggle to even get as far as selling their art for that money, which she takes for granted. A little bit of back and forth on the same old themes again [29]. Interestingly, she admitted that her life has been changing and that it has been hard. Admitting that she doesn’t have the time to do commissions [30]. But that’s the only thing she would openly admit to me, before we were talking about business again. I’m still pushing the point that her business model is not okay and customer unfriendly [31]. And this concludes the end of it [32]. My beware reads as follows: If you commission PatrikTheDog, don’t expect to see a result within any reasonable time. Don’t expect her to respond to your questions or issues. Most of your messages will go by unread and unresponded to. Don’t expect her to respect your requests of changes, and if there are any to be made, you will be put at the end of the current (or next) queue, before she will do it. You will not receive a WIP and she will not ask for your consent before she uploads artwork of your character, which the final result you might have issues with, as it was in my case. She treats her customers with no respect, taking it for granted that she is earning money from you. She will blame you for her own mistakes. You will only receive a refund if you force her to, for example by using PayPal’s Buyer Protection service. Which she will request you to cancel, for no reason at all. You might be asking, what do I want at this stage? Patrik is a wonderful artist, no doubt. I absolutely admire her style, which is very unique, clean and beautiful. I am truly saddened that I possibly can not ever commission her again, to have any valuable piece of her artworks. But her business practices are the just absolutely infuriating and customer unfriendly. She doesn’t know how to treat her customers right, and just expects them to play along her game. You’re a good customer as long as you don’t have any complaints about her. But when you do, since you might be caring about the artwork that you’re commissioning, expect some backlash. What I truly want from her is a sincere apology. I feel mistreated and disrespected. Not once did she show some humility to what has happened. It seems like that I was only annoying her, when really, I just wanted to be a customer and treated with, at the very least, casual respect and attention. I want her to do better than this, revise her business practices and think about how she treats art again. It is a shame that a talented artist like herself is going such a shady and unhealthy way. Now you know the full story. I hope I can help make a change. Below are all the sources I marked by numbers in the text above: (Some links contain NSFW) [1] https://imgur.com/a/LHZBi [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] https://img.thrfun.com/img/080/750/.....tanding_x1.jpg (Not the original I sent her, as it disappeared from the web. But a very similar one.) [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35115002/ [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32]
  8. My fiance commissioned a shop on Etsy to draw some outfits for her character. She gave the artist a reference sheet of her character that I drew for her earlier this year. The shop traced the artwork and made two edits (The face was edited to look different, and one hand pose was changed very slightly) and if you lay the image over my artwork you can see that the lines match 90% I tried to censor the posts as much as possible and I apologize if there's any 'lewdness' to them, as you can see parts of the character's genital anatomy despite my best efforts to censor it while maintaining the integrity of the images (to best show how closely they matched the lines, down to nearly exact shapes and curves) I confronted the artist and they denied that the artwork was traced. They offered to redraw the commission for my partner but our big fear is that they may be tracing other artists as well. For the record the commission in question was incredibly cheap, under $15. The issue really isn't the money, for me, it's the theft of intellectual property for financial gain. Etsy removed the listing but has not removed the shop from their website.
  9. I had commissioned this artist around 3 months ago, and under the pretense that a reduced price would be had, in addition to a handmade item being sent to them in exchange for 2 pieces of art. As far as my end of the deal, it was a handmade blanket, as I happen to loom things and promised her a handmade blanket specifically to fit her couch. I value a normal, full size blanket (around 30$ in materials and usually a 7x5 size) at 80$, and also gave her 30$ cash, amounting to a full 110$. A WIP of the work done. (The item was shipped off 5/22 to another purchaser after I was blocked, so this photo is all there is.) After nearly 2 months, they returned to me with a first draft that wasn't anywhere near what I had requested, and she was incredibly rude to me, claiming my character was a trap, as well as turning a SFW image commission into a nearly NSFW one. She had a fair criticism to ask for more details from me, but when I had first commissioned, I had explicitly asked if she had enough details. After this, she pushed my commissions to the bottom of her queue, and ghosted me for 2 weeks. After this, I confronted her about why she did this and she claimed she would work on others who "appreciate her art" first, and used this to rectify not working on my commissions. I then asked her to either refund me due to her continued disinterest and expressed desire to not do these pieces, and that's when she removed me from her server on discord, blocked me, and is continuing to refuse delivering the product she agreed to. She has since blocked me from contacting her and has kept the 30$ I sent her. Below I've attached all conversation material. (date of these caps is May 21st 2020) Proof of removal/block
  10. I paid $105 for art back in january of 18 of this year using venmo. I will not attach the photo of that here unless required to due to some privacy issues that can happen but I will gladly share my text history with him on discord, the shout that was deleted on his profile, the note I left for him on FA and the proof that he blocked me. He refuses to message me back let alone give me my money back or the art I paid for. I am just hoping he gives me my money back and i will never talk with or about him again or I can find where he lives and bring his ass to court over this.
  11. Artist On a public Discord, did not hold up their end of the deal, and choose to try and run away with the money without doing the correct work or even hold up their end of the deal. The First part about the commission remaining private is also a lie on their end. As it is posted on their FA https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36446919/ Also an imgur link in case they try and hide the proof. https://imgur.com/HHNJI1F Edit: 05.21.20 The artist has put my private email up on their website.
  12. I commissioned this artist back in October 2019. I had previously received completed work from this artist and at first everything seemed fine. So I commissioned him again this time for a new OC character. It was planned to be for a much larger story project, however I ultimately couldn't afford the project it so I called off the project and stopped at just doing the the commission for the new OC character. It was still agreed on to complete the character which had been started and paid for. And is shown by a previous message on December 23 asking for an update on that commission. The most I have received of that commission is an incomplete sketch, nothing close to the completed piece, and that was over 7 months ago at the time of writing this. Later when cancellation is mentioned I spoke only on condition of receiving a refund if the work would not be completed. It was either giving the money back for the art or completing the artwork. And I have received neither. Working with him he acts extremely unprofessionally, when I would ask for an update on the art and eventual refund would completely flip out in a rant and try to guilt me into thinking that I had done something wrong by asking for an update on art that I had paid for. He would cite things such as others have paid him thousands for art on why he's not working and things with life (such as his daughter and other family) repeatedly as another reason why the work isn't done. As well as guilted me for simply asking for an update for art I paid for, calling me selfish and saying I only cared about myself for asking even though I would go months in between asking about the status. And finally threatening legal action for saying I would go to my bank to report undelivered goods. He mentions doing free work, however that was never the case. There was never any free work agreed on or done, only paid work. An important note he originally reached out to me to get me to do a commission with him, by complementing my character and generally buttering me up and acting friendly just to ask me if I wanted to commission him. I previously had posted a client beware message on his Deviantart page as a comment, however he deleted it and blocked me from his page entirely. He operates another page which I am also blocked from viewing. As of writing this I have received no contact from him it has been nearly a month since the last series of messages. And no updates beside the sketch from 7 months ago on the art I have paid for. While he continues to remain very active and post art on patreon, deviantart, furaffinity and twitter. Below I have included conversions with him asking for status updates, and a refund. As well as the message showing payment send and the WIP sketch.
  13. I'd like to begin this post by saying that I've finally received my money back, but I still felt it necessary to make a PSA about this artist because this spree of not fulfilling commissions has apparently gone on for much longer than I expected. I greatly respect their talent and think their posted art is absolutely beautiful, but their lack of communication and responsibility for someone who is supposed to be a professional leaves much to be desired. This was when I first commissioned him and he took the payment. Perhaps I should have done half and half, but he assured me it'd be done within a week, and I always like paying artists upfront, delays or not. Unfortunately, a long time went by when I received no word, despite my attempts at contacting him through email and other platforms. Eventually, I managed to find his discord server and tried contacting him there too. While the first time I got no answer, I sent a message right when he was about to stream and managed to get somewhat of an answer. Eventually, however, the result was the same as before. Complete radio silence after the fact. A refund was only received on June 27th because a dispute was filed. No other followup was made. He opened up 2 commissions at this point, and I managed to get in contact with the second person that commissioned him, only to hear that they went through a very similar issue. Here is the conversation they allowed me to share.
  14. I had purchased an egg adopt for $45 USD in October of 2019. In the following weeks I gave the artist details I wanted for the body and character as they stated an AB would grant this, a full ref, a chibi version, and a half body. I had over half a year of nothing from them and came back with a question on progress to find out I had been blocked by them on FA and that nearly everything from the account had been removed. This includes the egg adopt I had paid for, which I sadly do not have an image for. There has not been a single item as a result of my payment to them, no sketch or verification from them. Below I have posted 5 images of their trello, a conversation in the beginning the paypal transaction, the blocking notice, and an image of the messages I left with details to them. ( opted to not capture as they are in regards to the adopt and the details I had specified I would like to keep private for a future idea of mine )
  15. I commissioned Patrikthedog 5 years ago for a single page comic. All she's done since then was a single sketch to see if there were any changes needed. Ever since then she's basically ghosted me, as well as several others. She's kept hundreds of dollars from commissioners while constantly making more art, claiming she doesn't have the money needed to give out refunds. When I made a post calling her out on a YCH that other people commented on, she deleted it to hide what she did. She contacted me after that post, but she once again ghosted me after promising a refund. She clearly has no intention of ever giving out the refund as promised.
  16. I have a species i had created called Koberu, now, these species are closed to the public and i do not at all allow these species to be made by others and sold as adopts, at least until i can get a proper Ref sheet made for them for people to buy and use to make them. it started on Sep 11th, 2019, 07:41 PM , i had received an note on furaffinity from Mramor, she had stated that someone had come to her and asked for a commission and used reference shots from Secondlife, which is were i make and sell my Koberu as well: before i seen the second one, this was my response: now, in the chat we had, she had mentioned that she had never seen them before...that she had never even heard of a Koberu before, well, i at the time believed her, and as you saw she said that she did not want to waste her time and i felt bad she put work into the first one, so i told her to go ahead and put it up for adopt (which...was a big mistake on my end...) i later realized my mistake on doing it, but lets get into that now, she responded with this: now i made this response after seeing the mint one, and it kinda put me on edge, cause she only showed me the first one. She didn't mention there was a second one, but I let her sell those two. It did not click in my brain until a good friend pointed it out to me, but she mentioned she was shocked that one of her designs looked like one of my Koberu. hang on a second, i thought to myself, how was she shocked when she has seen them before...? oh yes, she has seen them before, how do i know you may ask, well, here is the evidence... here you can see my friend bid on one of the koberus, take a good look at the date this auction was posted She left a shout on my freind's page saying how much damn gorgeous her sona was. Here is more proof that she seen the auction before contacting me. [Mod note]: There were multiple caps on various users' pages. Due to the caps resizing strangely, we added in a few crops. Please note that this user has been leaving shouts on multiple bidders' pages. not only did she see the auction i did, she also favorited one of my koberu pictures 2 months back as well, here is the proof but, before i noticed she liked this (which was brought to my attention by my friend) i asked her about the shouts, cause i was told about the shouts before i found out she favored my Koberu Picture as i stated in my reply.. before hers, i told her only two.....BUT THEN SHE SAID SHE WAS WORKING ON ANOTHER ONE? even though i told her only those two?! that made me nervous and unsure about my choice now....i was starting to wonder if i made the right choice giving her permission...so this was her response... what....? .....haven't...heard of them before...? okay this here is where the red flag started to slap me in the face hardcore now...she said she was shocked she never seen them before, but left a shout on my friends pages, i do have another friend she left a shout on, but she did not bid on an auction until later on but here is a screenshot of the shout she left her before contacting me about the Koberus she HAD to have seen my auctions and seen my Koberu... -lied about not seeing my Koberu -people asking for commissions -people getting the idea they can sell them. -and tried to make a third adopt even though i told her only TWO -unfair to others who wanted to make Koberus don't you think that is a justified reason to ask her to take them down? people were starting to think they could make custom Koberu adopts and try and sell them even though they are an closed species of mine and no one is suppose to sell them but me, i broke my own rule i will admit and i was being way to nice, a fault in which i really need to fix, but anyways, i confronted her today and asked her nicely to take them down, and explained why... hold on to your seats folks cause this is about to get spicy: i know i said i only gave permission to sell the blue one but i did not remember at that time that i gave her permission for both so, i will admit to that mistake. but what sets me off about this is she tried to bring the bidders into this...which btw i contacted the bidders and informed them of the situation at hand and they completely understood, and they were super okay with it...i showed these screenshots to people, asking if this all sounded shady, cause i did not want to take all of this in the wrong way, but many have told me to confront her about this and as you can see, i am trying to in the nicest way possible...no aggression at all, then she goes and says she will just change the name ''hybrid dog'' ....? no, no, people have ALREADY SEEN THAT YOU NAMED IT KOBERU its obvious that is what it is and i have the evidence to prove you KNOW what a Koberu is and that you lied about not seeing them, even your mate made an art piece for a friend of mine who is a KOBERU here we go again with the ''i did not know it was a species'' gig...even after i just showed you the evidence. so after all that quarrel she says this, and, honestly it has me very worried, cause, she claimed she took them down, and then said she sold them? even after i told her to kindly take them down? and whats worse is, she still has reminders up on her alt for them the fact she activated a dead account to sell them is down right...wrong...I am writing this beware because she still is trying to sell them even though i told her specifically not to, again, i do not like nor is my intent to slander her name, i just want people to be careful around her and that to check her story first before you believe, her, i regret not doing so in the first place but it wont happen again.
  17. WHAT: Tracing other artists and selling them as adoptables and merchandise. This started with me purchasing an adoptable from nemi on November 8th, 2019. I paid, I got the adoptable, and for a few months, that was it. On January 11th, 2020 I discovered by coincidence an image that looked strikingly familiar to the adoptable I bought. I located the original artist and superimposed my adoptable with their original art and found that my adoptable was traced and heavily referenced. NEMI ADOPTABLE: ORIGINAL PIXIV SOURCE: SUPERIMPOSED: You can find all the screens from the website here: https://sta.sh/22cm0ib5dcr6 I submitted a beware on deviantART, and that was it for awhile. I treated this as a single issue, never heard from nemi, and left it at that. At that time, I had not filed a chargeback, I chalked it up to a lost and let it be. In hindsight, yes, I should've filed a chargeback and should've tried to be more proactive in my attempts to bring this to more light. I take fault for that. Recently I was approached by a user who was curious if I had known the adoptable was traced and responded I did know. They investigated a bit further and found much more evidence that nearly all of nemi's gallery is either traced or referenced heavily. Not only does nemi continue to try and sell traced/referenced adoptables, but they have online stores that host traced/referenced artwork. All of these further discoveries happened May 6th and May 7th. As of May 7th, I attempted a chargeback, but missed the cut off by a couple of days unfortunately. I've since been blocked by nemi after they found out about my beware. Hopefully this will help warn others about their practices and to steer clear. I hope I have everything in order. Thank you all.
  18. As of this writing, posted in May 2020, I regret to make such a post for an artist that, given his talent, is unfortunately an artist that has given due consideration to list my grievances towards. To start things off, I had paid for a commission to the amount of $520 through Paypal, for one of his themed stream commission pieces. Below is a screenshot indicating the purchase that I made to that effect: Having worked with Bad Coyote, and Lobosan who acts on behalf of Bad Coyote in commission related conversation, I admit that I had some past difficulty with one other commission. However, I was willing to be lenient in spite of this, and figured that given a reasonable time frame, with updates about where I stand, it would be no problem ordering a commission for the amount that I paid (the amount paid, by the way, included a tip on top of what was asked initially). Here is a snap shot taken from Discord initially about where I stood for the piece. Here, this screenshot conveys that: I had paid for the commission (with tip included) Bad Coyote (aka BC) has indicated that the "bulk of this would be done either October / November" Details affirming the commission and an understanding of what I had ordered. Fast forward to December 2018 (at this point, 3 months later, 1 month behind estimated delivery date) At one point, I wanted to follow up with Bad Coyote and Lobosan to ask about the commission, so I had messaged Lobosan to ask about my commission In summary of the conversation made here in the following screenshots: Bad Coyote was not feeling well and was unable to give an update on the commission If I needed to discuss a refund, then I would be welcome to ask outright (this will come into play later) I tried to clarify I just wanted to get an understanding of where I am at Given the stressful circumstances, I was willing to extend the time I had to wait Sometime after the conversation, Lobosan and I had messaged to see if we could set up a time to where BC would stream and work on the commission A few days later, I had messaged Bad Coyote to see if I could get an update on the commission which I had ordered At this point, I was in line to discuss with Bad Coyote about setting up a session through a streaming platform where I could see the commission being worked on: A few days later I had received a message from BC regarding the session: I had no other record from either Bad Coyote or Lobosan from this stretch of time, on any of my devices or chat logs regarding the status of my commission that I have ordered. At this point, many months later after what I had thought I had made an effort to communicate my stance and hopes of getting updates on the commission I had ordered, I was at a bit of a lost as to whether I would get any kind of news, or even suggestion that my commission would be started on. Fast forward to May 2020 (at this point, 18 months later, grossly behind estimated delivery date) I finally receive an update, and at this point was in low spirits to a point that I frankly didn't care any more about the commission This is where things went south fast as I had tried to express my wish to receive a refund on the commission: At this point, being human and having my patience tested, I had responded in a manner of indignation to have to put up with this: It is a lot to digest from the conversation, but I would like to offer as much context to this difficult conversation that I went through: I have been a commissioner for a few years at this point having ordered around 10 pieces or so. I had thought I had established a good artist / commissioner relationship at this point My previous efforts to communicate on my commission piece had earned me the criticism from Lobosan to be called a "thankless customer" with a "poor attitude" My efforts to try and discuss a refund having waited for so long, was no longer open to discussion (even though Lobosan had offered to give a refund at an earlier point) Naturally I had conversed to Bad Coyote directly and addressed my disappointment in all of what has happened in the span of conversations I had over the weekend (as of writing this May 4 2020) This is ultimately what I was left with on a parting note from Bad Coyote: After 18 months of nothing to go on for the commission that I paid $520, there was nothing to give an update as he seemed to have not started on it I apparently have received the same amount of communication to the other commissioners he had (which I cannot imagine how nightmarish this scenario has been for the other commissioners) Trying to address a problem to both Bad Coyote, and Lobosan, about the commission I ordered and waited for several months ago, has come to a point where having to ask for a refund has warranted me is "thankless" by the artist himself Whether or not I will receive the commission that I have ordered, remains to be seen. I have no expectations on it being delivered to me, or that it will be worth the wait that I put up with trying to communicate to both Bad Coyote and Lobosan over the commission piece. In all, I fail to understand how in the process of all that I had to put up with from Bad Coyote and Lobosan how any of this could be considered a "satisfactory mutual conclusion" having been barred from further association when I tried to address a SEVERE PROBLEM in their business model and interaction with their client(s). I can NO LONGER endorse Bad Coyote as an artist that is worth anyone's time to order any commissions from. They have demonstrated poor communication with their commissioners and will attack / discredit legitimate concerns that are brought up against them.
  19. I bought a shaded chibi from uwusports some time in early October on a now deleted dA journal, but managed to get a screenshot of my commission in her Trello and money sent to her back in October. It was 11USD A few months later, I also proceeded to buy a hypokit from her in March of 2019 (10USD) then two more in May of 2019 (20USD). Transactions: In total, I spent about 41USD on this artist. Some time began to pass with me asking for updates and receiving little to no response. (Hypokit) Asking on Aug 19th, 2019 (5 months since ordered); Nov 13th, 2019 (8 months); & April 6th 2020 (13 months), only receiving one response. (Shaded Chibi) Asking on Dec 7, 2018 (2 months); Jan 1, 2019 (3 months); Mar 11, 2019 (5 months); & Nov 24, 2019 (13 months) only receiving one response. I never received the update promised in the second screenshot (I admit I probably should've asked for updates more frequently) All of these were read but never responded to: (Unread notes have the icon on the side as yellow rather than grey) After moving accounts due to a breach in her old account (uwusports) she has required commissioners to fill out a form to get on a list. I have filled it out twice now at two different dates (about a month between) and am still not on her new Trello from what I can see despite being on her old Trello I am hoping to receive my three hypokits and shaded chibi soon, but I have no idea if that will happen due to the lack of updates. I would also not like to forcefully chargeback due to the artist being in a rough financial position, so this beware seemed like the next best thing to do.
  20. TankDragon ran a Black Friday sale (Link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34004858/ ) nearly 6 months ago, in which I bought for $35 (before PayPal fees) as advertised. It was an advertised post about comic-style fully shaded pictures for $35 or more. The following are the messages (in order too,, same day sent) I sent and he sent to confirm and get a slot for the art: Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 [5 months later, I ask for a refund request, as he is active little to none at this point] I have not heard from him back from either FurAffinity or Twitter. Albiet I did not do much interaction on Twitter to actually talk to him, he has been very active on his Twitter feed just by visiting his account. Plus, I posted when he was most active around that time too, enough to notice the messages. PayPal receipt: I did not do much interaction or forcefully getting a WiP. I do not know how to do a chargeback, I've tried starting a dispute with PayPal because I have not technically gone past the 18- day mark, but there doesn't seem to be any options to do so other than an unauthorized payment (which is not the case). I might check with my bank, but this Covid-19 pandemic might just be that thing that prevents any actual refunds happening, unless you know, TankDragon coughs up his end of the deal. Even the slightest sketch compensation is something, but we may never know.
  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/HungryArtistsFed/comments/fweupl/neg_user_ububbyclownie_art_thiefscammer/ https://www.reddit.com/r/HungryArtistsFed/comments/gebqrb/neg_uacdcmarvel_lulu_warning/ This Artist is currently Lurking on Reddit, Attempting to Scam people into paying her for Commissions and then ghosting them. DO NOT TRUST HER. She found me in R/Aeromorph and Wound up stealing 70 dollars from me.
  22. I have to warn about Aspenbear on Furaffinity. I ordered a commission from him at https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24462662/#cid:123052165 on Sep 24th 2017. After a whole year of waiting, I asked for a refund, unless he wants to still do the commission. He then said that due to personal issues he's unable to keep up with the queue and wants to refund those still waiting for their commission, including me. On March 8th 2019 he asked me to comment under the original Bronze Artist post. Sadly he deleted all the correspondence through comments on FA at some point. On March 14th, after inquiring about the refund status, he informed me that he's working his way down his lists and would note me when the money has been sent. On March 28th, he told me to check his journal entries, as he has refunded over $2000 in the past month and still working down his list. On March 6th 2020, AspenBear left a shout on his FA saying that he hasn't abandoned anything and is trying to sort his life out. On April 30th 2020, I left a comment in his profile asking about the status of my refund. AspenBear deleted that comment, along with every other comment on his profile. On May 1st, he left a comment on my FurAffinity profile, telling me to once again send him my PayPal email. I did that. On May 2nd, I left a shout on his FA asking for the refund once again. To this day (May 3rd), that message with my PayPal is still unread. Despite being completely overwhelmed with his current commission queue, and still owing many pictures, he still takes on more and more work. Which makes me worried that all those new commissions will have to go through the same problems I, and many others, did. Thus, this Artist.Beware Caution.
  23. Disclaimer: the screenshots I have are the best I can get from discord chats where I talked with others about the commission months ago. Commissioner blocked me (see attachment 1) immediately after my saying I wasn't content with my commission compared to others they've done, thus I cannot get any other screenshots than those I have here. -- Proper: Our first contact about the commission was right after they posted they were open for commissions and (of I remember right) in need of help financially. I had talked with them previously, as they made a nice little $10 pinup of my lizard boy (Attachment 2), and I even made them a little art as thanks in return. They seemed nice, so why not help them out and see what they can do for a full piece? April 7th, I paid the $140 (attachment 3) for a full shaded piece with a background and showed them all my references for my Y/veltal and U/mbreon characters performing missionary position and its supposed to be romantic. I will note that shaded characters is worth more than background (attachment 4), and the background ended up being the subject in the end piece. After the start of our commission, they seemed to go pretty fast! They got me the first sketch within 3 days, which came in the form of just a fully lined "background". (attachment 5) Took me off-guard because that never happens, getting the background (lined) before even seeing a sketch of any sort, especially the subjects. Thought maybe the subjects would go on the couch or floor or something (since I didn't specify where, which was in retrospect may have been my first mistake, and they wouldn't tell me what they were about to do). I figured I would wait it out and see what they do. Waited quite a while, a month went by, another month...I was beginning to wonder, so I asked if there was any progress. Each time I asked, they simply answered "no progress". Meanwhile on Twitter I had noticed them saying they were too depressed to work or some such thing, then it turned to them being in art school all of a sudden. And whenever they were in the mood, they'd spit out about 5 pinup commissions at a given time. By the time I even got an update (which I will touch on in a moment), there had to have been about 30 to 40 commissions finished by them. That is not an exaggeration. I confronted them about it and after a few times of trying, they did indeed confirm that they took many MANY commissions at once, and it's been piling up ever since. And yet they are still asking for commissions and taking over a year to finish what I assume to be most of them. Moving on, the first update I got since the lined background was on February 11th, 2020 (attachment 6) I voiced my concern that the subjects weren't in the foreground and were instead in the background (attachment 7) while also trying to be nice because they were supposedly my friend, and the fact they'd been going through a lot (allegedly). Their only response was "this is what it looks like zoomed in" (attachment 8 ) which is a big yikes because, not only was it low res if you did zoom in, but it's also the fact it's not the focus, is a big no-no. I voiced my concerns again, and she left me on read. February 13th, another update. They only showed that they had colored and shaded the "background" which I thought looked pretty dang good, all things considered. (attachment 9) But no sign of whether Chio decided to move the characters anywhere else. Figured I would wait and see. Fast forward to APRIL 15TH with no prior WIPs, the characters were lined and flat colored already. I was so done and tired at this point and just wanted it done that I just couldn't bear to say anything. Other than just shade them, because obviously there was nothing I could do at this point. They had already got it set in stone without my permission. (attachment 10) Their reaction to "shading" the characters? (like I had bloody paid for) They darken the room. (attachment 11) So I figure, well, if you're going to do that, maybe can shade it nice with some glow effects from the U/mbreon that bounce off the Y/veltal and the walls and all? No. All that happens is that they add a glow around the markings. (attachment 12) Nothing spectacular. I paid full price for this. And the BACKGROUND is the FOREGROUND, and the characters aren't even shaded. Full piece: (attachment 13) Friend asking if full piece is a wip: (attachment 14) Proof of talking with my friends about this even early on when I found out it was in the background: (attachment 15) Other examples of art released at the same time that is better: (attachment 16) I'm sorry, but that is a failure to do what you have to do. Failure to communicate and make sure. Failure to get things done. Failure on the level of taking on way too many commissions and getting none done for an eternity. And then screwing up a full piece, which should be considered having /more/ care and effort put into it than your average pinup. Tl;dr -Takes too many commissions, and thus takes over a year to do your art -Not good at communication on commissions to make sure its what the commissioner wants -Overly sensitive if you say anything negative at all There were no WIPs before this.
  24. I met Finley at AnthroCon while they were running a booth in the Dealer's Den. There were suiters attending the con in suits that Finley had made, and the tails they had on display were of good quality. We talked for a while about pricing a fullsuit, how long delivery dates were, how deep the queue was. At that point, I decided to commission a Full Digitigrade suit from them for $1600. Communication was great until December, at which basically all communication ceased. The only reason that Finley responded here was because I had 2 emails: I am open to marking this Beware as "resolved" if and when the refund has been processed on PayPal. New information as of 7/1/2019. I was promised a refund (partial in June, the rest in July). Finley has not been in contact since those promises were made. I've attached the email conversation below, and you can see comments for more info. At this point I'm forced to raise this to Beware status from it's current Caution status.
  25. Product was listed by seller in multiple "dealers den" chatrooms on the app Telegram. The product is a fursuit/costume head base made of upholstery foam primarily. I was interested in the product and contacted the seller with inquiries. I asked them "can you tell me more about it?" [image 1], and was only told the price, location of product for shipping costs, permissions with the product, and other materials provided. This product was to be purchased from the seller, I would fix it up and make it into a character, and resell it once the product is completed. This was understood by the seller, as we had discussions about my permissions with the base and the character it was to be made into. Upon arrival, the product was not only crammed into a box that was too small [image 2; showing the size of the product and the box itself], but it also reeked of cigarette smoke. Upon confrontation, the seller confirmed that their mother smokes in the house [image 3]. I cannot clean or sell a product that has been this exposed to cigarette smoke- it is a hazard. There was an attempt to clean it before I contacted the seller with my complaint, which included drier sheets on the interior, and spray cleaner on the exterior. Nothing seemed to help. Seller also explained that they can only "do 20% nonrefundable on any refund"/"u will only get an 80% refund," but this was not provided in a Terms of Service beforehand (on Telegram or Paypal) and was not discussed whatsoever. I did not feel comfortable following through with this offer, since it was given once I brought up a refund, and it is even less than what it originally sold for. During our conversation, I also discovered that the seller is using a Paypal account that is not in her name [image 4]. I am providing buyer with a tracking number for the returned product. As of April 22nd, Jaime claims to have re-sold the fursuit head base that is not even in her possession yet[images 5 & 6] (not until an expected April 25th). Jaime managed to advertise that it comes from a smoke-friendly home [image 7], HOWEVER, Jaime refuses to do so in other ads [image 8]. Overall, extremely unprofessional, rude, and does not seem to care about the safety of their customers. Original ad: My friend inquiring about it, and then forwarding it to me:
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